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  1. Best gig was Rush on the R30 tour at the SECC, Glasgow, in 2004 ... the band were really up for the gig and it was fantastic. Worst gig was Chris de Burgh at the Edinburgh Playhouse ... must have been around 1986/7 ... was dragged along by a girlfriend ... absolutely freakin' tedious doesn't begin to describe the misery of the experience 😱
  2. One of my biggest musical regrets is never seeing Rory Gallagher live. Had the chance in 1980 (I think) ... me and my mates were bored one Sunday evening and the choice was either the Airplane! movie or Rory Gallagher at the Glasgow Apollo. We chose the movie ☹️
  3. My bass ... ... in my mind ... ... the reality, with me at the wheel.
  4. Am happy to buy any new studio albums from this lot: Alter Bridge Echolyn Kansas King Crimson Martin Turner Mike Dawes Minimum Vital Peter Gabriel The Pineapple Thief Riverside Tremonti Van Der Graaf Generator
  5. Saw Jethro Tull in 2005/6 performing the whole of Aqualung. As well as Ian Anderson's voice being a bit past it, they were accompanied on stage by a young violinist and a chunk of the set was just boring. The natives were well restless. Totally agree. Seen them twice ... once as just a duo (supporting 10,000 Maniacs) in the late '80s and once as a band in the early noughties.
  6. Bought a Dingwall D-Roc from BD earlier in the week. Part of the payment was coming from my employer (30 year service gift!) and Mark was very helpful during somewhat involved email discussion leading up to the sale. Excellent customer service.
  7. Think it was Ballad of the Beacon by Wishbone Ash.
  8. Mike Oldfield - got me properly listening to music when I was 14 Rush - saw them on the Permanent Waves tour and they blew my 16 year old mind Godspeed You! Black Emperor - a much later influence (in my mid-30s), introduced me to post rock and further musical possibilities
  9. Hemispheres - Rush Elephant Talk - King Crimson Jungleland - Bruce Springsteen
  10. First concert - Rush - Glasgow Apollo 1980 Last concert - Gypsy Circus - Mash House Edinburgh 2019 Best concert - Rush R30 - SECC Glasgow 2004 Worst concert - Chris de Burgh - Edinburgh Playhouse early 80s ... was dragged along 😒 Loudest concert - AC/DC - Glasgow Apollo 1980 Seen the most - Rush Most surprising - Brian Wilson - Edinburgh Playhouse 2002 Next concert - The Musical Box - Usher Hall, Edinburgh (this coming Saturday) Wish I would have seen - King Crimson - Red / Starless and Bible Black era
  11. Have seen Jonas Reingold with The Flower Kings in the past - he's an excellent player.
  12. Ballad of the Beacon was the first bass line I ever learned. It was MT (and Geddy Lee) that got me playing bass.
  13. Martin Turner and Geddy Lee ... I remember (as a teen) being struck by how much their bass playing added to the music.
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