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  1. Gareth Hughes: What a brilliant idea! Years ago I bought a double bass that someone---not a bass repairer--let us say more of a DIY 'bodger'-- completely ruined the bass. So being the state that the bass is in I will cut up and make a top bout for the Eminence. Thanks for the post.
  2. What is the most accurate dial thickness caliper to buy? Best make? (To thickness the top of a DB / Guitar).
  3. On a gig I used to put my DB on the ribs on the floor--if no corner available. On a few occasions someone in the band would walk into the bass if it was on the floor. A DB player I know put his bass down after the gig. The band were packing up--a band member tripped over the bass--broke the neck of the bass--bass player not a happy bunny. I use a stand--no hassle. (Of course put the stand in a good place).
  4. My budget? Not sure--nothing expensive---buying on the second hand market.
  5. Thanks guys for your info, much appreciated. As I play double bass I am looking to buy a fretless short scale BG---to get as close to the DB sound as possible---so will be looking for a short scale hollow body BG. Does anybody know who makes the deepest (width) hollow body short scale BG? The bigger the depth of the body the deeper the sound of a BG? Those of you who play a 5 string bass how often do you use the 5th string (B?) Worth having?
  6. Is there a notable difference in tone between a short scale 30" and a long scale 34" electric bass guitar--that is if both had the same strings / same amp settings / same pickups? (I expect the woods used would have a bearing on this.) Would the short scale have perhaps a more 'fatter / rounded' tone? Solid body v semi-hollow body make a difference?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Thanks for your replies guys--much appreciated. I think I will keep what I have and adapt as Duckyincarnate suggested saving £££'s.
  9. I have a very good D/B padded case / cover--made by Mooradin. My only problem I have is when putting the cover over the scroll I have to make a big effort to put the bass inside--myself not tall. (If I wore big healed boots probably solve the problem but not going that way!) The Mooradian zip does not go all the way to the top of the case. Is there a make of padded case/cover that the zip goes all the way over the scroll? Do you know the make of a well padded case / cover that opens 'suitcase' style?
  10. Agree with you Clarky. Milt & Ray knew how to 'lay it down'. Both were bought up in the days when there were no amps and had to project their acoustic sound. So solid.
  11. My '2 cents worth' as they say- There's some tremendous outstanding double bass'ists out there, every one has something to offer. For me the guy who 'lays it down' is Ray Brown--solid as a rock.
  12. In the USA the guys play a Washtube bass-------------(Google up)
  13. I am looking for a 3/4 size double hard bass case that opens suitcase style. Must be lightweight, easy to carry, not a heavy flight case style. If you have one to sell please forward pictures / internal dimensions / price. PM me. Thanks
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