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  1. Not helpful either, but if one likes "A Swingin' Safari" then one might also like "Zambezi" and "Africaan Beat" off the same album, and at any rate I'd direct one's attention to "Living it up" from "Living it up!". On the positive side, this stuff isn't hard to listen to, and you'll be well-protected from anything artsy. 😀 I lurve it.
  2. With those plectra, it probably plays itself.
  3. Renault Projet 900. Haven't read up on them, but it seems there was to be a V8 in that rear (won't work on Projet 900, won't work on Projet 901, won't work on ... .. but might work on Projet 911 😉). Different prototypes exist(ed), so you get to choose looks and colour. Give them a call. 😀 Back to the OP though, maybe it was thought of as an instrument for the rarity seekers or for the musician on a leash. The flipping doesn't seem problematic to me. Just sit down. Also, with two band members owning instruments like this, you at the very least can shift roles during songs and make a big point out of it, giving the audience a tiny chuckle. I can see how that could work in the right atmosphere.
  4. Fantastic! I'm ordering. Only question is whether it will fit in my car.
  5. Good thinking. Don't remember whether we too did this or just contemplated doing it, but I do remember we used a set of names depending on the music. Possibly not really an alter ego, but IIRC Ian Anderson told that in the old days they normally were allowed to play at each venue only once, so kept returning to venues by using many different band names - and I think that actually none of those was "Jethro Toe" (possibly Derek Lawrence's attempt to avoid paying for rights).
  6. OK, some googling and we now have following rock bands: Æ is for Ændal Å is for Årabrot
  7. Waidaminnet. If individual artists are allowed, we do have: Æ is for Æ. Yup.
  8. Ø is for Østenfor Sol Sorry, can't remember ones for Æ or Å. ...but I did prolong the thread to at least some degree, didden I?
  9. Oh! That's great! It actually made me appreciate the song more. Suddenly, that annoying (to me) insistant simplicity in the second down, second up in "Exit light" etc. seems to make sense when placed in this close harmony, whereas in the original, other voices comes in later, at "Take my hand". Love it. Thanks for posting!
  10. @MacDaddy's pic: roughly 1 out of 3, but not all with individual names. @Dad3353's pic: nearly all, but stumped by a few. In my defence, I've had three centuries to learn the classical ones.
  11. Yup! High density tonecopper without sudden bends. If you play really fast, like I do, you don't want some frequencies to lag due to angles and the like. But we digress. This was about ToneTurtle[TM].
  12. Never mind the sceptics. They've read chapter 1 in Physics 101 and think they know it all. Similar to you with your pickguard, I hear clear differences with or without a tuner, and wonder: what's the best tonetuner?
  13. My interest in chart music was aroused when I was aroused... ...and slowly developed the vague notion that "Penderecki", "Xenakis" and "my book on Flemish Renaissance music" maybe were not the greatest of pick-up lines.
  14. Yeah, but it goes deeper than that. @Hutton's starting this topic to soften us was a stroke of genius.
  15. Might it have to do something with gun oil, or what you call it? But yeah, the foam should've been chosen to withstand that as well.
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