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  1. I'm fairly convinced that large amounts of compression, combined with strong attack from the right hand, are a significant part of his recorded sound.
  2. I hear ya, depending on the bass, it kind shifts forward/across. I've never had too much trouble adapting tbh, although I keep strap height probably about where it'd be if sitting, as that's where I like it balance/ reach-wise, so maybe that's why.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far. I get the practice standing thing - and should do that more for reasons cited,- however I have a pretty "relaxed" practice regime, and do enjoy just sitting back and having a noodle. Sitting on the floor - no idea how you manage that without losing circulation in your leg!
  4. ....when practising/ noodling on your bass? New domestic set up means that for the first time I'll not be sat on the sofa or edge of the bed - neither of which were ever that great tbh. So I want a bench or stool for my office/music room and was hoping for recommendations, ideally less than £50, but will possibly prise my wallet further open for an outstanding suggestion! Thanks in advance
  5. I always thought the Bongo looked terrible, then suddenly one day, for no discernible reason, I realised that I now think it looks great and quite want one.... and especially a Stealth 6 (after seeing below vid) which I could neither afford nor do justice to
  6. My fire engine red from 1988. Originally had a white guard, and is actually 2 band again. The 3rd tone control is a dummy as I drilled a hole for the jack through the bottom of the body. It's been refretted with stainless steel frets about 20 years ago. I've owned this for about 27 years now, will never sell it. Would love one like the op's to go with it someday.
  7. Contemplating this very same thing with my 77 Jazz which has binding. The relacquer for the maple board ( which will presumably be required, and it has lots of "character" I'll be sorry to lose ) is the only thing holding me back, but I expect I will take the plunge in the new year.
  8. I have to agree with the "at least they're having a go" sentiment. Good on them etc. Having said that, it did remind me of this old favourite:
  9. Mokl

    Alnus Bass

    Had to look twice at the name there!
  10. For me playability followed by tone rule at this price point. Sounds like it's a player - I'd hold onto it!
  11. Gosh I miss my thumb bo. Best sounding bass I've had I reckon. Wish I had some spare cash! Glwts
  12. Mokl

    First Bass

    There will always be natural variation with wood. If they've taken the effort to cut a tree down it feels a shame to discard a perfectly useful piece of lumber for what is an honest and natural aesthetic anomaly. There's no performance impact here, so I'd just crack on and enjoy playing it. I do get that not everybody will feel the same, just my 1/2p
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