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  1. BassTractor

    Imposter Sydrome

    Thanks! Couldn't report back earlier, but my black metal band Morhn Tormentum now start together, stop together, and smile together. Success! 😉
  2. BassTractor

    Imposter Sydrome

    Sounds much like me when I was called to do a blues gig. I'd only played Penderecki, Stockhausen and Xenakis for decades, and suddenly have to play a 12-bar blues? Totally out of my depths. We'd always just done whatever the eff we liked. Couldn't even count to 12 !
  3. BassTractor

    Lightbulb joke...

    Aye, it's more like short drones innit. Also, most of the time these people have never learnt to play the organ pedals at a professional level, and they tend to keep it simple - mostly using one foot only. That said, on many organs, especially from the seventies and later, it was perfectly possible for the organ to produce bass-resembling sounds, but of course the organ players still were no bass players.
  4. BassTractor

    Imposter Sydrome

    Yes. I have the syndrome. Officially. Something about being a perfectionist and when I know, I put a comma in the wrong spot, I keep having this expectation of being found out. 😉 The following however is not the syndrome: Depping as a pianist for jazz bands, often with minutes or a few hours of notice, just because they were desperate enough and because I was available and had the gear, I always was the worst guy on stage. This after I'd agreed with them that a sax player or similar would have to play instead of the expected piano solo. Of course they always forgot, and when it was time for the piano solo, they all gave me the look, and I gave them the look whilst playing just the chords. Worked a treat: sometimes, someone would remember and get some solo notes in before the eight bars were finished! 😁
  5. BassTractor

    too sensitive or not

    Hehehe. The Finnish genes have smitten you! But now you're back in polite UK, and in polite UK, one simply doesn't do that. No, in polite UK, one shoves his guitar up his aahrse.
  6. BassTractor

    Moog One polysynth

    This vid demos the built in sound/sequence combinations that the poster found. I think this vid amongst many others demonstrate that this is a beast indeed. Again, probably not for me, but that's about what I need from a synth, not about whether this is a good one.
  7. BassTractor

    Possible scam?

    Personally, I have very good experience with responding kindly, politely and with humour, pointing out to them that there's a worrying pattern, and asking them to see it from my side if they can. IME, genuine customers will see and admit this, and do something reassuring. YMMV.
  8. BassTractor

    Band versus Bassist

    Grating Dad? 😁
  9. BassTractor

    Ebay buyer low feedback

    What BRX says, with the addition that if their login name has changed several times, that would set off some alarm bells in my head coz people can get eBay to delete bad feedback in some (many?) cases - - even though of course the received feedback still stays with them to some degree Their profile --> See all Feedback --> View ID history
  10. BassTractor

    I Have GAS For...

    Non-bass gear? Nah. I've never lusted for anything outside the bass realm... ...if you disregard my lust for pianos, drum sets, African drums, electric and acoustic guitars, flutes, saxophones, violins, synthesizers, electric pianos, digital pianos and electronic organs. It shouldn't be mentioned, but I own or have owned all of them, and right now lust for a Minimoog and a Waldorf Quantum. But no, not really! 😂
  11. BassTractor

    Anyone been to Prague....

    I did want to write something about that, but was searching for words. Thanks for posting something that has to be mentioned. IME it was 50% of the people, and when I asked several of the friendly ones about it, they unanimously said that the rudeness is a city thing as well as a remnant from their communist past. I can't possibly evaluate this, but did seem to notice certain patterns so one could guess beforehand whether a person would be rude or friendly from the way they appeared visually. Several times, Czech people would warn us about other Czech people, like the waiter in a famous beer cellar warning us about the guy behind the beer counter. Prague is the only place I ever experienced something like that. BTW, the beer counter guy was indeed one of the most fanatically unfriendly people I've encountered in 62 years. Indeed, as Pawel says: don't be bothered if somebody is really unpleasant.
  12. BassTractor

    Anyone been to Prague....

    In Havelska, there's an Italian restaurant called Corto Maltese, and when we were there, the walls were covered with artwork from the Corto Maltese albums by Hugo Pratt. Not for everyone, I'm sure, but as a Hugo Pratt fan, I loved it. We ate there several times. BTW the Corto Maltese hotel is probably best avoided. Cheap though. Edit: the hotel is now updated, I find, and gets good feedback on tripadvisor and the like. In that case, I think it's well situated for starting walks. Also the restaurant seems updated 🙂, and the Muriels (😁) removed. 😢 The tourist shops also sell remakes of the famous and ultra-cool (post-)WW1 Communist Army pointy woollen winter hats called Budenovka, Budyonovka, Bogatyrka or Frunzenka in a great filt version. IMS, this hat is featured in "Corto Maltese in Siberia". Again, not for everyone, but I loved it.
  13. BassTractor

    Anyone been to Prague....

    Yes indeed! Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt just behind the church that you see the two fabulous towers of when you stand near the famous clock or on the town square. In the mean time I found the jazz club I mentioned above. It's Agharta (AghaRTA) situated at Železná 16 just a few minutes South of the town square.
  14. BassTractor

    Anyone been to Prague....

    Aye, but just 50m down from the sex machine museum, there are two veggie restaurants. One is visible from the street, "Country Life" on the right, and for the other, I think one needs to enter one of these porches that lead to several shops and the like. Just besides the one marked "Country Life" probably. Not sure though. If one likes jazz, Prague spawns several jazz clubs with a lot of activity. At least one of them spawns a jazz CD shop that is open while gigs last. I'll try and dig it up later this evening. If you want to buy typical Czech/tourist stuff, it's the old adage of: the closer to the town centre, the higher the prices and the more likely you'll be offered bad quality if the price isn't very high. Walking away from the famous clock, we saw prices lowering gradually, whilst also the number of shops went down. The market at Havelská wasn't the worst, BTW, and I bought some stuff there as shops were harder to find further away. It was a compromise: we only had a few days, so didn't get to know the city well enough.
  15. BassTractor

    Moog One polysynth

    Doesn't it now. Purposely, of course. The Memorymoog was "cet obscur objet du désir" for us young uns, but I've never even seen one IMS.