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  1. Thanks for the replies so far. Hi 'K'---How old were the secondhand gut strings when you bought them? Good tone on your bass? Hi Dan--- Like you I have tried two different sets of Innovation strings. I should imagine that they are probably near the gut sound--(Never heard a live DB with guts on though. ) I found Innovation strings quite a good sound--easy to play--but peg winding issues--the windings tend to fray if you put them on another bass--and they do not hold their tuning to well. Do gut strings hold their tuning like metal strings? Do all makes of synthetic strings have tuning issues? Call me 'Old Fashioned' but for me gut is the way to go!.
  2. Two questions regarding gut strings: a) Would you buy a secondhand set of gut strings? Lack of tone? To worn? b) Interesting question: Anybody tried gut strings on an EUB?
  3. Ehrlund pickup wanted. PM me-with price.
  4. Some good info here on 'The Steel Guitar'---both lap & pedal. Over the years I have 'dabbled' on lap steel---(I don't have a lifetime to try the pedal steel!) Tried various tunings on the lap steel--both 6 string and 8 string). All tunings have their pros & cons. My recommendation--(for what it's worth). If you go for the lap steel--is to start on the 6 string--get the knowledge of the 6 string then move up to the 8 string to 'expand' what you have learnt on the 6 string. The first thing I would do is to listen to the style of music you want to play--find the guys that play that style of music---and find out what tuning they are using. Search the web. Something I have often wondered--the guys that play the 3 & 4 string necks---are they musically proficient on all the necks? or just know certain tunes / certain licks on each tuning??
  5. Would exchange for quality Acoustic Archtop Guitar---what have you?
  6. As far as I know--ebony. No wear on the fingerboard after many years of practice / gigging. Good to play. No 'gooves / concave' wear from fingers.
  7. Due to 'Old age creeping in' (me) and recent hip operation I need to sell my trusty DB--I now play an EUB--for portability. (EUB not the same but 'does the job'). My double bass has served me well over the past 40 years. A good sounding bass. Well looked after. Plays very well. Ply back and sides with I believe a spruce top. No splits or cracks and well maintained. Side and thumb position markings. Fitted EP 'Weich' (light strings). Good for pizz and arco. Adjustable bridge. Comes with quality padded 'Mooridian' case/cover. Open to sensible offers. PM me if interested.
  8. Yea!--Nat Cole Trio---Great band.
  9. Interesting topic. I have played DB for years--mostly jazz. My experience is: I tend to play 'On top of the beat'--that is drive the band. Most bands have no problem with that. Some bands tend to play more 'laid back'--you adjust. If you play in a Bluegrass band they tend to play on top of the beat--more drive than swing. I have played in an 'Americana' style band--told me off a number of times for 'speeding up'--I don't think so as I am playing on top of the beat--They play a laid back style. My conclusion is you adjust to the style of the band.
  10. Anybody tried the Yamaha SLB-100 Silent Upright Bass? Or the Yamaha SLB200 Silent Double Bass? Any difference between the two? Body shape only? Have you tried other EUB's? If so how do they rate to the other EUB's ot there ?
  11. Hi guys--thanks for the replys . The Rev--thanks for the contact--cpc have what I want. Staggering on--Yea--My Eminence sounds great.
  12. I play an Eminence EUB. Where you 'plug in' you attach the cable via a double 1/4" connector--see attachment. I require a new one. I have searched the web to no avail---they must be out there. If you know where I could obtain one--new or S/H do get in touch--one lurking in your electrical 'odd & ends' drawer maybe?
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