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  1. Ballad of the Beacon by Wishbone Ash ... followed by The Trees by Rush. Can't really remember them after all this time ...
  2. 'Twas a bit surreal - I managed to keep calm (my son was only five at the time and I didn't want to totally lose it in front of him) - I took the bass to Guitar Guitar to get it checked out straight away (I walked there to calm down - only 25 mins from me) and Bob assured me that it could all be easily sorted. Was much calmer when I got home!
  3. I used Bob Mould at Guitar Guitar in Corstorphine several years ago and he did a great job. At the time I was travelling a lot with work (and not playing ... sadly still don't have time to play much) and found that my bass had been stored in the garden shed ... it was a bit slimy, smelled damp and clattered a bit ... Bob sorted it all out for me!
  4. I'm not so sure. Many years ago, a female friend who was sick of queuing for the ladies toilets at T in the Park, bought a pack of devices to enable her to pee standing up (they look a bit like a kazoo). She said it took a wee bit of practice in the shower, but she mastered it. She used the device at the gents peeing trough the following year ... it freaked a few of the guys out! My wife has also used these when we've been travelling - she says they are much better than squatting in some of the dodgy toilets you find in some places ...
  5. VDGG are superb live ... particularly in their current trio format ... I was blown away by Childlike Faith in Childhood's End when I saw them earlier this year. I must admit to being impressed by Hugh Banton's bass lines ... especially because, live, he plays them with his feet while he's playing keyboards. I have enough trouble with just my two hands as it is ...
  6. Some French prog (aka "Frogrock") from Minimum VItal ... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=GB&v=TATcvCnzkfk"]http://www.youtube.c...B&v=TATcvCnzkfk[/url]
  7. [quote name='clarkpegasus4001' timestamp='1317315063' post='1389423'] +2.....MT is a friend of mine. He borrowed my bass for his album Argus Through The looking Glass - Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash. [/quote] I'm hardly jealous at all I saw MTWA in Glasgow a couple of years ago ... they were fantastic. MT's bass is as much a part of the classic Wishbone Ash sound as the twin guitars.
  8. [quote name='Vinny' timestamp='1317256156' post='1388822'] In no particular order... Martin Turner[/quote] +1 ... Wishbone Ash went down the pan after they kicked MT out ...
  9. [quote name='Marcus' post='216406' date='Jun 10 2008, 08:16 PM']Wish i'd logged on earlier...... would have had this one away !!![/quote] +1 !!
  10. For me it was a Google search back in 2005 when I was looking to take up bass again after a 20 year hiatus. I came across Bassworld, registered and bought my Cort A4. Then my son was born early, I've had to work away from home most weeks and I've hardly had a chance to play the bloody thing Not playing much doesn't stop the GAS though ...
  11. In no particular order: Geddy Lee Chris Squire JJ Burnell Phil Lynott Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash) I also have a soft spot for Ian Anderson's idiosyncratic bass playing on Stormwatch!
  12. Now that this has been available for a couple of weeks, does anyone know what this actually does yet?
  13. I was going to go to see EITS in Glasgow last Sunday but had to stay at home and play nursemaid because my wife and son both had the flu
  14. Hi Tayste ... what does the Sinister Analog Soul Provider sound like? I'm intrigued ...
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