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  1. Some luvverly stuff, IMO: King Crimson: Vrooom, the version off Thrak
  2. Delaney Davidson from New Zealand, a guy with feet planted in several fields - including Americana, country, blues, folk, alternative - sometimes with a Tom Waits vibe. Here are two rather different versions of the same song, the first from his Self-Decapitation solo album, and the second from a collaboration with Marlon Williams, from Sad But True, Vol. 3.
  3. Whatever page you are on, click on "Home" in the top left, then scroll down to the black bannered section "Basschat Marketplace". Once arrived there, scroll some further and you will find the forum "Items Wanted (NO TRADES)". It's there.
  4. This. Well said! I'd rather say that's the "non-musician" problem right there, though we probably fully agree in this. There exists a class of people generating sound who seem to not be about conveying musical ideas with musicality, and it's always been my feeling they're probably more about impressing other people... or trying to. It's back to the old adage of "chops is just the tool that gives you freedom - nothing else". As a point in case (not of the impressing bit but of the chops vs music bit), in college "everyone" in our keyboards department would play Keith Emerson or Jimmy Smith stuff technically a lot better than Emerson or Smith ever did. None of us were Emerson or Smith though. Happily we were aware.
  5. To my mind there's a misunderstanding going on in this thread, but I'll be happy to be corrected in this: Your cold drying room wall(s) introducing condensation and mold is not the same thing as your warm bass gear getting moist. That's why I said to keep the bass gear normally warm through keeping the room warm. If you follow the measurements from your living room hygrometer, in many houses you'll see that the moisture range is enormous. BTW, much of all my paperwork is in my bathroom (where there's space). Not a problem, but then I keep that room warm and ventilated 24/7/52.14.
  6. You look right through me. πŸ˜ƒ That's the very one I found before wording my post.
  7. Have you tried moving to a £2M nine bedroom North Yorkshire Dales manor with separate bass room and drying room? Might be an idea. 😐
  8. Yup. Sorry for being unclear. I've edited my point several times without noticing that.
  9. You might be lucky. Normally one says roughly 50% humidity is good (40 - 60), but I've seen a piano maker demand 65%. Many living rooms (often used to keep gear) spawn a much varying humidity that might sometimes fall below 20%, which is way too low and actually doing damage (though humidity shifts are the really dangerous part). So the question is how moist the drying room gets, and it's my guess you may be pleasantly surprised. Effective drying means exchanging the air, so without calculating or looking it up, I'd be surprised if the room goes above 75%. A hygrometer shouldn't be too expensive. What you do not want is an ice-cold room where any moisture condensates on your ice-cold musical gear. Keep it normally warm.
  10. The eight sympathetic strings one octave up are on the body, you see. He knows what he's doing, and neither do I.
  11. Oh, and a friend and neighbour of mine had a "Zoolook" misprint with the wrong music. She hated the album, but refused to believe me when I told her it has the wrong music. Last time, she said: "it's digital, so can't be wrong". Yes, me too.
  12. Disregarding the Lim.Ed. stuff that deliberately was released in 250 copies and similar, I think my claim to fame is in an Elvis Presley misprint that contained the music to an AC/DC live bootleg. At the CD factory, this misprint was found out about, and the whole batch was thrown in the For Destruction bin. However, one of the workers there regularly grabbed stuff from that bin, and took it home to share with his brother, who's a friend of mine... So now I own an ultra rare item that one of the most famous Elvis collectors stated he'd never even heard of. Also, it's the best CD to play when grandma visits: "I've got some Elvis, grandmother. You wanna hear it?"
  13. Aw. Didn't think of that. My bad. ☹️ Did you have tea today? (We're getting there! πŸ˜ƒ)
  14. @Richard R, how are you doing? Answer this, and you're only 73 or 573 posts away! 😁 PS Answer it here in General Discussion. Do not ( I repeat: DO NOT ) use the Off Topic forum.
  15. I think that if your Watts vs post rating is low, you probably have written considerate, well-reasoned, wise posts. If it's high, you've posted one or two Bad Jokes in appropriate threads. 😁
  16. Not the way to do it. Way to do it: play whilst lying in your bed, under a duvet. Summer duvet for brighter sound, winter duvet for mellower sound. At least that's how I did it. Garage was occupied by a means of transportation, and it was cold as well. 😁
  17. Yes, really. That's my Peavey Tracer - I think a Tracer II - bought from my nephew coz I'm such a cool maddafakka dad rocker! 😁 It's now with its original owner, and I guess I'll never get it back. Good thing though, a real musical instrument - not a toy. Also got these: Yamaha GL1 guitalele (guitar tuning but a fourth up) Martin LX 1E semi-parlour with steel strings Camps NAC-1 thin-bodied classical Sorry for messy pic:
  18. They said it, and I want to join in with the choir: you bloody nailed it, Knicknack. Wonderful timing and wonderful patches (and I just love bringing in an appeal-to-authority argument in that I'm a keyboard guy who taught synths 'n' stuff at music college once, just so you get the idea it ain't meant as idle words).
  19. - "I am more musical than you are." 😐
  20. Watching people on the telly do stuff they shouldn't be doing right now! ...before realising that it ain't live. I find my psychological response to the situation - a new thinking mode as it were - amusing. Other than that, it's long walks and social distancing and trying to cope rationally - a bit hard when my b-i-l is expected to die and my mom's old and in several health risk groups, and I can't travel to them.
  21. Dunno about the app, which may need some delving into, but the handheld is still a phrase synth that will repeat the phrases you've previously added. Whilst I think it's great fun, and I used one as a train companion for years, it's probably too limited to give enduring fun. Still, here's what I think is a great example of what the original handheld can do:
  22. Ah, but then yours were made out of the shells. Some however are made out of the beaks. They tend to snap.
  23. Oh! Found the very gig that drew me to them. Love the style, love the compositions, love the sound, and especially love the musicianship of all three. As a keyboard guy myself, I love this key guy's output. Very fitting live.
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