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  1. I am looking for a 14" snare drum rim--no hoop just the metal rim--any condition. If you have one you don't need send me a PM. Photo with price--to include postage. Thanks. .
  2. Mandolin magnetic pickup wanted. PM me with details.
  3. Selling my Boss 'Acoustic Simulator AC-2' foot pedal. Used condition. £40 posted. PM me.
  4. Great topic and answers guys. I am thinking of going down the mic route--for my ears the best sound to get from the DB is the mic. I agree with 'Fretless'------'Double bass, the way to madness and poverty'. To add to this I also play banjo & guitar---triple madness and poverty----------------------------------------------
  5. I want to blend 2 separate pickups on a double bass. I have an amp which has 2 separate channels--each channel having their own controls. Question is: a) Is it a good idea to plug the 2 separate pickups into the 2 separate amp channels-- or b) Purchase a blender and plug the pickups into that? Would both a) & b) do the same job? Ps--Electrics not my thing!
  6. Small cymbals wanted. 8" and under. Any condition. Also wooden 'skulls' as used mostly by 1920's drummers. Cow Bells / Wood blocks PM me with pics /details if you have.
  7. Anybody a set of Gut Strings for sale? If so send me a PM with details & price. Many thanks.
  8. Set of gut strings for double bass wanted. PM me with details if you have.
  9. Looking for plain GD and wound AE gut stings to buy. In good condition. What have you? PM me with details. Thanks.
  10. Hi Marvin Did you sell those 2 sets of Thomastic 'Belcantos' DB strings advertised in May? gypsyjazzer
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. Hi 'K'---How old were the secondhand gut strings when you bought them? Good tone on your bass? Hi Dan--- Like you I have tried two different sets of Innovation strings. I should imagine that they are probably near the gut sound--(Never heard a live DB with guts on though. ) I found Innovation strings quite a good sound--easy to play--but peg winding issues--the windings tend to fray if you put them on another bass--and they do not hold their tuning to well. Do gut strings hold their tuning like metal strings? Do all makes of synthetic strings have tuning issues? Call me 'Old Fashioned' but for me gut is the way to go!.
  12. Two questions regarding gut strings: a) Would you buy a secondhand set of gut strings? Lack of tone? To worn? b) Interesting question: Anybody tried gut strings on an EUB?
  13. Ehrlund pickup wanted. PM me-with price.
  14. I am looking for small cymbals--9" / 7" / 6" cymbals . Cow bells / Wood blocks / 'Latin'ish percusion to fix to washboard. If you have send me a PM. Thanks
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