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  1. Ah ok, maybe it's a new thing. Forgive my caution but I bought a Japanese Squier P recently and found out the body was MDF so double checking any purchases. This one looks good, I was really after a finished P body but may go for this PJ and apply a finish myself, jus having a think and final look round Dave
  2. Hi. Is this definitely from guitarbuild.co.uk as it doesn't have their neck stamp in the pocket? Cheers
  3. Hi. Any idea what wood the body is made from. Unfortunately the last Squier body I bought turned out to be mdf. Cheers
  4. Hi. Is the top photograph uploaded tinted or is that the actual colour? Also hard to tell on the lower pic as that one is definitely tinted/coloured by stage lights. Cheers
  5. Looks nice, did you re paint the body yourself? It looks like a silver series, though doesn't have the logo on the headstock, I have a 91 strat the same. I'm looking for one of these to upgrade myself, already have the pickups and hardware etc but if I hadn't and couldn't be bothered (or able) I'd be considering this one. Have a Sunday afternoon listing bump, GLWS
  6. Nice bass. If I have the funds before it sells I might just go for this. The Ad title you link to says Crafted in Japan, though the headstock on both yours and one in the ad says Made In Japan. Not too far away in York What is the nud width on these? Some Japanese P basses are slightly narrower 40mm? Maybe it's just certain Squiers I'm not sure
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Yes, I think there was more consistency in the builds of Japanese instruments, certainly many of my favourite basses were made in Japan over the years.
  9. Nice. Think the Japanese P basses has an ever so slightly narrower nut width compared to most USA models, which I like. Although obv there was some variation over the years. Was about to spring for a 93 Japan Squier bass but this is a decent price. I'll have to see if I can find more funds before it sells. I'll keep an eye on it, I'm not far away in York btw
  10. Ah...in fact the poor electrical provision was the cause of one of the fires encountered....The second they deliberately set fire to their own kitchen!!!!
  11. Yes exactly the same. Officers gigs were ok but playing for the regulars was always good fun. Also played many gigs abroad for CSE, the best fun one was at the camp in Sarajevo. Troops from all over, US, Italy, Germany etc etc, was a very lively evening but all in the best sprint.
  12. Has anyone ever played a gig in a Sergeants mess when the emergency services have not been called? Seriously... Played a Christmas party at one this month and true to form two ambulances and a police presence were required. Two of my previous experiences actually required the fire service attend. Thankfully no musicians or equipment were lost in proceedings!!! I have played several over the years and this is a genuine question, I am interested to know
  13. Ah true. Ideally would be looking for a Jazz width neck though. Not sure the width on those P basses.
  14. Nice bass. What is the nut width on these? PJs are usually Jazz bass width I think 1 1/2 inch?
  15. Does anyone now if Fender Squier (Japan) made a PJ bass in the early nighties (91 to 94), possibly silver series... Cheers Dave
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