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  1. Bet you needed your own transit van and a team of specially trained roadies to lift that lot mate.....must have looked awesome on stage though. Did you manage to fit anyone else on stage?
  2. Hi Martyn, thank you for your interest but I would prefer to sell them together. Cheers, Steve
  3. Looking through this fabulously resurrected thread, it's amazed me how many people made their own cabs and how many people bought and played through an 18" speaker. As I said in an earlier thread, I made my own cab and covered it in black vinyl when I was just 16 mainly out of necessity because I couldn't afford a factory made one. I loaded it with an 18" Goodmans after reading in the brochure that it was perfect for Organ and fairground applications. Just hilarious when I look back though
  4. I had a Selmer Treble and Bass 50 bought from Wilsic Sounds in Doncaster for £70 and I also made my own cabinet and put a 100w 18" Goodmans speaker in it......sounded great but not very loud.
  5. Brilliant amps ......when working. Mine, which I bought second hand in Doncaster in the mid 70's caught fire on stage and we had to stop mid song to put it out. Have to totally agree with Musky, Carlsboro bass amps were a waste of solder, wood and wiring!!!!
  6. This is exactly my set up mate but using the VT version rack and it sounds absolutely awesome through 2 x super compacts....and all super light and powerful too
  7. Back up for sale are my pair of German made Warwick cabs I purchased brand new from Electromusic in Doncaster. I have gigged with them ever since and have never missed a beat and have been absolutely reliable. These cabs are both 300 watts and are both 8 ohms each. I have used them with a variety of amps over the years, Ampeg/Orange/Mesa/Trace Elliot and currently a Gallien Kruger MB 800 fusion. Both cabs are in very good condition for their age. I still have the yellow Warwick logos for both cabs but never stuck them on the front of the grills as I liked the look of them without. The dimensions are - Top Cab 2x8 speaker is 21 wide, 13.5 deep, 14 High. Bottom Cab 1x15 speaker is 21 wide, 13.5 deep and 21 high. They are both very portable and easy to handle. Pick up only and cash or Paypal with you paying the charges please.
  8. Can't believe these are still lurking around. A pair of fantastic sounding, portable cabs for less than £300.....
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