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  1. That's interesting, I was a frequent visitor to Music Ground in Doncaster but much preferred Electro music as I always found the guys in MG to be a bit stand off'ish if you weren't buying anything. Never really got into HH stuff but the bands I saw using them it always sounded really good gear. The bass player/singer in the local band Radiation always played through HH stuff. I had a very trusty Orange amp through a Wilsic Sound 4x12 cab back in the day and it sounded immense! Wilsic Sound and Electro were both on Copley Road in Doncaster and it was in Wilsic Sound around 1973 that I first heard a Moog...the guy demonstrated the sounds you could get and as a young kid just blew me away. Are you local to Doncaster? What band were you in?
  2. I beg your pardon, he uses a Zoom B3.. Your absolutely right mate, it would be just be greedy keeping them both LOL. I bet the BB2 is equally as awesome as the compact..the whole range are sooooo good. Anyway, hope we all get back to doing what we love at some point in the new year👍
  3. Thanks mate, really appreciate another Bass player's opinion. Yeah the sax adds something different. He puts it through a Boss multi effect pedal and layers it and it really fills everything out and is great for the soul/motown/northern soul/funk stuff we do. The live recording was done through a line 6 wireless/bluetooth mixing desk and are really versatile.I would recommend them to anyone playing live because you have so much control with virtual stages etc. May I ask why you are selling such a wonderful cab?..and so cheaply? I paid £1500 for my pair with covers, but worth every penny. I will never part with them. GLWTS bud, all the best!
  4. Sorry, no YT clips of the current line up of 3 years, but here's a few tasters of our 1st spot. My rack consists of my very old and trusty Korg tuner, a Sansamp VTR pre, and a Crown 1002 power amp......seems to work really well with the BF cabs.....I just love em! 👍 Knock Mix 1 - 07_06_2020, 09.59 mp3.zip 6345789 Mix 1 - 07_06_2020, 10.25 mp3.zip Letter mix 1 - 07_06_2020, 10.58 mp3.zip Vehicle mix 3 - 18_05_2020, 11.56 mp3.zip
  5. Note to self...read the bloody advert properly...you are in Nolfolk !

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Note to @Woody1957 - you are using ‘status updates’ instead of messaging the person directly.

  6. Hi mate, what condition is the amp in and where are you based?

    Thanks Steve

    1. Dood


      Hi Steve, very good condition, excellent even! Yup, as per your other post, I am just south of Norwich for collection though postage is an option too if you wish to set that up.

    2. Woody1957


      Thanks for the info mate......I'm pondering on a couple of things cheers.


  7. I've got 2 of these babies and they sound awesome....completely knocks the socks off my old 4x 10's Trace cabs. GLWTS, bargain price!
  8. WOW Respect mate....after 45 years of playing in band I wouldn't have a scooby doo how to play that!!👍
  9. Hi, does it come with a case?
  10. A lovely, lovely piece of kit mate. I use a Keeley these days but if I still had my rack one of these would definitely be in it. GLWTS !
  11. Just to clarify are they 8 or 4 ohms each please?
  12. Very, very very very nice cabs indeed!!! Sooooo tempted...
  13. I would have walked over broken glass for one of these back in the day. I bet it sounds immense, GLWTS bud!
  14. Roadie,....did you pack my crane...... Seriously, what a setup!!
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