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  1. interesting 👍 can you send a PM with your location?
  2. interested in a split for cabs, will keep an eye on it
  3. jj1234

    Oc2 Volume Drop

  4. jj1234

    Oc2 Volume Drop

    great. I install my own pickups etc so it sounds like it should be DIY-able, and sounds easily reversible. If you could provide instructions or tips or a link here or in a PM that would be amazing 👍.
  5. jj1234

    Oc2 Volume Drop

    I know this is old but does SFX still do this resistor mod, or can you recommend someone in London? cheers
  6. jj1234

    RAT distortion repair?

    Hi all, I've got a RAT ('vintage RAT', i.e. not vintage but vintage styled, doesn't have an LED etc.). It sounds, frankly, flipped. Very intermittent sound, cutting out, clearly not working as it should. I'm worried about how difficult it'll be to diagnose and fix, and don't know where to start. Does anyone know of repair services or guides for these, somewhere in London that works on effects boxes, etc.? If it's economical, I'd love to get it working! Cheers
  7. thanks guys. I'll give it a try then probably!
  8. Hi folks, I'm very lucky to have two Nordstrand VJ4's (a standard jazz-type bass) and the fretless one has a Hipshot de-tuner that would be a lot more useful to me on the fretted one. I wanted to know whether installation of the hipshot includes drilling or not. If not then it should be easy to swap it over and the standard machine head likewise. If not, then maybe one of them won't work on the other, or even both won't work on the other. Anyone know which it is? Cheers!
  9. jj1234

    *SOLD* Markbass Traveler 102P 4ohm

    just a bump to say I picked up the aguilar head the other day and Ian was a gent to deal with. Both items are in great nick, I just couldn't justify the markbass when I have a 2x10 already. Sounds lovely though! cheers Ian.
  10. jj1234

    Feedback for Gillento

    Bought a nordy! Went smoothly, good guy.
  11. jj1234

    SOLD Mayones Jabba Classic 5 SOLD

  12. Going through some old videos in my library and just uploaded this to youtube. Perhaps it will provide a helpful sound sample or some lick ideas. -- the first half of the head is a cool-school line of some kind, maybe from the saxophonist warne marsh? -- the turnaround in the head uses a sort of tritone substitution implied by a half-step-up repetition of the Eb-Db-F-Ab-C-Bb-F-Ab bit -- the start of the solo is an oliver nelson quote that I always had a bunch of trouble fingering easily -- the end of the solo is a laurence cottle lick from the snakeranch sessions (?) cd Nordy VJ4 with TI jazz flats, I think the strings are about 7-8 years old now
  13. jj1234

    Who bought this sandberg bullet fretless?

    Thanks good idea, I’ll try. I’m trying to remember if I even went to eBay but I can’t see my selling history that far back on there either. Odd.
  14. jj1234

    Who bought this sandberg bullet fretless?

    I checked but he wasn’t...
  15. Hi! About 6 years ago I sold a sandberg bullet booster fretless on here, I think. Here is the thread. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/136974-sandberg-bullet-booster-fretless-4-sold/?tab=comments#comment-1258619 But I can't figure out from the thread who bought it. Anyone remember? Cheers, John