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  1. gypsyjazzer

    Bowing silver slap strings

    I have tried Silver Slaps. Good for pizz & slap---not very good on the bow. I currently have a set of Evah Pirazzi Weich on my bass---a good all round string for pizz / bow / slap. Suit me.
  2. gypsyjazzer

    Playing without an amp

    Tried various stings over the years and the best--for me- for volume & tone are Evah Pirazzi Weich. Good for pizz & arco.
  3. gypsyjazzer

    Playing without an amp

    Rabbie is spot on--Technique & Tone. I read an article by Ray Brown where he said that guys like him were brought up--in the 1940's---in big bands and had to project to be heard. No amps in those days.--hence there tone and volume. He said that the guys today are brought up with amps. A big difference.
  4. gypsyjazzer

    Wanted--to try

    I am on the 'string journey'-------Have you a set of the following strings that you no longer use? Thomastik Spirocore (Weich or Medium) Evah Pirazzi (Medium or Weich) Obligato Please state condition / past use / price, and have not been cut at peghead. PM if you have any of the above for sale. Thanks.
  5. gypsyjazzer

    Bartolini Guitar Pickup

    Bartolini Guitar pickup for sale--see under 'Other Musically Related Items For Sale'.
  6. Bartolini Guitar Pickup for sale. Used. The bracket for fixing the pickup I made, to fix to my Archtop guitar. £50 to include postage. PM me.
  7. gypsyjazzer

    Bow Rehair

    Many thanks guys for the replies.
  8. gypsyjazzer

    Bow Rehair

    Recommendation wanted for a bow rehair. What company have you used used had good service? Many thanks.
  9. Benedetto S-6 floating pickup or Kent Armstrong floating 12 pole pickup (The one made by KA himself). PM me if you have either for sale.
  10. gypsyjazzer

    Vinyl LP's

  11. Selling my collection of vinyl LP's. To many to list. Collected over many years. No longer played. Lp's in various condition. a) Guitar--Various styles--Jazz / Classical / Flamenco. Approx 70 LP's b) Jazz --Various styles---Appox.90 Lp's c) Bluegrass--Approx.80 Lp's d) Blues--Approx 15 Lp's e) 4 String Banjo --Approx. 14 e) A number of 'miscellaneous' Lp's ---------------------------------------------------------- Can be viewed Morprth area (Northumberland). Will not post. Sell as a job lot for £2000 or £10 each Sell --or would exchange or part exchange all LP's---for a quality Archtop Guitar or Gypsy Guitar. What have you? If an exchange we could meet up? PM me.
  12. Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ wanted. In good working condition. PM me.
  13. gypsyjazzer

    EQ Pedal for Bass & Guitar

    Thanks guys for your replies.
  14. Benedetto S-6 Guitar Pickup for Archtop Guitar. PM me.
  15. Thanks Rabbie for that info. Yes it is a D neck--I never knew there was an Eb neck--'One learns something new every day!'