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  1. Really like the look of these. If they did a 5 string Jazz I'd be all over it!
  2. A P-bass with a Batman sticker on the pickguard, and oddly mismatched pickup pole pieces?! 😉
  3. Thanks for removing the temptation of this from the BD website! Looks awesome - enjoy
  4. This is similar to an experience I had. Not enough to completely put me off, but it has made me cautious. I'll make a trip next time I'm really interested in a bass. I think the underlying issue in my case was that it was probably a commission sale that hadn't been very carefully checked over. Couldn't fault the speed of service.
  5. I've not been in music retail for quite a few years now, but at the time the independents were putting huge pressure on the likes of Fender abd Yamaha to try and even the playing field so they could compete. Often we'd see instruments priced pretty much at what we could get them at trade price for. It's a tricky one as the consumer both wins and loses through lower pricing but reduced options from where to buy (which is ultimately what happens when independents can't compete any longer).
  6. Very jealous. Love Mike Watt and love the look of the Mk2 Wattplower.💚
  7. Wal balance pots are wired like that too.
  8. I'm in the "as low as it will go' team as well, although I've experimented with raising the action slighlty on a couple of basses, and find that on some instruments I actually like it. Having said that, they're still set low. Almost more important to me is the neck relief - I run almost none and find for my tastes and playing style this almost always gives me the string response (for want of a better description) I'm looking for.
  9. If it sounds great, why bother? It'll sound different, but whether you'd like it more - as good as Nordstrands are - is difficult to know! Looks a lovely bass to me. Either way, enjoy
  10. Just had another look, and whilst it's a bit bling for me, maybe the Liberace comparison isn't very fair. World would be boring if we all had the same tastes, after all.
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