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  2. I would be dubious about a DB stand that has no neck support. How sturdy are the ones you have made?---meaning that having no neck support. Are the bass's 'kept out of harms way? ' Some guys don't like/use stands on gigs--I use a stand and I think putting a bass on a stand is safer than laying it down on the floor--even band members accidentally will knock into them. I did hear of a bassist who after a gig put his DB on the floor to pack up and one of the band accidentally walked into the bass and broke the neck of the bass--a costly gig!
  3. Due to advancing years (Me) I want to sell or exchange my German double bass which I have had for many years. Circa from 1880's. Written valuation in 2006 between £4,500 to £5,000. Good Sound .Quality machine heads. Good arco / pizz. Details of the bass are: Top Bout 21 1/2 " -- Ribs 9" deep --- Bottom Bout 26"-- Scale length 43 1/4".Comes with quality padded 'Mooradian' case cover. I would sell or exchange (or part exchange--depending what you have) for any of the following quality instruments: Full size Cello / Acoustic Archtop Guitar / Classical Guitar / Piccolo Double Bass What have you? PM me with pics.
  4. Contains Fingerboard Pickup / Pre-amp. Does not include Wing Pickup--you supply. Price to include postage. PM me.
  5. Hi Kevin Like you I have played pizz for years. 'Messed' about with the bow--self taught. Recently got serious about the bow. Decided to get more serious about the bow. Found a pro orchestral double bassest. One of the best things I have ever done. There is so much to learn about the bow. 'Opened my eyes'as they say about bowing--and about the bass. My recommendation is to find a good classical orchestral player---well worth it.
  6. Ischell X48C double bass contact mic. Used. Good condition. (Retails at approx. £233) ischell.com/en/products/x48c/ (ps--If this does not show go into the Ischell web site and search on: Ischell X48C Double Bass Contact Mic ) Check on the reviews of this mic. Comes with a small amount of fixing putty. Mic requires phantom power. Instructions on how to fix to bass. The XLR is fixed by Velcro behind the tailpiece. Price includes postage. No hard storage case but has Ischell bag. PM me.
  7. 'Ashbury' F5 style mandolin. I have upgraded the stock parts with quality tuners and tailpiece. Mother of Pearl truss rod cover fitted. Fitted quality hard case. Sell or exchange for either full size cello or a 5/8 double bass. If sold price to include postage. (If exchange perhaps we could meet up somewhere?) My location: Morpeth area, Northumberland.
  8. Selling my hand made acoustic 'Gypsy' style guitar made by myself at a guitar making school 14 years ago. 25 and a half inch scale length and a 16 inch lower bout. Can be seen Morpeth area, Northumberland. Comes with a top quality 'Calton' hard case. PM me if interested.
  9. Wanting to try a S/H set of any of the following strings--before I buy a new set---of any of the following: a) Evah Pirazzi Weich b) D'Addario Zyex c) Thomastic Spirocore Weich Send me a PM with details of past use, with price to include P&P. (Full length strings required--no ends cut off please ). Thanks.
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