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  1. @Swaffle88, have you narrowed it down or bought something? Any chance of you sharing your experiences and newfound insights with the community?
  2. Mostly listening to my head these days. That head contains existing music and makes new music every day. Works for me. Love the iPod integration in the car though. Luvverly trips.
  3. Ah. Don't be so non-inventive with yer... knowledge and.. er... stuff! The guy was being inventive. He invented the Dunning-Kruger scale! 😁
  4. Love his work. Someone on BC called him something like "a smith of harmonic development" (though probably better worded). I liked that. RIP, Tim.
  5. Well, Cash Generator in Rutherglen (also near Glasgow) are short of one...
  6. When, as an old, bald, fat bloke, I enter the nail shop and ask them to do my long nails, nobody lifts an eyelid. I think my high heels and summer gown do this. Just a helpful hint.
  7. Yup. Had two of these, and it wasn't funny in the least. Real bass players always trying my CV 50s P basses against my San Luis Obispo StingRays and Bongos and going: "WOW! I'm sooo impressed with those Squiers!", and me trying: "Hey man, I spent 3,000 quid on that lim.ed. Music Man", and they: "Yeah, but those Squiers!", and me: "Yeah, but..." 😐 IMHO: seriously secure buys, but not specifically lightweight - just average.
  8. and here's one for you but I feel slightly less liberated now😨

    1. BassTractor


      Aye, the liberation is starting to wear off, and in addition I have no flaming clue as to what the concept and purpose of this functionality might be. Sigh. Getting old.

    2. SpondonBassed


      Try burning your y-fronts on the steps of your local magistrate's* for a truly liberating feeling.

      *May lead to arrest, incarceration and subsequent patronage by large sweaty lags.

  9. Here's a PM. I feel liberated. 

  10. After "Two Weeks in Spain", we need some antidote: 😊
  11. Innit. The whole thing originated in the On-Reflection e-mail list. We started to organise gatherings roughly 25 years ago, after an attempt at a reunion, and the band members became interested in this 20 years ago. Part of the success is in people most of the time not behaving like fans but like adults. Most of the time. 🙂 Amongst the regular fans are some professional musicians, but AFAIK there were no rehearsals, and no interaction about timing. I gather everyone just played along to a CD and sent the vid.
  12. Can't we just all call that number and ask them to not do this? I'm sure they're kind and considerate.
  13. Gentle Giant reunited of sorts forty years after disbanding, in that seven of its eight past members contributed to a fan initiative where a 100 or so people sent in a vid of themselves playing "Proclamation", and Noah Shulman (son of GG member Derek Shulman) edited those into one vid. I'd say: awesome within its scope and limitations. article with video: https://www.loudersound.com/news/gentle-giant-premiere-fan-video-of-proclamation video only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYjFP8gildU
  14. Have you contemplated building them yourself? Many moons ago I saw a DIY project on ze innerwebz, and guess there's a lot of it about these days. Some building experience and some soldering experience, and it should be a fairly simple and cheap project.
  15. Bought 4 or 5 basses on eBay, all from existing shops that sell through there. Some of these basses cost nearly 3,000 quid. All deals were perfect. In this I've assumed the shop is not nearly broke, and will still be there when there's a warranty issue. Back then I'd not throw 3,000 quid towards a person I don't know. Their feedback might have been carefully built up just to scam their last customer. Though of course these days PayPal protection is my friend (and making some buyers the scammers).
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