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  1. For P bass reviews my go to is Bruno Tauzin: whether Custom Shop or Squier he gives well-recorded demos of pick and fingerstyle at various tone settings. His channel also has many grooves and covers worth a listen.
  2. Excellent explanation and runthrough Tom!
  3. Mine was similar...when I swapped pickguards I had to move the pickups slightly (it was a generic P bass pickguard I was fitting) and was able to better align the strings betwen the magnets. Not sure it made any tonal difference though! Great bass and glad you're enjoying yours.
  4. Our tech team are ace (and bass friendly ) but I've yet to hear a bass note come through on live stream, unless I'm using decent headphones and then only just. I enjoyed playing to even a reduced congregation last week as we could use the full PA with subs again!
  5. Great job Phil, looks amazing with the ebony! Back of the neck looks very easy to move around thanks to the light sanding of the varnish.
  6. Welcome and brilliant home studio/venue mate. Most pubs we play are half that size 😄
  7. I bought a preamp from John - simply outstanding throughout! Rapid despatch, full communications throughout, and super-secure packaging. Very highly recommended, thanks John!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. @SteveXFR Possible, but hats over a certain brim-width are very tricky to nick just using your index finger...
  10. Well, he also owned a hat. Or maybe he borrowed it...
  11. The Fender Bass Book does not cover accessories included with a new bass, and the adverts reproduced only mention choices of gig bag. www.guitarhq.com/fender2.html mentions straps being included with Strats from 1954 though. The famous pic at the back of the SITSOM book appears to show JJ wearing the strap attached the wrong way (narrow end at upper horn, with length adjuster over left shoulder). A later session pic shows a wider strap, or the thicker end on the upper horn: ...and then back go narrow in this pic towards the end of his life: I'm guessing from all this he used different straps, which may or may not have been bought or included at the same time as his various Ps...which is not much help, sorry!
  12. With Mrs Kevsy having just acquired a nice beginner violin, would anyone here have any recommendations for online beginner tutorials/courses? Many thanks!
  13. Cheers Geoff, neither can I so that gives me hope 😁
  14. Excellent stuff Geoff! I'm really struggling with the chorus riff (just after Stevie sings 'Do I do'), and it looks like you have nailed it using three fingers on the right hand - which I understand is how Nathan Watts played it. Must give that a try - and thanks for posting!
  15. Not sure if this counts as a fake encore, but in our 'final' song we noodle while the singer thanks everyone, says where are playing next etc. , then mentions that if hears one voice asking for an encore we'll play another. Which me and the drummer dread as it's a riotous medley of rock'n'roll classics, all 16th notes at the end of a 90 minute set in a pub sweatbox....
  16. Either in the best or worst location, I'd imagine...
  17. What a Friday morning treat! Boy can PP groove - thanks for posting it @owen
  18. Congratulations for the ACM place - cracking bass too, enjoy!
  19. Can highly recommend the Bruce Thomas Profile: excellent neck and a powerful pickup, one of the best "Precision with rounds" I've played. @stewblack is a fan too!
  20. I'd be amazed if anyone could spot a P-J neck swap in a blind test - assuming you could do it quick enough!
  21. That must have been fun @joseb84 ! Very lively, I wish we played more like that. Although it's the sort of song where you really don't want a last minute key change :)
  22. That' a good tool Trevor, looks better than Music Stand where only the Worship Leader can transpose (at least on my version). Option 3 on OnSong (showing the scale degrees) has saved my bacon a few times, when either the key has been changed following 3 rehearsals in the original key, or a lead instrumentalist has simply started in the wrong key! Which is also the reason I favour a 5 string for church, as I find it easier for rapid transposition.
  23. Great bass, great tone, great demo! GLWTS
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