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  1. Johann Sebastian Bach. He didn't play the bass guitar AFAIK, but he did write bass parts that defined the harmonic drive of the piece. I concluded that if you had a melody and a good bass part, then you essentially had all you needed. Then one Chris Squire appeared in my world...
  2. Sorry! That was me on my Hammond, stirring in your frequency domain.
  3. One could approach this from different angles, I think. First: IMHO there's a huge difference between asking for a bass part played on a synth, and asking for all the known synthbass sounds for covering hit songs. One train of thought would be that in order to make synthbass sounds, one needs a capable synth with at least two full-fledged VCOs and a good filter - preferaby 24 dB/oct. There's something to be said for that. If you're gonna cover known synthbass songs, you're looking at lotsa tracks that rely heavily on a Moog sound. In case, opting for a Phatty or Model D seems the natural thing to do. That does not exclude other synths, but in case it could be a longer, more winding road. There's another train of thought that says that any synth is usable for bass parts. I could agree - partly. I've happened upon a great, natural bass sound on a weedy 1 VCO synth with just an added pedal (don't remember, but probably a chorus type thing). In my mind it can be done, but on many synths one is looking at a narrower band of usable bass sounds. The DM6 specifically, whilst flexible and a great offering for the price, would be one of the last synths I'd think of for synthbass. That's due to its Juno inheritance and its 1.5 VCO instead of 2, and its presumed 12 dB/Oct filter. To my ears, the core sound of the DM6 is weedy, and one needs both programming skills (or good copied/bought patches) and effects. But yes, it can absolutely be done. Depending on your exact needs, I'd also think of a poly like the Akai Miniak AKA Alesis Micron. It's a powerhouse of a virtual analogue, and already in its presets it shows a whole world of sounds that basically is a walk through the history of analogue synths. With its 3 full oscillators as well as its vast amount of parameters, it's a machine that will do everything for you at a great price. This comes with its own drawback though: the tiny display is a nuisance, there are few knobs and buttons, and as a result programming the machine is hard - especially for beginners. I'd rather program it from an iPad or computer. Sound design software for these is available from different sources - both for IOS and Windows.
  4. Indeed, and I think we might just be moving in the direction of technology taking care of that part, as in an app on your phone sharing your position with the ones you're talking to. In fact, my GPS unit already has a dedicated button for that function. I loves it. I can fall down from Preikestolen and send my position before even hitting the ground. Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Ah! Interesting, and another step forward. Where TomTom and W3W in part dropped the ball (last statement I saw from TomTom was they still are working on the B2B segment), someone didn't. Do you have any idea which manufacturer is behind this? Garmin by any chance? Mind you, I'm no pro, and my enthusiasm towards certain uses is no indication of W3W's usablity as a system for other uses. I'm certain lots of brainy types are thinking loudly as we speak about many aspects. I'm just charmed with the idea that if I order a bass, I could state in the delivery options: "W3W: deliver.bass.here approach via best.bass.route." I've edited out a paragraph I hadn't been thinking through.
  6. Oh, but that's OK, and a lot more than just OK. Earlier threads were only about the website, which is far less practical than this app. Well worth getting appdated about it (I'm sorry), and thanks for posting the OP! If you decide to look up the old threads, you'll find I gave four or five examples of self-experienced situations where this system is far better than traditional means. Me I loves it despite my remarks: I just want it to be perfec. (sic!)
  7. Love a baritone, and thanks for posting about this one. Is it an ABT60E? I got bewildered as the web told me that has 21 frets, whilst this one has 20 if I count correctly. Do different versions exist maybe? Also, pix on the web mostly have a scratchplate, but it seems the bursts do not. Haven't delved into it yet. Anyway, how did you find the thick body? I'm wary of that aspect.
  8. Guessing you're referring to me: thanks, but I just scratched the surface, and we did have a thread about W3W two years ago, and another one earlier this year, so my delving is not from today. I think it's very promising as a system, but still think it needs to be integrated in other systems, and there, I think, lies the bottleneck. For example: TomTom and W3W proudly announced cooperation in 2017 or 2018, before somehow forgetting everything about it, and going back on their promises. In general, there is the hard bit of negotiating systems like these in B2B environments due to conflicting interests.
  9. BTW, and maybe interesting to users of TomTom GPS units, the Mapcode Foundation offer mapcodes that may be as short as 4 digits/letters, though often 6 - for example: 4H.JB. AFAIK, TomTom units accept these mapcodes. Of course, W3W was designed so the words can be pronounced and understood during a telephone conversation, but it offers its own drawbacks: for example, I found different addresses in the UK that differed by one letter only , e.g. squabble vs squabbles. Great, great potential nevertheless.
  10. It works! ๐Ÿ˜ I'm not at home, but I'd like everyone to visit me at unimpeded.hero.inviting. Be very careful when parking your car at steaming.squabbles.collision. Please find tea and something sweet in the cupboard at cakes.twinkling.system. My sofa's not new, but please be seated at marginal.risk.shipwreck. C-ya there when I get back! ๐Ÿ˜Ž BTW my old address, as relayed in the old threads, was perfect for ordering food as it contained pizzeria and delivery. PS all true W3W addresses (after correcting a misspelled one), and with true placement of everything from car park to sofa to cupboard. I still like my old address more.
  11. Ah. I thought that under the light-hearted tone there was a certain concern. I'm glad this isn't so. My openness though was much about other possible thread readers. As a community (I'm old-fashioned that way) we need to exchange all aspects of being BCers - in my thinking at least. Happily, I didn't lose money either. Between the layers of madness, there was a brain that looked for bargains explicitly so I could try the gear, learn about many types of gear that BCers had talked about, and sell it again if needed whilst losing little. Turned out I even made a few bob.
  12. Sadly, this is factual: 36 months, 16 basses (some of them expensive), 14 amps, cabs and combos (some of them expensive), 6 effects and multi-effect units, plus tuner, metronomes, straps, leads and other stuff. In my case it was health related, and very not a good thing. Can't comment on your situation as I don't know it. Make of this what you will: inspiration or despair or whatever. Me, I'm free now after having sold most of it.
  13. ...in a mountain ridge, if you ask me, which you didn't, so I'll shut up now. ๐Ÿ˜ Seriously, I'm flabbergasted at their output: so many peaks! Thanks for the heads-up about the live stuff!
  14. Another thread revival! Heads up: Colin Moulding got together with Terry Chambers again in 2016 and the two recorded the ep "Great Aspirations", which was released in October 2017 under the artist name TC&I (which I suppose means "Terry Chambers and I" as in that in essence this ep is a Colin Moulding thing. FWIW, Wikipedia says Colin wrote all four songs. Couldn't find a cd copy immediately, and downloaded it from Burning Shed for the time being. It's playing as I speak, and I think the typical Colin thing is present. The first track, Scatter Me, hit home right away, and to me seems to vaguely refer to Andy Partridge whilst still seeming to me like a true Colin Moulding song - a good thing. "Kenny", the third track, too seems like a Moulding track one could find on an XTC album. The second track, "Greatness", has yet to build an impression on me, and the last one, "Comrades of Pop" seems to be about the lyrics only. Now, I'm lyrics deaf but in that last track I did hear the words "It's the guy that writes the hits that gets the money", "the bassist and the drummer might be lucky", and "lawyer". so this might indicate that the lyrics indeed are more important to CM than the music, which basically is some simple ostinato. No comments on the bass parts or the playing yet.
  15. You're an idiot. Nobody has ever taken that title from me since 1976! What, they've not even challenged me. Hasty edit: You're NOT an idiot! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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