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  1. Bought a gig bag from Paul, everything went smooth. Thank you Paul, much appreciated.
  2. Bought a Badass II bridge and it arrived quickly, well packaged. Thanks. πŸ‘
  3. Received my pedal today, thank you. Reliable, communicative and courteous.
  4. Wish I had a way to get this, but travelling from Scotland would be a trip too far. GLWTS.
  5. Very smooth transaction and very quick to post the jazz I bought, thank you John. πŸ‘ Lee.
  6. Bought a Nate Mendel Precision from Stuart, exactly as described and posted fully insured. @StuarDaddy thank you, πŸ‘ Lee.
  7. Almost him, I know Pauline McNeil plays in MC4 and was due to watch her play at Girdwoods in Wishaw, until lockdown happened.
  8. Fantastic news, glad you've got something back. πŸ‘ BTW, who's your MSP? I know one who plays in a covers band and is local ( Motherwell ).
  9. Just up the road from Wishaw, in Lanark, we've had "neds" trying car/van door handles and peoples house/flat doors over the last few years. They've got lucky a few times, one guys work tools were all taken ( self employed joiner ). A few CCTV shots were intially shared on facebook, but taken down again? Not sure if they got their stuff back, were threatened or the police told them to take them down? But they clearly showed faces of those guilty of no good. So armed with a film of the crime, no one has ever been caught and the thieving has never stopped? I never, ever, leave anything in the car these days, but trying to unload in the early hours of the morning, with two dogs barking, usually wakes the rest of the house up. Then I don't get my kebab to myself. πŸ™„
  10. Feech did PM me back a few weeks ago, saying he'd changed his mind and was keeping it. But in the current economic climate, I suppose everything has it's price?
  11. The week before lockdown, I done 4 nights in a large school hall, with a full band ( including sax payer ) without going through the front line. My gain, playing a Geddy Lee Jazz bass, was at half way and the master was at half way. Listening to iphone videos from those nights, the bass sounds loud. I doubt there are many indoor gig in the UK, where you would actually push the amp, without defening the rest of the band? The amp is a one handed lift and fits in the back seat of my car, I really do like these amps and the ampeg 1 x 15 does nothing but gather dust these days. Good luck Jack, if I didn't already have one, that I purchased on here, I'd buy yours.
  12. Did anyone on here buy this? I sent Feech a message, but he hasn't replied. Just wondering if it's still for sale?
  13. You can use it that way, by putting the bass in one channel, with the monitor mix from the desk through the other channel and mixing them at the back of the QSC to your taste. But if you don’t have a backline, you need to work out what the rest of the band do to hear your bass, maybe add it to their monitors? Fine if it's a small venue, but more difficult in a larger venue with a loud drummer and a guitarist who's turned up to 11 for his solo.
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