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  1. Watching people on the telly do stuff they shouldn't be doing right now! ...before realising that it ain't live. I find my psychological response to the situation - a new thinking mode as it were - amusing. Other than that, it's long walks and social distancing and trying to cope rationally - a bit hard when my b-i-l is expected to die and my mom's old and in several health risk groups, and I can't travel to them.
  2. Dunno about the app, which may need some delving into, but the handheld is still a phrase synth that will repeat the phrases you've previously added. Whilst I think it's great fun, and I used one as a train companion for years, it's probably too limited to give enduring fun. Still, here's what I think is a great example of what the original handheld can do:
  3. Ah, but then yours were made out of the shells. Some however are made out of the beaks. They tend to snap.
  4. Oh! Found the very gig that drew me to them. Love the style, love the compositions, love the sound, and especially love the musicianship of all three. As a keyboard guy myself, I love this key guy's output. Very fitting live.
  5. I notice with pleasure that editing this version - - move up one (1) "NOT" and lengthen one (1) arrow with standard red in regular width - - is even less work than editing your first version . I take for granted that you were thinking of the work involved for me when designing your last, stellar, version. I appreciate this and I thank you.
  6. Sigh... ...and, finally-but-better-late-than-never, the correct version: 😉
  7. Incidentally mentioned specifically by Ellen Andrea Wang as an important inspiration to her. 🙂
  8. Ellen Andrea Wang of the Ellen Andrea Wang Trio - some kind of crossover jazz with tendencies towards rough synth sounds, minimalism, Pat Metheny, pretty vocal melodies and probably a lot more. Have yet to delve into their output, but am pretty impressed so far, and here are some examples: From their album Blank Out: Here a Still-Life (Talking) vibe from their album Diving :
  9. We called her "BJ Barbie"... ...after she swapped hair with Boris. Sorry. Carry on.
  10. It's now well over a day later, and I'm still laughing. So true.
  11. Indeed. Very much so. I've liked it worded as "Anything to the left of Der Stürmer is communist propaganda".
  12. OK enough in my former prog band, but probably not adequate for most punk bands.
  13. Well, that U and that M seem to have a good time... and they're getting a lot of exposure too!
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