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  1. gypsyjazzer

    Strings Wanted

  2. gypsyjazzer


    'Ashbury' F5 style mandolin. I have upgraded the stock parts with quality tuners and tailpiece. Mother of Pearl truss rod cover fitted. Fitted quality hard case. Sell or exchange for either full size cello or a 5/8 double bass. If sold price to include postage. (If exchange perhaps we could meet up somewhere?) My location: Morpeth area, Northumberland.
  3. Selling my hand made acoustic 'Gypsy' style guitar made by myself at a guitar making school 14 years ago. 25 and a half inch scale length and a 16 inch lower bout. Can be seen Morpeth area, Northumberland. Comes with a top quality 'Calton' hard case. PM me if interested.
  4. gypsyjazzer

    Strings Wanted

    Wanting to try a S/H set of any of the following strings--before I buy a new set---of any of the following: a) Evah Pirazzi Weich b) D'Addario Zyex c) Thomastic Spirocore Weich Send me a PM with details of past use, with price to include P&P. (Full length strings required--no ends cut off please ). Thanks.
  5. gypsyjazzer

    Good DB Luthier Required

    Thanks everybody for your replies.
  6. gypsyjazzer

    Good DB Luthier Required

    I have a very good old German DB in need of an 'MOT'. I bought the bass SH about 35 years ago and has given very good service. I think it is time to give it an 'MOT' to bring it to top notch condition. My question is: Who do you consider to be the best guy in the UK to do this--and really knows his double bass? Recommendations? Many thanks.
  7. I am looking for a classical double bassist teacher in Northumberland--especially bowing technique. PM me if you teach. Thanks.
  8. Wanting to buy a set of Thomastik Mittells for 3/4 size bass. Please state age / use / and they do not have the after- length of the string at the tuners cut off. Price? If you have PM me. Thanks.
  9. gypsyjazzer


    Thanks guys for your replies. If anybody has a set for of Kaplan Lights or Flexocor for 3/4 bass--GDAE-- they wish to sell forward details. Send me a PM. Thanks.
  10. gypsyjazzer


    Those of you who bow: What are the best strings you have tried? Sets or mixture. Arco being my first choice--pizz secondary.
  11. gypsyjazzer

    Bowing silver slap strings

    I have tried Silver Slaps. Good for pizz & slap---not very good on the bow. I currently have a set of Evah Pirazzi Weich on my bass---a good all round string for pizz / bow / slap. Suit me.
  12. gypsyjazzer

    Playing without an amp

    Tried various stings over the years and the best--for me- for volume & tone are Evah Pirazzi Weich. Good for pizz & arco.