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  1. I would email John East. When I had problems with my j retro, he fixed it free of charge.
  2. MIM Fender Deluxe has a Jazz Neck. Also the Nate Mendel signature has a slimmer than normal neck.
  3. I understand Mr Bonamassa's point of view, that the sound of his amp, driven to a certain level, creates his particular sound and when he's asked to turn down by the sound engineer, he can no longer get that sound. On the other hand we have bass players, including me, who spend a fortune on getting the best amp and cab that we can afford, then allow the sound engineer to take a DI (usually pre EQ) from our very, expensive amp, straight to the front of house desk, without a squeak of protest. Hmmmmm?
  4. I went to see the band last night in Edinburgh. They were great. Slightly concerned that the sellout crowd appeared to be mostly middle aged men? Odd......
  5. I have a super compact as well as a compact. The super compact is not as loud as the compact and struggled, to keep up with a loud drummer, with the MB500 through it. I had to buy a MB800 to drive it, which seems to have done the trick.
  6. A good combination. I have the same - light and VERY loud.
  7. All these P bass pickups sound pretty good and pretty similar. You could buy a whole Harley Benton P bass for the price of a custom shop P bass pickup. The point being, there's not much difference in the sound of P bass pickups. So don't spend silly money.
  8. There's very little I can see, in people's lists, that was recorded in the 21st century. I suspect, we are all extremely old.
  9. The neck on my 2017 USA Precision is much chunkier than on my 57 Japanese Precision. I much prefer playing on the 57. Asking a luthier to shave a bit off the neck of your USA P makes sense (if it's a keeper).
  10. I have carpal tunnel on my right hand (had an operation on my left). I use a weight lifters wrist brace, which is cheap and very effective. I also play my bass as low as it will go, as it straightens my wrist out when I play. I've had no problems with pain or tingling, while I play, for years now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neoprene-Wrist-Support-Brace-Strap-Gym-Weight-Lifting-Arthritis-Sprains-Strains/123763929115?epid=2256367668&hash=item1cd0e7b01b&enc=AQADAAADIFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVKzBVSN0iFumH%2BEOEaVMB3WHmpZB1UWBU9JqKRXXim3PlpTzKva8dELl%2Bovgb1L7Ie%2BGdebgqGdvs%2FsONKq87RDy393lmN18xnG9tminb3RfpYO0evSa6KXueS%2BUbE55iXnQNqQ4kCELYv4PE2UflzdlXkXC0HsxwON0g%2FI8MR48%2F9Ry4NFQcw2L0or97gwoEOInCDeWDLIfXsxWvxvS0CbucyCMhc2H4ZTHM%2FzAA0WM%2FqmQdFW%2FUDHjf6noR4y1qHMiVDyYNpC7FvNCl09xEI9gf1VtS68AeLWCISg2KixUBYX8lLs0QPhABJGpQudI9SYqtAGALE1KdeT%2Fw5teT4S85i%2FPHqNs5flZqK%2Fd2iKKyyczY4CQjsc4lXQLZuvKrhsAM%2FCWQ9sXnTtZta5%2BtimliIzHVplFuX%2BVt41sjFlChkEPEILOYAuhBeJy0Zf7zcH%2FfmsucFCDamq5TnZfo5DHu%2FqNCwFaZ8%2BsxMGCQ3ZLbRD2zaDIkjWZSThUwx%2BDOnfB30n61orMhrn8Qn4QluFZ0WEIzgx5xR8joU4eDDF%2BAg4foXgeJr0xzJIChitK3N2snVMe%2FeOwjukXvqbNOhZSYoI43%2FJIF7sA8RUAmUlU5iRabCjT0T1klyWroKcpbnRgFl2hfnMDsD3vB85IPyGHjAglyruxxUxcY0mJzdZ21Yinc8%2BUR%2B2qJPEtKezpCN0UV7iRFW6sc%2BgDSeLZGehgJKVBXyBsDxl86jVT2wNkGfgVje6s8Psm8mkiEGdPe0p5Nxd%2FR0bh7D1gVzFXdoR7eJ0Lk5kUfVbV28pbXSXyhyJ12EToFfX13b5NgIFCQ2%2FQ7N7IQ%2FGUA%2F6pKnziz0g1oSvzFvAUCJDBCY9eGqLS4qon2pogkJtNS9apbUL3dSMdhUjiL6VdJL7HU04Z33RgWJybYzlYa1DoONGMnH66O%2BKsL%2FVp%2FJBmIXcUoae2EOw3JFSoW7cJhCpt6PfhwkHPaVSQv8QMZwT3SvscOTAMvyZrU90QlbVBSoj8LmV9y&checksum=123763929115f52246c25c7d4941bc26ec796f1f551d&frcectupt=true
  11. Did you have to get a CITES certificate for it (due to the rosewood fretboard)?
  12. I hated my Carlsbro Stingray with a vengeance. I always had to turn the bass down on it, or the speaker would fart like a flatulent hippo. Pile of shyte.
  13. I found my stolen bass in that shop window ☺
  14. The time will speed by and once you hand the bass back to your tutor you'll be hungry for more. It's a great feeling to get up and play with a decent live band.
  15. Probably nicked 😃 I've found two of my stolen instruments in that pawnbrokers over the years.
  16. Not any more it isn't. It went bust.
  17. I'm going to see my niece's band, Honeyblood. She's got a 3rd album out in May. The last two were both nominated for Scottish Album of The Year.
  18. Good to hear the acoustic band is taking off. I usually play with a busy rock/blues band but because the guitarist has recently got a new job, with inconvenient working hours, our bookings been reduced significantly. But my Country band, who I've been rehearsing with for quite a while, have started taking off. And as you mentioned, because they're a significantly quieter band (no Marshall stacks and a drummer playing rods), I can actually hear my bass. Good luck with the new direction (you'll be getting a double bass next ).
  19. I have a Precision Elite and a Jazz Deluxe but, personally, I'm not a fan of the Fender pre amps. I'm seriously thinking about fitting a John East in my Jazz Deluxe, to make it more usable. It is very well made though and looks gorgeous (black with maple neck with black blocks and binding). I picked mine up for £850 S/H, which is a very good price.
  20. I used to use The Stratosphere, which has an Ebay shop. I've bought necks, pickups, scratchplates etc, secondhand. But these days it's an expensive option since the £ nosedived. Also you need a CITES certificate to import rosewood necks from outside the EU. https://stratosphereparts.com/
  21. Excellent restoration, well done.
  22. I've got it and will sell it back to you for a million dollars.
  23. I know a drummer who played a shakey egg on his folky album (the one where he grew a beard).
  24. Even if the price of your old bass merely keeps up with inflation, it's better than putting your cash in the bank. Alternatively you could invest your cash in porkbellys (whatever they are).
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