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  1. Apologies, just clocked the thread over in repairs & technical...
  2. My go-to guy has retired, and I find myself needing a repair to my Thunderfunk 550 head. It works fine, but intermittently and without warning, puts out a horrendous screeching through the speakers Anybody able to recommend a good amp tech? Ideally in the Herefordshire area, but I'm willing to post if further afield. Love this amp, and they're supposed to have been designed with repairability in mind... Thanks in advance!
  3. Mokl


    I think the colour is "graphite pearl"? Oldish bass , but in great condition.
  4. Mokl


    So this bass combines 2 things I never thought I'd own in one: 6 strings, and a Musicman Bongo. Picked this up today, needs a good deal of setup work to get it where I want it, but an hour this evening and new strings on and it's about 80% there I reckon. Initial thoughts are it's going to sound huge. It is actually physically kinda huge too. The Bongo shape looks way more aesthetically impressive in person than in pics for some reason. Now to figure out how to play it. Good news is that after 20 mins noodling on this, I picked up my 5 string and it seemed way easier to get around than it did last time I picked it up! 😀 Sorry for crap pic.
  5. It's rare that I feel strongly enough to share my experiences of retailers etc, but I am compelled to sing the praises of Will at Bassbros. He helped me out with what should have been a straightforward commission sale, but which turned complicated and potentially very costly to me and him as the bass had made it to the US, but the buyer having received it, experienced a change of heart. Will went totally above and beyond to get this sorted to everyone's satisfaction, was professional, calm and friendly with great with comm's throughout. By some miracle of coordination he found another buyer in the US who thankfully is very pleased with the bass. I look forward to supporting Bassbros going forward, as well as visiting the showroom again now it has a little more stock in it!
  6. Ps I don't use Roto steels any more, prefer Dunlop or D'addario nickels these days.
  7. I've had good success in the past, boiling stainless steel rounds (nickels don't seem to work quite as well, but still ok), with a little washing up liquid and dash of vinegar. Smells foul, but actually almost miraculously rejuvenated old Roto's for me....screws up the silk windings though. These days I tend not to bother and just change strings less often, but I'm tempted to try some Elixirs, just the price of entry is off-putting. Fwiw the string 'snapping' thing works pretty well for me too - I do that fairly regularly. I find it gives a bit of definition back to the tone of faded round wound strings.
  8. I'm finding it a bit tricky to come up with what I think would be a reasonable scenario in which one would even ask to borrow someone else's bass for a gig. I'm afraid it'd be a no from me.
  9. I believe they backed Dr John and Robert Palmer, amongst others. They were all session players AFAIK.
  10. Gotta say, I like the original guard, lifts the body colour and works with the maple board imo. Nice bass, enjoy!
  11. Yep, C# on G string dead spot on my Jazz fretless. Feel a little less annoyed about it now!
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