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  1. Many thanks! Great tip about singing the intervals - although those in earshot may not be as appreciative
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post that, very useful and I'll certainly put the tips into practice!
  3. I've just acquired a lovely Marleaux Consat 6 for chords, higher-register melodies, soloing, and other fun: I'd appreciate any thoughts from the 6-string players here on learning / practice drills. As it's my first 6, I've been concentrating on learning the fretboard first: major chord tones in the circle of 4ths, starting each on the B string frets 1-12, then starting on the B between 12 and 24, then repeat for each string: calling out each note as I play it. Next I intend to do the same but performing the circle with minor chord tones, dominant 7ths, 7b5's. Then major and minor pentatonics. Does that sound sensible? I'm not sure how or when to approach chords or if there is any reference or guide available. Any tips or links would be very welcome: so far I've been following Johnny Cox's excellent guides at https://johnnycoxmusic.com/tag/6-string/ Many thanks!
  4. Very well-played Phil! Also enjoyed your 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' that's linked at the end - amazing I've just acquired a 6-string so have been plotting my favourite route around the fretboard for the Prelude...I'm almost fluent up to bar 11 but only if I slow down in parts (I prefer that over the fixed tempo, with apologies to Mr Bach!)
  5. "gelatinous slime.....plasmodial zycogastria" is surely a Carcass song title in waiting.
  6. Exactly my experience Stu - huge fan of the first 3 albums, Cliff's playing on Ride the Lightning got me into bass (Arbiter Ricky copy in fireglo!), I had massive expectations for AJFA but I just found most of it overlong, overdone and frankly boring. Re-listening today, I love Blackened and Harvester of Sorrow, and enjoy Eye of the Beholder and To LIve is to Die (naturally) but the rest does nothing for me. Whereas I still listen to Ride the LIghtning and Master of Puppets regularly.
  7. I've just started learning Bach's Cello Suite No 1 in G major - Prelude, and assumed it would require more than 4 strings and 21 frets. Until I saw this: I love this playing from Fabian Wendt, and his use of articial harmonics for the notes above 21st fret (Eb) led me to this excellent explanation from Johnny Cox: https://johnnycoxmusic.com/artificial-harmonics-bass/ It'll be a while until I get to those bars though, still trying to nail bar 7
  8. Just spotted that you can import PDF in the free 'Muse Score' notation application, may be worth a go.
  9. Anything by Scientist, especially: Heavyweight Dub Champion (1980) Big Showdown at King Tubby's (1980) – with Prince Jammy Scientist Meets the Space Invaders (1981) Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires (1981)
  10. I have fun attempting these with a pick : Highway Star - Deep Purple Nancy Boy - Placebo Riding Bikes - Shellac Pump It Up - Elvis Costello & The Attractions Dancing in the Moonlight - Thin Lizzy
  11. Practice is the cure for GAS

    1. lownote


      You mean practice as in regularly buying equipment, of course?

    2. Cat Burrito

      Cat Burrito

      The musicians I admired all regularly practiced and I am embarrassed to say it took me almost 3 decades to work out why they were better! I do at least an hour a day these days and my playing has skyrocketed. I'm not sure it has fixed my desire for new gear though...

  12. As the original owner it's one of the few basses I regret having to sell...hope you're enjoying it as much as I did!
  13. Recently posted on YouTube: tight band with a tasty bass solo on a vintage BT 5
  14. I'd consider it at £14,500 if it immediately made me nail every Jamerson line*. But then I'd miss the decades of fun practicing them! * and if I actually had £14,500 in the first place
  15. Got the songs for this Sunday last night. There will be one rehearsal right before the service and no drummer, but the band are a great bunch and all will be well. Although I've been practicing 'For once in my life' on a P with full-fat La Bella flats/foam all week, so expect a few spontaneous chromatic runs in F at random points 😁
  16. I've moved since my last subscription, but I can't find a way to change the address when I renew...any tips please? Ta!
  17. I've only had one problem with UPS over the years which was resolved by eventually getting hold of their local depot phone number and talking to a dispatch manager - may be worth a try if you are prepared to go through the call centre first.
  18. Absolutely terrific Paul, that really put a smile on my face and a tap in my toes!
  19. For P bass reviews my go to is Bruno Tauzin: whether Custom Shop or Squier he gives well-recorded demos of pick and fingerstyle at various tone settings. His channel also has many grooves and covers worth a listen.
  20. Excellent explanation and runthrough Tom!
  21. Mine was similar...when I swapped pickguards I had to move the pickups slightly (it was a generic P bass pickguard I was fitting) and was able to better align the strings betwen the magnets. Not sure it made any tonal difference though! Great bass and glad you're enjoying yours.
  22. Our tech team are ace (and bass friendly ) but I've yet to hear a bass note come through on live stream, unless I'm using decent headphones and then only just. I enjoyed playing to even a reduced congregation last week as we could use the full PA with subs again!
  23. Great job Phil, looks amazing with the ebony! Back of the neck looks very easy to move around thanks to the light sanding of the varnish.
  24. Welcome and brilliant home studio/venue mate. Most pubs we play are half that size 😄
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