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  1. BTW, and I apologise for the technical stuff in a fun discussion, but when I have a bass that is reluctant, three or four anti-clockwise turns on every screw in the neckplate always make it play like butter. Not like a dream though...
  2. Somefing wot I did...

    Looks terrible on that boy, but happily I'm a lot prettier than him, so I can probably wear it off.
  3. All the shops carry that stuff here in Norway. Here, the brand is called "I Can't Believe It's Not A Jazz!"
  4. Hehe. The thing is one doesn't even need to advertise them as playing like a dream. I recently sold 15 basses, and four of them were advertised with a warning about them NOT playing like a dream. The buyers confirmed that they knew what they were going to, and paid me the asking price, which was not lower than similar basses that did indeed play like a dream. I guess sometimes it's the specific design that's important, and other times it's the buyer's conviction he/she can do something about it. Also, being honest about these things saves you a lot of trouble afterwards, and it also makes the other ads more trustworthy. Win win.
  5. Somefing wot I did...

    Simply put, and choosing mild words carefully, this is just bloody fantastic. I also like its graphical style. I'd take one on A2 if the price is right. I'm aware printing on A2 is extremely expensive for you, and this is quite the project, but keep it below 300 quid, and I'm in. Also: a textless version would be best IMHO for graphical reasons as well as the buyer then being able to hang it on the wall in different angles. We could even be ultra cool and turn the portrait view upside down to make make-do lefties. Congrats!
  6. Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    Add to that that you're the first person who has been this positive about it. Everyone else was fumingraging.
  7. Squier Classic vibe p bass 70s

    What AnAnInginAneAnA said. Me, I haven't played the 70s P, but have owned 4 Classic Vibes, 2* 60s J and 2* 50s P, and except for one easily rectified detail on one of them, all were very impressive instruments and very good value for the money. Reportedly, they can be bought untested as to build quality in itself. Me, I'd lightly sand the neck if needed - initially with some oiled 1200 sandpaper, and than going to 600 or 300 if needed. Reportedly, two areas of potential are the pups and the tuners. Personally, I felt no need for those upgrades, but then I'm no bass guitar player.
  8. Basschat sticky notes!

    Hey! What are you doing, calling Silvia "Silvia"? As a BC member you are bound by the forum rules, and you have to call her "Sylvia"! Everyone else complies!
  9. IMHO profanity filters stem from a kind of philosophy that I strongly disagree with, to put it very, very mildly. I love your "tea under the pier ar Brighton" though.
  10. rock: Yes: Close to the Edge jazz: Miles Davis: beaches Brew ------- Edit: profanity filter at work! It's really B I T C H E S . B R E W Gazillions of other faves, but these two have a special place to me due to their place in my personal music history.
  11. Site Bugs - List them here

    May have found a bug that is not listed yet (i did a search, but did not read the whole thread). Scrolling through a thread, using the mouse wheel whilst the mouse pointer was at the right side of the screen, a post author's user name appeared as: [e-mail address suppressed] or similar. The user was called [email protected] if I remember correctly. I seem to remember that hovering the mouse pointer over the name then revealed the user name, after which it stayed there - also after more scrolling and hovering. Will report back if I see it again.
  12. Oh! Luvverly choice! Are you aware of the other two in the same series? In case, they're "Jazz på ryska" with Arne Domnérus and Georg Riedel, and "Jazz på ungerska" with Svend Asmussen. I think I remember loving two of the three mostly, but "Jazz på svenska" was the first and will remain a fave of sorts as it introduced me to that style. BTW, "svenska" means Swedish, "ryska" means Russian, and "ungerska" means Hungarian.
  13. I don't think so. Why would it be? To me it's more like: if you want to paint the Mona Lisa in Renaissance style, then it might be an idea to not use green for Lisa's skin tone.
  14. Ha! Parts of the tongue. I liked that, as I feel that it might be a perfect comparison as it says something about the physical sensitivities before you even talk about the psychological sensitivities - what one is used to, what is experienced as relevant etc. Consecutive fifths were physically a stomach-turning abomination to my ears when I was young. Then I started using them willingly and a lot - but in new music rather than the original baroque environment that had formed my sensitivities. Interestingly (to me at least), when heard in medieval and Renaissance music, they do not turn my stomach so much as invoke a little smile about the naïvité of old music. BTW, I lurv medieval and Renaissance music. But to this day, a melodic line 4 - 3 - 1 in a Major key, as heard in a lot of popular music, still turns my stomach, and though I wish to be open-minded, I never manage to free myself from the notion that the composer of those three notes should've avoided them with a vengeance (polite wording here ). Not to say I delete those songs from my iPod though.
  15. I hate you so much right now! Now I'll have to listen to the coddemn song!