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  1. Ah, but then that is a reasonable answer to a not unreasonable question. Point in case: When we bought a piano, we were offered transportation by the shop, but I said: "No thanks, I'll just take it in the Sierra", and I did. (Yes: short strings.)
  2. I'm shocked! Name calling like this? I think you should've realised he's ye big slim spammer now!
  3. Well thank you, Carl! Or should I call you Bobby, or Robert or Frank or Johannes or Simon or any of the hundreds of other names that are used in conjunction with your photo? BTW, I saw most of your testimonies on ze innerwebz. Congratulations with reaching a weight loss of more than 80 kg! Maybe I shouldn't mention your successful penis operation which added a whopping two inches to your length! Congrats! I imagine you're very proud of having a 2" penis now! Oh, and welcome to BC!
  4. YT comment: "Before it was damaged - the classroom uke was worth $1.50. After Pete smashed it - $1700!" 😂
  5. Research may have been a headache, but IMHO you've managed to nail it. Yamaha: secure buy, whether online or in shop. The cheapest one will serve you well (I suppose that is a TRBX-174). Ibanez: secure buy for the right models. Ask BC. IMHO, comparing with Yamaha, they were not competing with Yamaha at all for the cheapest models, but competitive from roughly 250 or 300 quid. Squier Affinity: have not tried one that I would actually buy, even when priced well over the cheapest Yamaha. Squier Vintage Modified offered some very nice basses, but had to be tried in person. Squier Classic Vibe long was a safe buy even online, but I now read that the new ones are less good - dunno how much less. I mention these more expensive ones because it should be easy for you to find a 200 quid used one that is a few years old. If you want to buy online, I'd say that from your list of brands, I'd buy a new Yamaha or a used mid-price Ibanez or Classic Vibe, but taking a fellow BC-er along to a shop would probably widen your possibilities. Good luck!
  6. That is very recognisable. I found it helped talking myself into a state of mind that is directed towards the future. There's a certain freedom to be had when the collector in me, or the completist for that matter, is not allowed to govern my actions. It helped when the money went to something else I felt was important, like certain books. Truth be told, after selling 15 basses, I don't really miss them, though admittedly a certain Neptune Blue StingRay crosses my mind every now and then, whilst my beloved Bongo Dargie Delight doesn't. Other people's mileage will vary.
  7. As an organ player, I stopped smuggling popular tunes into my improvisations during services at one specific point: a little child loudly sang along with the popular kids tune that was my contraband that day.
  8. From what I've read, the Chinese government officially recognises copyrights, but is not active in this, prioritising export revenue. Then there's the structure of production. Thousands upon thousands of little factories in the hinterlands that are moved to other unfindable places in those hinterlands as soon as they become wary of any pressure. Reportedly, one only has to move a few miles away from the East coast before being in the middle of this, but it's said the government does not have the overview or control. From own experience within Hi-Fi and kayaks, there's also an endless stream of info, plans, tools and copies of molds going between family and friends, this complicating the matter further.
  9. Reminds me of the yearly polls held in Holland when I was even younger. One year, the supergroup consisting of the "best" ones for each position was: Best singer: Jon Anderson Best guitar player: Steve Howe Best keyboard player: Rick Wakeman Best drummer: Bill Bruford I just wish I could remember who the best bass player was that year! 😂
  10. What a cheat, taking a 27-year head start. You just keep practising, and you'll be as good or better! 😉 Great story. Thanks for posting it.
  11. Yep. Essentially true, in that our gun/capita ratio is amongst the highest. Last year's statistics stated that Norway was on the 14th place globally, with 0,29 guns per private owner. The USA at that point had more than four times as many guns per private owner (1.20), and those guns were more dangerous. Here, it's all about hunting in your own forest, and you'd use different guns for elk, roe deer and fowl.
  12. Exactly. My firm IEM BassHanger Ltd. already have many orders coming in. Follow this space! 😁
  13. As any professional archer can tell you, only the arrow matters. The bow doesn't come into it at all. 😐
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