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  1. From what I've read it seems to be about people being fascinated with them and offering them an infrastructure they can thrive in as semi-pets, in connection to the person's house or farm. A badger keeper in our municipality in Holland told about the enormous differences between individual badgers. That is the total extent of my knowledge.
  2. OK, here's what I think I've found out: - Rank: based on post count outside Off Topic. - Great Content badge: based on number of received TLRTs. - BC Hero badge: based on number of replies given. - Watts: number of received TLRTs of the types 'Haha', 'Like' and 'Thanks'. 'Confused' and 'Sad' not counted. I may dislike them, but the phenomenon seems interesting in a psychiatric way. 😁
  3. Oh yes, the GAS is strong for everything keyboards - especially acoustic pianos, Hammond organs, electronic pianos and expensive synths and ... and ... As relayed earlier, I actually came from keyboards to bass as bass is a lot cheaper ... ... or so I thought. I've used more money on bass gear in a few years than I'd used on keyboard gear the previous part of my life. 😱 I think I need to save some money and go back buying modular synths ... 😁
  4. Reportedly there are huge differences between individuals - badgers being kept on "farms" ranging from dog like ones to vile bone choppers. I'd guess free ones would be averagely "worse".
  5. They were being too strict. 97 out of 98 is a great score for perfect writing! 😀
  6. Of course I agree. That said, looking at your Rank, I've decided to start getting up earlier in the morning, DawnPatroller ... 😐 😉
  7. I can't even begin to explain how stupid all of this stuff is, and even if I could begin to explain it, you lot couldn't even begin to understand it. 😁 As @lownotealready began to explain, it also goes against the very spirit of BC. Please get rid, if technically possible.
  8. Give Bruford a call. He's most of what Nick says about Gabor. 😉
  9. Thanks, ezbass. I wondered: firmware upgrade where? Your end? Me, I've mainly used one laptop and one phone. May have used the iPad too, can't be sure. But it was a notification from what I suppose must be Apple, and only about BassChat. What tech they have in place, I don't know, but I'd guess that when Apple gets hold of a list of compromised e-mail addresses, that they simply scan it for Apple users, and notify those. Q remains: has BC had a data leak one is aware of? @ped? best, bert
  10. My iPad just gave me a notification that my BC password was found somewhere, after a data leak, and correctly identified the password. Is one aware of a leak? (I do see several possible explanations for this notification, but assuming this was true, I changed my password right away thinking there's no harm in doing so unless some evil bar steward is "following" us right now.)
  11. Welcome to BC, @Canalbass ! I believe these are or were dedicated tribute bands - Five Friends - Gende's Giant - Giant Steps - Three Friends, originally called Rentle Giant. As you maybe know, Rentle Giant started with two GG members, Gary Green and Malcolm Mortimore, and when GG member Kerry Minnear joined too, they changed their name to Three Friends, after GG's third album. Minnear left soon though, officially for "family reasons" but reportedly because one or two of the Shulman brothers had expressed not liking the idea. Other bands may have been more ad hoc, maybe only related to tribute CD projects, like - Gentle Dwarf - Glass Haus - In a Glass House Also, there's a plethora of people having performed some GG songs, and many of those are on YouTube. For example Israeli singer Esther Ofarim did a version of "Aspirations" called "Aspiration".
  12. Proclamation here too. Heard that and the intricate So Sincere, and was (floored)2. The title track TPatG was a non-album single, IMS due to contractual obligations, and was only added to a CD in the 90s. Yeah, I do seem to remember The Boys in the Band hated it themselves. As to popular and unpopular, I may have worded carelessly. The last three (some say four) albums were their attempts at more popular stuff, as their frustration about the lack of success had grown during their first five or six years. However, with these last albums they lost many fans of their classic stuff whilst gaining few new ones, and the band folded in 1980.
  13. BTW2, this footage is of their first gig in the UK after a hiatus, and the audience reportedly consisted of people on a studio visit - clearly not GG fans.
  14. Great band, great rhythm section - with a fantastic bass player and a hard hitting drummer who nicely contrasts the intricacies of some of the arrangements. Love them - especially their earlier period (until '76, incl the Interview album) Which tracks do you like most, WoT? BTW, this footage from '78 shows both their old style, with tracks like Free Hand, Just the Same, Playing the Game, and even a fugue exposition starting off On Reflection for example, and the style of their latter years of being frustrated at not gaining real success, with some clear nods at punk and tracks like Two Weeks in Spain, I'm Turning Around and Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It.
  15. In Norway we have Black Debbath. Though that's not a tribute band, their name has the modest fans vibe, in an IMHO much better fashion than say Gentle Dwarf (I vaguely think I have a track by them on a tribute album).
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