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  1. Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    Bass --> combo. Job done. Best regards, Shep. . . .
  2. Extreme brilliance

    Disappointed. I really thought there finally was a thread about me.
  3. No godly cream, no 10cc.
  4. Moog Model D iOS app

    Great, and thanks for reporting. I guess you're right about the iPhone 6, as I have no latency with my iPad at all. Yes, polyphony is 4 notes, and if I understood correctly, can be switched on and off on a per preset basis. Have yet to check how polyphony and portamento work together in this app, but it's not an important aspect for me. The Odyssei IMHO is bloody great, as are the other Korg apps. I own a hardware Korg Odyssey too, and use the app more than the physical one - though this may change when all my hardware gets a fixed place in a setup. That said, I read some comments about the Odyssei being less attractive on phones. It has a lot of sliders and switches for a little screen. Similarly, I tend not to use my Moog Model 15 app on my iPad due to how "large" it is. YMMV.
  5. Moog Model D iOS app

    Well, at least Audiobus 2 accepts the Minimoog app as a sound source. My effects app has vanished, so I'll need do do some investigation. Don't even remember what it was called. At any rate, since Audiobus 2 accepts the Minimoog, it will work. Good stuff. I'd like to hear about your experience with it.
  6. Moog Model D iOS app

    Quatschmacher, as an update to my earlier post about the paraphernalia, I've now read that one is advised to buy the original Apple adapters - as the cheap alternatives can be finicky or won't even work at all. Also, there is also a camera adapter that has an input for a charger, at something like a tenner more. It's said to be a good investment, which I can imagine to be the case if one wants to play for some time. My guess is this is more important on iPhones than on iPads.
  7. Moog Model D iOS app

    Done. Twas a doddle with my M-Audio Keystation. Connected keyboard, in Settings chose MIDI and a list of possible sources came up. Immediately after I chose "Keystation 49 Port 1" as the source, the thing responded to my key presses. Nice detail was that moving the wheels or the volume knob on my Keystation resulted in movement of the corresponding Minimoog controls on the iPad screen. In some circumstances, visible feedback is good to have. Haven't had time to check whether I can pipeline the output through effects apps and the like. I guess that'll work too.
  8. Moog Model D iOS app

    Since you haven't received an answer from someone in the know, I'll have a go. This depends on the Apple unit and on the keyboard. From memory, so I may be wrong: - if your keyboard only has a 5-pin DIN output, you need an adapter with electronics inside that do the translation. This is the more expensive option. Several brands do them, but I've never delved into the subject. I know YT vids exist on these. - If your keyboard has a USB output for MIDI data, it's a piece of cake, and on older Apple gear you can use the USB-to-30pin adapter from the so-called Apple Camera Kit (which also contains an SD-card-to-30pin adapter), or in case of newer Apple gear you can use the USB-to-Lightning adapter that is sold separately - I seem to remember they call it Apple Camera Adapter, but am not sure. I gather cheaper alternatives exist but one gets the Apple versions for 20 or 30 quid. No, I didn't see it does MIDI over Bluetooth. That's nice - - not that I have experience with it, mind. Personally, I try to avoid it, as in our situation, Bluetooth tends to interfere with our Wi-Fi, effectively making it impossible for one computer to be on the web whilst another unit uses Bluetooth.
  9. Moog Model D iOS app

    That's a great idea! Hadn't thought of that, and I do plan to buy the Behringer clone anyway. Incidentally had 3.5K money units available recently and did see a Moog in stock here, but decided that love =/= sensible. I'll try and hook up my MIDI keyboard tomorrow and see what happens. In case I do, I'll report back.
  10. Moog Model D iOS app

    Reportedly, Moog weren't that happy with the Behringer Model D clone, and therefore decided to offer this app. Idunno, but version 1.0.1, which was released an hour or so ago, still seems slightly unfinished. First impression is it does sound stellar though, so I'm very happy with it. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Counting Chickens

    Classic! There is or was also a version without any text, which I thought to be even funnier.
  12. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    This may very well be a not-very-British thing to do (if the rumours about Britishness are true), but how about "mirroring" (see caveat)? With an open attitude and in a friendly voice, one speaks: "When you <do this or that>, that comes across as <this or that>. Is that your intention?" Then, when the seller is of good will, one will often see a dramatic change in attitude. In other cases, one could either speak to their boss or just leave. To me personally, this is about accepting that people have off days, and about giving someone another chance. Some sellers will tackle the new situation whilst others will not. Caveat: I learned about mirroring when working in child protection services - in part as a family therapist. It may well be looked down upon in other circles. I really wouldn't know.
  13. History Of The Fairlight CMI

    True dat. The three top music colleges in The Netherlands had to work very, very hard to finally buy one as a shared investment. The irony was that none of those three had a department for electronic music, and the thing was hardly used during my days (until '84). These days, if you have an iPad, you can get the CMI app with most of its functionality, and that app will set you back a few tenners.
  14. History Of The Fairlight CMI

    Fairlight CMI, the bobbin lace of synthesis and electronic music making! 35 years ago, I hated that suicide-inducing thing with a vengeance, but I was saved by my love for a pretty Norse girl. Today, I think I'll rather go back to the CMI.
  15. Folks, get yer lazy derrières over to that sales thread, and start ordering. It's a wonderful little poster indeed, printed on good, thick and stiff paper. I'm now a very proud owner of two of them (one vertical and one horizontal), and I really wasn't kidding when I mentioned my Picasso and my Dali and compared this to those in a favourable way... Er... yes, I was kidding, but at least I wasn't lying. Now buy this thing.