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  1. Bah. I always thought I liked you. Well, if I ever did, that's in the past now. BTW, what do I have to do to become a Grand Master? (asking for myself)
  2. Yeah, but, and IMHO: Through the centuries, music developed as one gained new, sometimes deeper, insights into what could constitute a composition. (In this it's funny Bach was considered conservative based on style whilst the listener didn't really appreciate the enormous developments he crafted.) Today's popular music, for the most part, I repeat: for the most part, is a confirmation of old findings and a repetition of what we've heard before. Yes, I'm aware inventive pop music does exist, but the core remains: if it is to be popular, it will have to confirm preconceived notions. In this, much of today's popular music essentially is not too different from medieval street songs or 19th century "Lieder". What sets most pop music apart, and which dates it, is sound.
  3. My guess would be this works in some countries and some circles. It certainly worked here, as relayed earlier: hundreds of sea kayaks sent with a mere plastic sheet around them, and only one damage.
  4. Route '86 It's a lame name proposal, but 80s tribute bands must have lame names. That's the law.
  5. Ovation. With this attitude, you'd be good enough for KeyboardChat! 😃
  6. Nothing outerworldly, but: - guitar with octave pedal of some description - electronic piano through Big Muff - pedal keyboard of electronic organ - piano (incidentally all in the same gig coz we were a trio without bass player) - electric piano - Casio toy ewi type instrument through pedal or synth - synth - flute through Korg MS-20 I'm sure there is more. Loved creating unexpected, weird sounds that I thought worked.
  7. Great post, Blue! Jut as a funny aside, the moving even goes for classical orchestras: Someone I know applied for the job as second flautist in the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Everything went well during all the auditions where candidates were playing behind a screen. The very last, visible, round made her fall through because of her being like a plank. It was explained to her: if something happens and the solo flautist can't play, the first flautist takes over. Then if something happens and the first flautist can't play either ...
  8. I post here even though I have nothing to say, just to support the thread: Love both bands.
  9. OMG! Uncanny how much you look like me! 😱 Here's me in a usual situation
  10. Correct. Originally it's the Slot Drive series, but due to a misunderstanding they now call this series the Pozidriv.
  11. OH NO! Not yet another guy from Zuidoostbeemster! We're virtually drowning in those here! 😁 Welkom, Maarten! Bert hier, met een achtergrond uit de kop van NH (Medemblik en Opperdoes). Hope you enjoy! b
  12. Morgan Freeman is from The Dark Knight (2008) The last pic is Spencer Elden himself.
  13. I appreciate your somewhat philosophical approach, but: To start, and for clarity's sake, my stance is not driven by hate for the mentioned writers or their branch of existentialism. I believe both Sartre and de Beauvoir were fantastic thinkers and writers, and I've also accepted some of their thinking. However, as to the theme at hand, we're talking about: - a cultural elite, - in the 1970s, - in an advanced Western society. IMHO this cultural elite totally lost it. I strongly disliked this back then, and still do. The knowledge and insight were out there for everyone to pick up - especially for a French cultural elite who were way more educated and well-read than I've ever been, and probably more intelligent as well. One just has to read the then available books on the subject. I did. They must have too. Ha! With my experience of elite circles in Paris in the 70s, I'd wager a guess these people would probably look at me as someone unable to produce coherent thought (yes, I know they actually haven't said that about me, but I stand by my notion). Yet they were adamant that young children had the ability to give informed consent. It's not rocket surgery. Sorry for the rant.
  14. These were the days that a-holes like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir signed the infamous letter about "love" relationships between adults and kids being OK, as again brought to the surface with the talk around the Vanessa Springora book. Ya know, raping is OK if you do it in a responsible manner...
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