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  1. I've just recently acquired one of these (MK 2 version) off basschat and it is absolutely epic. I use it with a couple of super compacts in rehearsals and it sounds warm, punchy, slightly compressed and loud. It will of course do other things too. Great price too...GLWTS bud!
  2. Very, very nice.......once played one similar in the late 70's, all aluminum neck and a little neck heavy... GLWTS
  3. Purchased an Orange Terror 500 MK2 in absolutely brand new condition with tags, gig bag, box etc. Arrived in perfect condition next day after posting it. Many thanks for a really great deal Phil, I'm super happy with it. Phil is one of the good and genuine guys on this forum,....buy with complete confidence!
  4. A Mesa Subway D800 in as new condition...........although I'm waiting on something else at the moment.
  5. Loving it that you've drilled holes in the side of a flight case that has rubber flanges in each lid to keep moisture out😂
  6. Had one of these for a short while back in the day. Super loud but blew the speaker during a gig. No PA back up in those days so went through our guitarists marshal......he always said his set up never sounded the same again lol!
  7. A great student bass....wont be here long at that price.
  8. That's a brilliant photo mate. A fantastic looking bass......what bass rig are you going through?? I can't make it out in the picture. I'm loving the old school metal chairs in the background lol.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. WOW, always gassed after one of these babies.....my mate had the guitar version. GLWTS, someone is going to be very happy!
  11. WOWZA...........This is what I call a proper bass rig.....unfortunately my back can't say the same!
  12. Still around????.............unbelievable Jeff !
  13. I can't see me playing Night Fever with my band using this bass!....GLWTS though.
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