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  1. It may be a Dutch thing. I'll try and explain. Sorry for the wordiness. It's really too late for me to write posts. During Franco's reign, we were flooded with tales about Spain and its men in power - typically like: Some official person somewhere revels in interpreting everything as unlawful or subversive etc., and then with great rigidity - which is both a personality trait and an acquired taste - won't give in. In his mind it's a weakness to let people live their lives. Bullying them is good for the ego and good for the state. Something vaguely along those lines. At least where I lived, or in my circles, Spain was consistently used as the example of everything bad.
  2. 😱 Reminds me of Spain under Franco.
  3. I know I repeat myself when under stress, but... "Total Mass Retain" tells it all. Stunning! (for the uninitiated, that's the second movement of "Close to the Edge".)
  4. Aye. Somebody (not me) counted that the band used 30 different instruments on stage. Ray also sang difficult parts in polyphonic and poly-rhythmic segments, IMS whilst playing bass. Mind-boggling. Monster musician, whilst not being Chris Squire. 🙂
  5. Good point. In my own circles, we decided some decades ago that "progressive rock" was rock that changed the face of music, and "prog" was that certain style we love or hate - - whether it was progressive or not. Worked for me. BTW, another vote for @EssentialTension's Ray Shulman of Gentle Giant. Monster player.
  6. This thread was about realistic stuff. Then this. 😉
  7. No, twas Emily Bluntë you saw first, and we are backing off.
  8. Sorry. I meant Hull upon Tyne - - the ferry port that has a Denmark Road. 😁 Seriously though, I was just attempting to kid. Hence the expressionless emoticon with almost a tongue in its cheek. One tiny cell in my near-brain opined there was something about the words "Denmark Road" that sounded off, and when I then finally found out what it was, I started wondering where they might have a road of that name, and thus thought of Hull and Newcastle. That's all. Sorry for the confusion, and no malice was intended.
  9. Slight misunderstanding here. The OP is about the shop in Newcastle Hull. 😐
  10. What does it mean though? I understand the AC/DC thing here, but E A D G ? Doesn't ring a bell. 😐
  11. Just want to say I know that place, and feel you're right in the notion. Thanks for posting it, as it might be helpful to someone out there. Also, thanks once again for posting it, as it also confirmed that I've gone some miles since I was in that same place as you are. If I take care, I can now have resolutions, and work at them every day (or at least each day me health allows me to). One step at a time, eh? Good luck, and all the best! bert
  12. What a load of rubbish, and you have no evidence whatsoever. When I post under my @Osiris moniker, I consistently use a completely different language and reference frame. Also, under that moniker I'm the erudite guy. I don't really wanna pick a fight with you, but it's very tempting right now. ...but you know that.
  13. Yup, for the first time since I was a kid. I'm gonna turn more and more of my walking into running, and plan to "compete" in an autumn hill forest run, where I should be able to make the list in the age group 61-65. This year, a guy over 80 was as fast as I was. Next year I wanna run like a 75-year-old, and the year after that like a 65-year-old.
  14. You're a genius! Also: "Listen, love, this was way too cheap to let pass. The seller lost 800 quid on it, ya know..." 😀
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