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  1. For sale, my trusty Deep Impact. The original and best (probably). Despite being decades old, this is in pristine condition. It also comes with its original box and power supply (the power supply has never been used or plugged in). No playing issues whatsoever. There's a bit of pop at first when using the on/off footswitch, though this goes away after playing through it for about 30 seconds (shrug). Sorry for the lack of pictures but I will try and upload some later. Questions welcome! No trades thanks, I am trying to shift some of my gear and this is going to go first.
  2. For sale, my lovely Bongo 5H (single hubucking pickup), in silver. I'm selling this because it's not getting the use it deserves. It's a fantastic instrument though, light with a great neck and fantastic sound. It's in great condition too. Cash preferred / meet somewhere within driving distance of Bristol. However, if you've got a high end jazz 5 of some sort, then I might succumb to GAS as I'm a jazz nut 😄 Pics later!
  3. For sale, this Bartolini 76DL5C pickup. Bought from Bass Direct ages ago, but I have only recently attempted to fit it into my Bongo 5. Unfortunately it doesn't fit, so it has to go. As I've only ever taken it out of the box twice (once to find out it doesn't fit, and once to take these photos!), it's in as-new, mint condition. It should fit other MusicMan 5 string basses. (If anyone knows of a Bartolini pickup that would fit a Bongo 5 I'd love to know ) £80 posted!
  4. The best lightweight head I have ever owned! Excellent condition, no issues. 900W, into 4 or 2 ohms. Price is for delivered in the UK! Pics soon!!
  5. Bump for another tenner off :/
  6. Tarkin sold. Other two still available!! Phew!!
  7. Met up with Gaz to sell my Barefaced Super 12T. Lovely guy, great comms, no probs!
  8. For sale, console of greatness plus some other stuff. Here's the list: - Xbox One console - original, black, 500GB, in original box plus Kinect sensor. Comes with PSU and HDMI cable - Controller - Another controller! - Some games: Forza Horizon 3 as unused download code. Also on disc: Assassin's Creed Unity, Dead Rising 3, Minecraft All boxed and ready to go! Postage included!!
  9. Photos can be found here!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/QRUcIoggRaTFuUGv2
  10. I'm having a pedal board rejig, and these three have to go to make room for new things All three are in excellent condition with velcro on the bottom. All include P&P though you can have a fiver off if you pick up from Bristol. Markbass Octaver - great analog pedal that can output dry, octave below, and two octaves below (!) signals. Plus, what a colour scheme! [s]£100[/s][b] [b]£80[/b][/b] [s]COG Tarkin - fabulous, versatile fuzzbox in a tiny package. [b]£90[/b][/s] Boss ODB-3 - Surprisingly awesome sounding overdrive. [s]£70[/s][b] [b]£50[/b][/b]
  11. [quote name='pburrows' timestamp='1499199139' post='3329938'] Would you consider a trade with my SC? [/quote] Thanks but I'm all cabbed up at the moment!!
  12. [quote name='DirtyVertebrae' timestamp='1499126270' post='3329440'] Had an offer on my cab so may be in a position to buy come the weekend if this is still going by then [/quote] Fingers crossed!!
  13. [quote name='pburrows' timestamp='1499115976' post='3329373'] Whats it like for gigging? [/quote] Quite awesome! I have used it in the past for an outdoor rock gig, not going through the PA. Didn't break a sweat (Carvin B1000 powered it). Plus you can lift it with one hand. Edit: Just saw your other thread where you're looking for Trace kit. A couple of years ago I actually had a Trace head used with this cab - the head was the AH1000-12. This, plus the cab, and my Bartolini-equipped bass was the best set up I've ever had! I only got rid of the Trace because of the reliability issues! I kept the cab... a good sign
  14. [quote name='Cuzzie' timestamp='1498638361' post='3325983'] I have a Supertwin myself, but If anyone does get this and picks up from Bristol, I am in Bristol as well and have a spare Roqsolid cover I could sell them. GLWTS - great cab [/quote] Great idea, thanks!! Post-weekend bump!
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