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  1. gjones

    Drummer Related General Band Moan

    I sacked the drummer in my band for exactly the same reason. He was also my landlord. But he had to go. I figured that, as we had another more committed drummer waiting in the wings, a decision had to be made. And I could always find another flat.
  2. gjones

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Interestingly I heard this song on the radio the other day and thought exactly the same. The good thing about being the a bass player and the boss, is that you can whack the bass up in the mix and drown out the guitarist. By the way, that's the first time I've heard a Rikky sounding halfway decent live (but still think he should have kept the Yamaha)..
  3. I used to have one of these back in the day. It was the cheapest bass in the shop (Grants in Edinburgh) and I bought it for £75 back in 1980. It had cheap pickups and cheap tuners and a cheap plywood body. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's vintage, it just means it's old. If somebody actually buys it for £399.99, they'll be very disappointed.
  4. gjones

    Barefaced Big Baby 2: help/recommended heads?

    Just give it time. I've seen MB500s going for £250 recently and MB 800s going for around £350.
  5. gjones

    Barefaced Big Baby 2: help/recommended heads?

    I play through a PF500 and an ampeg 410 at a local venue regularly (it's the venues gear). The problem with the PF500 is that, if you want to play loud, you have to turn the gain up. If you turn the gain up it tends to sound pretty overdriven (which is fine if you want that sound). A few times I've brought my Gallien Krueger MB500 along to the gig and found I can get a much louder and cleaner sound out of the 410, than I could with the PF500. A few months ago I bought a Barefaced Super Compact and even the GK MB500 wasn't powerful enough to drive it enough to compete, comfortably, with a loud drummer. So I went out and bought a GK MB800, which now gives me enough power to get the level of volume I need. GK amps are very powerful and ridiculously cheap, secondhand.
  6. gjones

    Tal Wilkenfeld is Killing Me

    I like the song, it reminds me of Jeff Buckley, but I'm not a fan of her voice. Maybe she could write the songs and get another singer into the band to sing them (like Pete Townsend does with Roger daltrey). But she is a great bass player.
  7. Hmmm....good question. I think I waited until other people called me a musician. I don't think I've ever called myself a musician? Even when I was making my living doing it. People would ask me what I did and I would say I played bass in a band.
  8. gjones

    Grants are pants!

    That's the one! I forgot to add the link....duh.
  9. gjones

    Gear.... why do I bother?

    The Trace Elliot was a top line piece of kit back in the day. I could only dream of owning a TE combo and struggled by on a totally sh*te Carlsbro Stingray., that farted like a hippopotamus. Recently I played gig through a TE G7 combo and it sounded great paired with my Precision. I've seen them going for £150 on Ebay and would love one but then I think about the weight and decide to stick with my 'light as a feather' head and cab.
  10. gjones

    Vintage (brand) Stingray copy - Watsitlike?

    I saw this band playing in Edinburgh a few years ago and was surprised how excellent the bassist's Vintage Stingray sounded.
  11. gjones

    Sore Fingers

    Ignore it and it will probably go away.
  12. gjones

    Tonight’s gig is cancelled....because...

    The opposite is also true. It's much easier for me to say things that may offend others, from behind the safety of my keyboard. My policy is, if I wouldn't say it to somebody's face, then I'm better off not posting it on the internet.
  13. I'll pass on the bass but that drummer is tight as a ducks derrière.
  14. gjones

    Fender Flea Jazz Bass RW

    I played one and found it quite twangy. The sound of a Jazz Bass does depend on how the pickups are set up. I own a road worn Jazz, which initially sounded pretty nasal. I adjusted the neck pickup, so that it was closer to the strings and lowered the bridge pickup, and this darkened the tone considerably.
  15. Precisions and ashdowns do sound good. I played an R&B festival in 2015 and the amp supplied was an elderly looking Mag 300 and tatty 410. It looked underwhelming until I plugged my P bass into it and it sounded great. The year before, when I played the festival, they provided a valve ampeg and 8x10. The old ashdown sounded better. I snapped up a, UK built, ABM 500 head on Ebay recently. I haven't had the chance to play it live yet but I'm pretty certain it will bring a smile to my face when I do.
  16. gjones

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Exactly. I have 6 Jazzes (6!!!! how did that happen?) and they all sound different.
  17. gjones

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Mad drummer who was convinced I was too loud. Every gig he would moan about how I was too loud, until one day I turned my volume down completely to zero (as an experiment) and he still complained I was overpowering everything. At that stage I realised he was mad as a f**king hatter and decided he had to go. Luckily he got sacked at our next gig for stopping in the middle of a song because (you guessed it) I was too loud???? He' was a good drummer but obviously delusional. He joined another band and persuaded them to get rid of the bass player. Eventually, the penny dropped, and they got rid of him.
  18. Excellent. Something that might be worth adding, as fundamental advice for a bassist or a drummer, is to sync up the bass and the bass drum. If they're not in sync, the rhythm can sound weak and disjointed, when they're in sync even very simple and sparse arrangements can sound very powerful.
  19. gjones

    Peavey TNT 130 vs Ashdown electric Blue 180

    I really liked my Ashdown Electric Blue 150. It was pretty loud and quite light (compared to a Peavey TNT). The Peavey TNT I used to own, was as heavy as a small planet, but was probably louder than the Ashdown.
  20. gjones

    Deluxe Active Precision

    Well I've played the MIM Precision Deluxe and I own the Fender Elite Precision. I actually prefer the Deluxe, as the onboard preamp is the same, as are the pickups, you get a Jazz neck, it's really well made and it's 2/3 of the price of the Elite.
  21. gjones

    Ukulele albums

    When I get to hell, The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain will there be waiting for me (shudder 😱 ).
  22. gjones

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Years ago I played in a duo with my brother in law. We were booked to play a gig in a small bar. When we arrived it was empty, except for the landlord and a little guy, obviously drunk, sitting at the bar. We sat and played, for about 30 mins, to an almost empty bar. This was bad enough, but suddenly the guy at the bar starting howling along to the music like a dog. Eventually I got so whizzed off, with the drunken leprechaun, that I put my bass down, walked over to him, picked him up bodily and threw him out the door. Of course it wasn't long before he scuttled back in and went back to his pint at the bar (but with no howling this time). We finished the gig and, although astoundingly the landlord asked us to play again the next week, we never went back.
  23. gjones


    Doesn't the guy in Royal Blood play something similar?
  24. About 15 years ago I had a year's break from playing. When I eventually joined a band, I found my plucking hand regularly cramped up. I bought one of those hand strenthener gizmos, from a sports shop, which i used to build up the muscles in my hands. That did the trick and I've not had any cramps since (although I did end up with carpal tunnel but that's another story).
  25. My philosophy is, when in doubt..........play nowt.