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  1. Going through some old videos in my library and just uploaded this to youtube. Perhaps it will provide a helpful sound sample or some lick ideas. -- the first half of the head is a cool-school line of some kind, maybe from the saxophonist warne marsh? -- the turnaround in the head uses a sort of tritone substitution implied by a half-step-up repetition of the Eb-Db-F-Ab-C-Bb-F-Ab bit -- the start of the solo is an oliver nelson quote that I always had a bunch of trouble fingering easily -- the end of the solo is a laurence cottle lick from the snakeranch sessions (?) cd Nordy VJ4 with TI jazz flats, I think the strings are about 7-8 years old now
  2. Who bought this sandberg bullet fretless?

    Thanks good idea, I’ll try. I’m trying to remember if I even went to eBay but I can’t see my selling history that far back on there either. Odd.
  3. Who bought this sandberg bullet fretless?

    I checked but he wasn’t...
  4. Hi! About 6 years ago I sold a sandberg bullet booster fretless on here, I think. Here is the thread. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/136974-sandberg-bullet-booster-fretless-4-sold/?tab=comments#comment-1258619 But I can't figure out from the thread who bought it. Anyone remember? Cheers, John
  5. Hi guys, I'm a happy owner of a Nordstrand VJ4 jazz bass. The NJ4 pickups I have in there sound incredible. However, I've recently decided I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of tone for a hum cancelling set so am looking for the NJ4SV pickups to replace them with. I guess I'd then take the NJ4 out and sell them but I'll cross that bridge when I've sourced the new set. I spotted a few older threads with NJ4SVs in the sale forum so hopefully someone has some they'd like to move on. Thanks a lot! John
  6. i noticed a very stark difference in pickup quality between my american deluxe jazz and my nordy -- obviously the nordy sounds better unplugged too, but plugged in, the sounds are just so much more usable. no extra high harsh treble, fuller lows and present but nice mids. part of that could have been the difference between the noiseless fender pickups and the true single coil nordy ones too. but the point is, i noticed a clear difference which increased how willing I was to explore the various sounds available.
  7. One Bass, Amp & Cab

    That's me... Had a couple of Fretlesses I wasn't quite into, now I just use a posh jazz copy and a shuttle 2x10. Only difficulty is whether to have flats or rounds on the bass!
  8. I indirectly know Huw, he's a great player with a huge sound, and a cool guy by all accounts. Recommended.
  9. Genz Benz Focus LT cabs NEW

    [quote name='MoonBassAlpha' timestamp='1340479146' post='1705145'] why not just turn the treble on the amp down a tad? [/quote] I think you get a different kind of treble cut that way -- the tweeter can sometimes be pretty glassy sounding whereas larger drivers always naturally seem to roll of the very top in quite a sweet way.
  10. Hello all, I'll soon be making the short journey from Leeds over to East Yorkshire, so will be available around there to provide lessons in my specialisms, which are: -- electric bass, all styles, with particular focus on jazz, big band and pop. -- theory and aural training as applied to the bass or in the abstract. -- arranging (especially for big band) and technical help with Sibelius. -- accordion?? (not a joke) I've plenty of experience playing in the jazz and function scene around Leeds and Doncaster, have performed in one of the North's top big bands (based at Leeds University) alongside Liane Carroll, recorded for an ITV drama, and will be going over to perform at North Sea Jazz this year. I've also had the considerable benefit of studying with Geoff Chalmers and Scott Devine in Leeds and have a lot of experience teaching both music and physics as a postgraduate researcher in Leeds. I'm an experienced arranger for big band especially, and used to work for Sibelius. I'm now looking to build up more of a portfolio as an instrumental/theory tutor as I move to E Yorks. so will be charging very reasonable rates for a while. Hit me up if you fancy a lesson or a chat about any of the stuff above . www.johnjosephwilliamson.com Cheers, John
  11. Genz Benz Focus LT cabs NEW

    yeah, neither of my stl 10s have them. i have to stop myself breaking the thing and open and disconnecting the tweeter myself
  12. sorted

  13. Genz Benz Focus LT cabs NEW

    wish genz-benz bothered putting tweeter level controls on the shuttle 1x10 cabs -- these look good.
  14. Chaps, Here's a couple of preliminary clips from some function band demos I took part in recently. Used a Nordy VJ-4 with TI Jazz Flats, beautiful to play and a nice tone for this sort of music I think. Check it out: http://johnjosephwilliamson.com/2012/06/21/demo-recordings-blues-armada-thomastik/ Cheers, John
  15. Evening all, Here's a nice fiddly transcription, 'Quite Firm' by the excellent Laurence Cottle. Check it out: http://johnjosephwilliamson.com/2012/06/14/laurence-cottle-transcription-quite-firm/ Cheers John