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  1. Nice cab and a good price.....where did you get your lamps from? My missus caught me looking at your cab and noticed them lol.
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  3. Oh man,..........I've had two barefaced 1x12 cabs for a couple of years now and they are a revelation...lighter than a tray of coffee cups and sound great....try em..you'll never go back to having a couple of lumps in your throat that aren't your tonsils.......PS, you're a brave man admitting to the stingray thing lol
  4. The one thing I remember back in the 70's when I started playing was everything was heavy and never really sounded clear or loud enough unless you were lucky enough to own Ampeg or Acoustic stuff. I played through various amps of the day including Selmer Treble/bass, Elgen (caught fire on stage lol) and Orange but bar far the worse by a country mile was the Carlsbro Stingray..anyone have experience of this one? These days we are absolutely spoilt for choice with all kinds of really top line amps and cabs that sound great and weigh nothing. Mind you for anyone who started playing in the 70's its a godsend having this type of equipment.
  5. My cream one cost a bit more brand new in 1973...my Mum bought it for me on HP at 75p per week from a store in Doncaster. Around the same time she also bought me a Dallas Arbiter Slider amp with little slider controls on top....not very loud and certainly not loud enough to hear above a drummer. I totally blame my dear late Ma for all the the thousands of pounds I've spent on the bass gear in the following 45 years. GLWTS mate, you've brought back some happy memories.
  6. I think there was another manufacturer called Zenta with a bass that looked exactly the same...anyone remember them?
  7. My first bass...mine was a blonde one though. GLWTS
  8. I am now the proud owner of an absolutely stunningly gorgeous and fantastically sounding 1971 Jazz bass that Si had for sale recently. May I say Si that you are a really great guy to deal with, honest, genuine and a pleasure to do business with. Can't thank you enough. Steve
  9. Thanks Spyder...they are excellent sounding and very portable. Totally surprised they haven't been snapped up by some savvy bassist
  10. So do I....got the same on my Stringray....looks great
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