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  1. Thought I’d let you guys know I went with Tim at gig.ink stunning job and I’m really pleased with the results 🤙
  2. Cleaned up the fretboard with wire wool, lighter fuel and lemon oil.
  3. Oh right. No I have rubbed the rust off with an emery file and wiped over with Wd40.
  4. All I’ve done so far is used some black t-cut to polish the area surrounding the pick ups. It’s worked will so I’ll polish the whole of the body soon.
  5. Yeah definitely coming on ok so far
  6. Got the pick ups cleaned and ready to fix with new screws
  7. Really good actually. I’ve taken it off and it’s straight. I’ll post some more pics tomorrow. Got most of the rust of the pups now. Was fairly easy by using a scotchbrite pad and salt/lemon.
  8. The bridge isn’t very good quality. The chrome is bubbling. I’ve cleaned it up ok but I’m considering changing the hardware to black.
  9. Hey. I’ve taken ownership of a stinky old Hohner bass which is I am going to try and bring back to life. Should I try and clean up the pick ups, and if so what’s the best approach. Or do you guys think new pick ups would be a better option. But I don’t know how to swap them because they wiring runs through the body and I can’t see how to re-run the wiring. would love your thoughts
  10. Matrix GT1000FX 2u guitar power amp. Hardly used. Incredible transparent power amp perfect for FRFR bass cabinets. Intended for project that never went ahead, so moving it on, basically as new condition, almost unused. Only plugged in and tested. Seeking trades for a P Bass or a sale price of £475
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Yes hadn’t thought about the strip on the back. Good shout.
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