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  1. Unpopular? I really like any of of the 'big bass names' that get rolled out on BC. Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pasty-Riots, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, you know the ones. All very talented and great to listen to. 😉
  2. Going back to the OP: yes, the Bass Station 2 is a good first synth if two octaves is enough. BRX's posts all nail it, IMHO. There's a difference between a first synth used for learning synthesis and a first synth used to reproduce sounds from 60 years of hits, to name just a few uses. For the use @fretmeister indicates, I'd say: go for it. It's simply a good synth, and the patch memory comes in handy as well.
  3. Me too. I keep a corner in my living room free for my future drum set. (That and drummers have always been the most fun people to be around, quite unlike for example followers of my own religion, organ playing.)
  4. FWIW, the response in Norway to the British song was one of relief : one was happy that you guys again delivered a potential winner, and one expressed how you were missed after having been so dependable before. Similar sentiments were reported from Holland. The "ganging up against us" idea may indeed have been driven by some media as was said, and I'm convinced that that bit at any rate is happening only in your head(s) - not in "Europe". FWIW2, of the songs I've heard, the British song was second on my list - behind Sweden.
  5. Have no idea what you're talking about, but am taking this unrelated opportunity to let you known that I really like your teeth. Not sure I told you.
  6. ... but ... but ... wasn't Kyiv the capital . . . in Kievan Rus' some 1,000 years ago? ... or am I showing my age here? 😉
  7. Have to agree with the OP. The support you get from folks here is startling. When I was living rough, one of you sent me yesterday's paper for the tent repair. No-one mentioned, no-one forgotten.
  8. Thanks, @chris_b and @Bunion! For the time being I bought the tracks mentioned by Chris and two Sly tracks with Rustee Allen off "Fresh", and will take it from there. I'm confident you guys gave me a good start. b
  9. Larry Graham is not really mentioned that often if I recall, but I was floored by him yesterday when listening to "Rave Un2 the Year 2000" where he performed with tafka Prince, using what I presume must be a Moon Larry Graham bass, as the headstock seemed to say "Moon". Anyway, luvverly playing and tone to die for (deep and roundish but still with sonority). Now, what songs should I hear if I want to know more about him? Interesting playing prioritized. I've never really been a Sly &tFS man even though their music is agreeable, and know zilch about GCS or about his solo output. Point is I have no sound in my laptop, so can't check YT. Must just buy some songs and play them from my iPod. Any help gratefully received! Bert
  10. Aye, a scam of sorts and completely avoidable. A shop in Norway fight this by using a longer list of statuses. IMS, with my attempt at remembering my understanding of it: "in stock" really means that; "in remote stock" - still under their software control, but may take time; "available" - they can see it's in stock somewhere but can't claim the item immediately through their software; "can be ordered" - it's marked as available from the supplier, but their software can't see the actual stock. Sounds sound to me.
  11. Thanks for posting! Don't know what I think yet as I haven't heard the piece itself, but I'll be sure to try and find it. This may well be the first concerto for bass and orchestra, but I think it needs to be said, which they did not, that using the bass in classical music has been done at the very least since the 60s. Several of my composition teachers had used the bass in their work back then, but also: some of Zappa's work compositionally links more to classical than to pop and rock. The same thing goes for many other artists - for example Art Zoyd.
  12. Three words: Total Mass Retain. I can't remember anyone having done anything like that, though I'm sure there must have been. Edit for the uninitiated: 'Total Mass Retain' is part 2 of the four-part 'Close to the Edge' song. Unbelievable notes with an unbelievable rhythm. Analysis won't do it justice, I think. IMHO it's so unique it has to be experienced by the musical ear. Here's the single edit:
  13. Yup. He did it as Neil MacArthur in 1969, and later covered it several times, a.o. on his album "Sings His Greatest Hits" when he was much older.
  14. Thanks, @Bassfinger, for my two first guesses in Wordle tomorrow: BLUNT and STONE. 😉 It has to be mentioned that some years ago, Rod Argent or Colin Blunstone laughed heartily when fans after Zombies gigs asked them why in the world they chose to play a Santana song. 😃 For me, maybe wrongly, the Zombies heritage was taken care of not by Rod Argent or Chris White but with Colin Blunstone's solo albums, especially "One Year" and "Ennismore", though IMHO also "Journey" had many great songs. Both Argent and White wrote songs for Blunstone. One of the most special Blunstone songs was a cover of Tim Hardin's "Misty Roses", with a stunning string quartet (or quintet?) arrangement by Christopher Gunning, which took the hit right out of it and put in music instead. 😃 I lack the discipline to abstain from posting it:
  15. Does it come as a surprise the Belmont Conservative Club spawns a "Back to the 80's Tribrute Night" (sic) ? Of course they actually mean "Back to the 80s Tri-Brute Night" 😐
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