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  1. BassTractor

    What pedal/effect is this.?

    Yes, and they play together very well. In the song's opening, I only heard one spot where there's a slight discrepancy between them (didn't listen to the rest). Quality. If one gets a Clavi-like sound from a Future Impact or other gear, then I think the whole segment can be played on the bass, and there's no need at all to suppress the bass during the parts that on the recording are played by the Clavi only. Me, I love this exact doubling, and had the song's opening on repeat. Luvverly.
  2. BassTractor

    What pedal/effect is this.?

    πŸ˜ƒ Coincidentally, the Clavinet has much of the same hollowness that a clarinet has. Much like a Renaissance regal, which, like the Clavinet, had a sharpness to it. BTW, I now understand this song is from the seventies, in which case I know of no instrument that emulated a Clavinet this well. IOW, this most probably is just an original Clavinet, and as said, with some filtering going on, and I agree with the dash of flanging @SteveK mentioned.
  3. BassTractor

    What pedal/effect is this.?

    Without any doubt a Hohner Clavinet or an instrument emulating it. Edit: Hehehe. Should teach me to learn to type. The above gentlemen are correct. 😁
  4. BassTractor

    Favourite bass colour

    A hollow Jazz with plexiglass top? Cool! ...and the police never find the stash you keep inside? Respec'!
  5. BassTractor

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Hadn't noticed before you said so, but they did indeed. As a result, I think it's safe to assume that: 1 - "Costumer Assistant" is correct too. IOW this is a luxury scheme that nobody should not apply for. 2 - They're not on BC. πŸ˜‰
  6. BassTractor

    (Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music - Merle Hazard

    Ah. That there Derek Bailey fellow who plays pretentious stuff just because he's unable to write anything of value? The Derek Bailey that Merle Hazard was able to look through in mere milliseconds? That Derek Bailey? 😁 Seriously though, IMS, Derek Bailey knows every style intimately, and can be asked to do just about anything. I hope I'm not mixing up with a different person of roughly his calibre, but if I do then the point still remains: When guys like him choose to make plink plonk screech music, more than anything else, it's their love for music that makes them choose that. They do not throw away their time on pretence or pretentiousness, and why should they... Merle Hazard made a unique and funny vid, and I love it. It really is in the dark to me who is being "spoofed" here, and I believe it's about having fun rather than making fun of. Hazard was being a bit sly with this one, and that's part of the charm for me. The underlying themes though, generally about taking the fun out of music and exchanging it with pretentiousness, while long-lived and probably eternal outside this particular vid (also here on BC), if taken seriously, are simply wrong. Guys like Bach, Webern, Penderecki and Bailey simply exchange simple fun with more demanding fun - fun for different humans with different reference frames and... dare I say it?... different abilities. Nothing wrong with that, even when enough pretenders do exist amongst composers, players and listeners alike.
  7. BassTractor

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Same here, and in my case there's a pattern I don't understand fully: - No trouble ever with classical musicians, who are famous for being difficult people. I'm one and I hate us. - No trouble ever with jazz musicians. - No trouble ever with ad hoc ensembles for many types of projects. - Only slight trouble in a multi-style "double band" (just some people not turning up for rehearsal) - Trouble in a few rock covers bands, and it was always just one person who should've been kicked out but wasn't because people were being way too nice and including and tolerating. Worst band mate ever: a three tone solo guitar player in a pop&rock covers band. Our soloist mainly because he could hardly play a chord. This was in a five or six person band with democracy and veto rights for some songs. Planning on entering originals as we were developing as band, with the goal of playing 50% originals. So far so good. Guitar Star kept nagging about that we should exclusively play The Shadows covers, and that, as he was the guitar solo star, we others all had to indulge. After all, when five or six people get together, Guitar Star automatically is the owner leader of the band, right? No reasoning with him had any effect, ever. People lost the will to live, but still were way too nice, and tried to keep him in the band when he threatened to leave. My head exploded. BTW, today, 35 years later, when I meet one of the band members, there is no chance they will not talk about Guitar Star's antics. When people on a bass forum ask about the worst band mate ever, there's no chance I can resist the urge to relay the story. Made an impression, he did.
  8. BassTractor

    What floats your boat?

    Grew up listening to Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, and from August 1963 tried to warn the grown-ups against that simplistic "She Loves You" music, strongly advising them to rather listen to the music of the greats. BUT WOULD THEY HEAR OF IT? 🀣 The rest of the story involves electronic classical music and other pretentious stuff before Prog opened the road to popular music in general, and Jaco and Stanley Clarke opened the road to all jazz for me. Long story short, my deep love for Ol' Atonal Music never diminished, but more and more stuff was added to it, and these days I'll listen to anything from traditional North Indian music to death metal to bluegrass to minimal music to opera to Goa trance to... Through many decades my record collection has seen a consistent ratio: 3 classical albums for every 2 prog albums and 1 jazz album, plus very few albums that are not in one of those three genres. My deepest, deepest love probably is for Bach and Penderecki, but if forced to choose just one style, I'd probably take no Bach to a desert island (just play it in my head), and maybe I'd leave the Penderecki at home too and just take all my prog albums instead.
  9. BassTractor

    (Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music - Merle Hazard

    πŸ˜ƒ Now THAT would be great, if true. I'm not bothered enough to play Webern's complete works (just 6 LPs IMS) in order to check, but I hope this is true. Must say I remain sceptical though.
  10. BassTractor

    (Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music - Merle Hazard

    Does everything sound wrong to you or just the atonal bits played on the banjo or just the bits that are not the banjo solo? πŸ˜ƒ Without studying the score, I'm convinced the banjo player just plays some random notes to illustrate (I know there's a better word) what "atonal music" is perceived to be by many. The rest of the song sounds all wrong to me personally for quite different reasons, and in my ears it's written either as a spoof of bluegrass* music, or written by someone unable to write a good song in that style. *) I'm using the term bluegrass without checking whether this song might fall into that category.
  11. BassTractor

    (Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music - Merle Hazard

    Am I deaf? I hear that as a whole step, but saw the same half step claim in the YT comments. But yeah, lovely spoofing, putting in the key change after a bit of Cage.
  12. BassTractor

    (Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music - Merle Hazard

    I think I get where you're coming from. To me, the first part is more annoying than anything else, but I stuck with it because of my source, and they took me with the "Ahaa" over the banjo, the producer and engineer dancing, the closing of the piano lid so as to perform some "atonal" Cage, and the "emotion is for simple folk; art should be arcane". BTW, I suppose this is just some innocent having fun. If they wanted to make fun of anyone, it's not the avant-garde that's the "victim" of the mockery here.
  13. BassTractor

    E BOOKS excuse my ignorence

    This is the last time I listen to your advice! 😑 ...and relax... Silver lining: already looking into buying a new Kindle and a new MP3 player.
  14. Now the song is as bland as they come, and I'm being very polite here, but I still liked this a lot. Enjoy!