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  1. Ha. Then imagine the look on the face of this very young female attendant in the record shop back in '69 or thereabouts, when this nerdy looking 12-year-old me, after having listened to one side of Yes' eponymous album answered her question: "Did you like that record?" with a disappointed: "Nah. They sing too much..."
  2. Officially licensed lyrics-deaf, me. Just telling in case @PaulWarning wants to tally all of this.
  3. Look at the picture, fer cryin' our loud! He's a wing/enginecompartment-holdtogetherer! ...and of course he dresses differently during winter flights.
  4. You're gonna reel in a line with an empty hook. @dave_bass5 has no time to argue; he's out leisure-driving the band van today.
  5. Ah! Mike Keneally, a great musician, and has some luvverly albums too. Also one of the loveliest blokes known to mankind. Acts like a normal human. Thanks for posting this link, steve-bbb!
  6. You could just cover your whole body (or rather, roughly 50% of it) with wide black stripes - for example at an angle of roughly 45 degrees. Huh? Not bass related enough? Hammond-Hammond might disagree...
  7. Love the roadworn look, me. Actually, as I'm an organ player by education, I tried to find me a nice 3-manual, 65-stop, road worn pipe organ, but sadly couldn't find one. To this day I can't understand the weird, prejudiced looks I got in every pipe organ builder's office. Sigh...
  8. Don't know the theory about this, but did read that the 1.2V was specifically chosen so as to compensate for the rechargeable batteries' ability to produce a high Amperage. This is done so the Wattage remains roughly the same. I'm sure I'm using the terms amateuristically here, and likely wrong, but also guess that one gets the idea. From what I read, you then wouldn't need 7.5 batteries normally speaking. Though: some gear indeed specifically demands one type, and the manual then warns against using the other.
  9. I've solved that with my BT SmartSwitch(TM). The BT SmartSwitch(TM) is built inside the jack. Just unplug your bass after rehearsal, and the BT SmartSwitch(TM) will automatically disengage the electrickery and, importantly, the battery! Yes, I'm a genius. Ad in Marketplace to follow.
  10. Well, on the other side of the spectrum, the old Korg OASYS cost like £8,000 when it was released, so what are you really comparing to? Me, I'd need quite some convincing before buying a Kurzweil after their history with crappy keybeds and impenetrable user interfaces. Not saying I can't be convinced - just that I need to be convinced. OTOH I'd have bought an original OASYS on the spot if I'd had the money at the time. Of course, these days one can buy a Fantom, Kronos or Motif for considerably less, but still. Is it worth £3,000? Probably. But as the market segment is tiny, it's bound to be somewhat overpriced, but not by that much. A Waldorf Quantum is more expensive than that. Haven't looked up its direct competitors, but feel secure they're not that far apart. To me personally, saying yay or nay would depend largely on the quality of the offered keybed, as the last time I bought a really good MIDI set, I paid £2,500 for the keyboard alone and £2,000 for the 19" synth module. That's £4,500 with only one synth engine and no workstation functionality. Totally worth it. IOW, I think it's all about reference frame.
  11. From what I understand - which is little - it's an artificial means of making it look nice. A nice bonus is it's partially seasoning the wood, making it stronger, harder and more stable too. 😉
  12. The Kinks: "Rats" The Beatles: "Blackbird" Ketil Bjørnstad: "Sommernatt ved fjorden" (not well-known, but still radio-friendly enough in the right version)
  13. OMG! 😱 George, Ringo and John is dead?
  14. Needs to be mentioned every so often. Luvverly stuff. I like Moonmadness and even Breathless a lot more than the one I'm commanded by other progsters to love: The Snow Goose.
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