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  1. Benedetto S-6 floating pickup or Kent Armstrong floating 12 pole pickup (The one made by KA himself). PM me if you have either for sale.
  2. gypsyjazzer

    Vinyl LP's

  3. Selling my collection of vinyl LP's. To many to list. Collected over many years. No longer played. Lp's in various condition. a) Guitar--Various styles--Jazz / Classical / Flamenco. Approx 70 LP's b) Jazz --Various styles---Appox.90 Lp's c) Bluegrass--Approx.80 Lp's d) Blues--Approx 15 Lp's e) 4 String Banjo --Approx. 14 e) A number of 'miscellaneous' Lp's ---------------------------------------------------------- Can be viewed Morprth area (Northumberland). Will not post. Sell as a job lot for £2000 or £10 each Sell --or would exchange or part exchange all LP's---for a quality Archtop Guitar or Gypsy Guitar. What have you? If an exchange we could meet up? PM me.
  4. Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ wanted. In good working condition. PM me.
  5. gypsyjazzer

    EQ Pedal for Bass & Guitar

    Thanks guys for your replies.
  6. Benedetto S-6 Guitar Pickup for Archtop Guitar. PM me.
  7. Thanks Rabbie for that info. Yes it is a D neck--I never knew there was an Eb neck--'One learns something new every day!'
  8. Scale length (Nut to bridge) is 42 and 7/8 inches. Total length of bass from tip of scroll to bottom of bass is 73 and 5/8 inches. I can't answer your question regarding 'D-neck' as I have never heard that term before. Hope the answers help.
  9. gypsyjazzer

    EQ Pedal for Bass & Guitar

    What EQ Pedal would be suited for Bass & regular 6 string Guitar? Advice welcome.
  10. If you have one--wish to sell--PM me.
  11. Do you have a Ehrlund Contact Mic for sale? If you have send me a PM. Thanks.
  12. Details of German Double Bass: I have owned the bass for approx. 35 years. Excellent playing condition / plays well. Bought from a pro. classical bassist. During that time I have had the following work done on the bass: Quality tuning machine heads fitted / A 'fillet' fitted under the fingerboard to get the correct fingerboard angle / a new adjustable end pin / a new bridge. As you see from the photos the bass has had considerable wear--a few splits (repaired before I bought the bass and the splits have never opened up during my time with the bass). One of the photos taken outside one of the 'f' holes shows cleats used to fix a split in the back--very professionally done. (fitted before my purchase of the bass). A good sounding bass. I have a written valuation done on the bass in 2006--retail value between £4,500 to £5,000. Comes with a quality 'Mooradian' padded case. Sell or exchange (or part exchange) for a quality Archtop / Gypsy guitar / Fretless Bass Guitar--depends on what you have) PM me. (Northumberland area to view the bass or if you want to exchange perhaps we could meet up.)
  13. Bought recently. 1 set of Innovation 'Polychromes'--GDAE. G & D on my bass for approx. 2 weeks. Taken off. Reason?--I found they were a bit stiff for my bass. Pizz & Arco were good. The A & E are new -unused. Check 'Polychromes' for reviews--very much liked. £95 to include postage. PM me.
  14. Having a 'clearout'. All used double bass strings I have amassed over the years. Different makes. No sets--all singles. Buyer takes 'Pot Luck'. £75 to include postage. PM me if interested.
  15. gypsyjazzer

    Gut Strings

    Wanted: Gut G and D double bass strings. What make / Condition / Price. PM me. Thanks.