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  1. 5 years ago I bought a USA Fender Elite Precision, my first USA Fender, which cost just under £2000 (the only bass I've ever bought new). I owned, at the time, a Japanese Fender Precision and a bitsa Precision (Classic Vibe body,Japanese Fender neck, old USA 80s pickup). The USA bass is very well put together and is a beautiful thing, it sounds great and is very versatile, as it's a P/J with and active pre amp and it plays really nice too. But the Japanese Precision plays really great too and sounds fantastic, as does the bitsa. There was no logical reason to buy the Elite, as my other Precisions were more than capable. I just had an emotional urge for a USA Fender. My warped logic was that a USA Fender is the 'Real Deal', and all others are (however good) imposters.
  2. One of the Amp options on the dial is bass and it sounds alright. Decent volume too.
  3. I like all genres of music but my favorite is soul, by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes. I play in a covers band, a rock band, a blues band and a country band but no soul band. There's a lack of soul bands in my area unfortunately, which aren't dodgy wedding bands (I hate playing weddings).
  4. I've got a Yamaha THR 10, which I bought to play my electric guitar through. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it could be powered by batteries or mains and that it can also be used for bass. The tech blurb says it's 18watts and It's definitely able to keep up with acoustic guitars, as I've taken it to a few acoustic rehearsals with one of my bands.
  5. I've been asked to lend my most rubbish bass, to a friend of friend, and I said nope. If I knew the person and was confident they'd look after my bass, I'd probably say yes. But I wouldn't lend an expensive bass, like a yours, to somebody I had never met.
  6. Thanks for the info about 'WhenAvailable'. I arrange rehearsals for a couple of bands and setting a date/time is a pain in the butt. That website will make things a lot easier.
  7. I bought an Ashdown MiBass 550, secondhand from Basschat, about 10 years ago. I gave it to the son of a friend of mine, about a year ago, who'd started to play bass and it's still going strong.
  8. I keep on telling the rest of the band that 'Care Homes' are a golden opportunity for a band like ours, whose target audience are 'Grey hairs & nae hairs'. They're not convinced.
  9. 'Pretty Tragic' is a great name for my new Engelbert Humpeldink band! Thanks!
  10. It can be a bit disheartening when you see a video of your band, recorded on a mobile phone, with no bottom end, that sounds tinny, unbalanced and distorted. A few months ago we were recorded at a live gig, onto multitrack, by an excellent engineer. The recording was then mixed and streamed and I was astounded at how great everything sounded. I was so used to those awful mobile phone videos of the band, that I thought we sounded rubbish live.
  11. You made the fatal mistake of plugging a bass into it. ......and turning the volume higher than 2 on the master. I had one too. Shockingly useless thing.
  12. It's excellent and doesn't tangle. I've owned previous cheaper versions of Fender leads that were cheap and nasty but a friend had one of these and I was so impressed I went out and bought one. It's the best lead I've ever owned.
  13. The standards usually had smaller machinehead plates. It looks like this one has had 70s style machineheads fitted at some stage. All the Japanese Fenders I've owned, over the years (I still have a Jazz and a Precision), have been excellent.
  14. Fender Custom '62 pickups with brass plates, cloth wires, screws. In excellent condition. £70 delivered.
  15. I had a Peavy TNT about 25 years ago. Very solid and loud amps. That one looks in good condition. The Ashdown looks a bit 'homemade'. I'd suggest you give them both a test at a loud volume before parting with any money.
  16. I played my first music, in front of punters, for over two years last night. It looked like it might never happen, as the singer of my main band had some serious health issues over lockdown, but she's feeling much better now and ready to Rock n Roll again. I'd been rehearsing with other bands but they're not quite ready to gig yet (if it ever happens). It was great to get up and turn everything up to 10 (well actually the gain was probably on about 2). We ended up playing everything about 3 times it's correct normal speed (I think the drummer was a bit nervous).
  17. That's sad to hear. I have played dodgy gigs, to dodgy audiences, with a dodgy band, playing dodgy music and it's no fun. But playing a good gig, with an enthusiastic audience and a good band is definitely an uplifting experience. Since this covid malarky started I've been rehearsing endlessly with new bands but haven't had the chance to play any gigs. But my old band is getting together tonight and we'll be getting up to play a few songs tonight at a venue we used to play at pre covid. I cannot wait!!!!!
  18. I have a Barefaced Compact cab (15 inch speaker) which is the original model they made, and a Super Compact (12 inch speaker). The Compact can get very loud with a 500 watt GK MB500 head through it, the Super Compact can't quite compete with a loud rock drummer when paired with the GK MB500. I ended up buying the 800 watt version of the same amp, so that I could drown out my heavy hitting drummer. I've owned both TC Electronic cabs and Ashdown ABMs and both of those started to fart out when the volume got loud. I've never heard the tiniest fart from my Barefaced cabs, however loud things get.
  19. I wonder if you put lighter strings on it whether it would sound like a Strat?
  20. First look up the specifications of your PC's motherboard to check whats the maximum RAM it can take. Then take the RAM card out and check the type of RAM your card has. I upgraded the RAM in my laptop, bought the wrong type of card in error and it wouldn't fit the slot. Yes I believe you can double up the RAM, or remove the old card and fit a new upgraded one of a larger capacity (if your board can take the larger amount). I also cleaned the fan, so the laptop was cooled properly, and that made a big difference to the performance.
  21. I own an old school Ashdown ABM 500 evo III. I rehearse in a place that has an Ashdown RM 800 as a bass amp. It sounds great through an Ashdown 410. I decided to compare it to my old Ashdown head and frankly, the RM 800 sounded marginally better.
  22. If you buy basses that never see the light of day but you buy them as an investment i.e. you'd make a profit if you ever sold them, I don't see a problem with that. If it's a hobby, you can afford it and they bring you joy, then I don't see a problem with that. If its a compulsion, you lose money every time you buy a bass and the ownership of them brings you no joy, then it's time to stop.
  23. Is that really the sound he was looking for? It sounds a bit like a duck.... quack, quack. His old Mexican Jazz sounded fine to me.
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