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  1. I think the models are 115 XT and 208 XTT.....the plate on the back of each cab isn't very clear...I'm sorry that's all I can tell you
  2. This is the Warwick catalogue I found on-line which feature my cabs. The first 2 are the ones I'm selling. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  3. This is my GK MB fusion 800, if you are looking at my ad you know how absolutely fabulous these amps are. It is barely 18 months old and its only been used a handful of times as I now only use in ear monitoring on stage. It comes fitted with GK rack ears, housed in the latest 3U SKB case. Both are in excellent condition. It comes with channel footswitch (un-used) and GK instruction manual. This is what the GK people say about this set up - A gigantic 800 watts of power in a head so compact it'll slot right into your gig bag Extensive tonal controls for shaping your perfect bass sound Iconic valve tone thanks to three 12AX7 tubes Your last ever bass head - you won't need another Terrific tube tone - no matter your style. The Gallien Krueger MB Fusion 800 Hybrid Bass Amp Head has been expertly designed to ensure you're always able to access the sound you want. With three 12AX7 tubes, you get the classic warmth and fullness of tone that only valves can deliver. These qualities can only enhance your music - whether you're playing rock, metal, jazz, funk, or wherever your own unique sound takes you. It's loaded with a wealth of features - everything you need in one box. Active 4-band EQ, contour control, two gain channels, and tuning mute function all make the Fusion perfect for the stage. It's explosively powerful, too. 800 watts of power will let you blast home every single note. And best of all? It's light. Really light. Weighing in at only 2 KG, it's also super-compact and will slide easily into your gig bag. Let GK change the way you perform - for the better. These amps retail for well over £900 and with the flight case costing £150 someone is going to grab a fantastic bargain. Cash or pay pal please. Delivery cost negotiable. Thank you for looking.
  4. The 1 x 15 cab weighs 20kg approx. and the 2 x 8 cab weighs 18kg. Sorry for the confusion....I originally put them on the wife's scales and they always read lighter
  5. Thanks for the offer, but it would be a shame to split them so selling them as a pair.
  6. Doesn't anyone want this powerful, great little rig. Highly portable and in great condition. If you want to pay £100's of pounds on a 1x 12 that's your choice, but you cant go wrong with this rig !!
  7. Bet you needed your own transit van and a team of specially trained roadies to lift that lot mate.....must have looked awesome on stage though. Did you manage to fit anyone else on stage?
  8. Hi Martyn, thank you for your interest but I would prefer to sell them together. Cheers, Steve
  9. Looking through this fabulously resurrected thread, it's amazed me how many people made their own cabs and how many people bought and played through an 18" speaker. As I said in an earlier thread, I made my own cab and covered it in black vinyl when I was just 16 mainly out of necessity because I couldn't afford a factory made one. I loaded it with an 18" Goodmans after reading in the brochure that it was perfect for Organ and fairground applications. Just hilarious when I look back though
  10. The 1 x 15 cab weighs 20kg approx. and the 2 x 8 cab weighs 18kg. Sorry for the confusion....I originally put them on the wife's scales and they always read lighter
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