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  1. HPF’s are all over the place. Amps can often have them built in, and many pedals have them as part of their circuitry. In all my years of playing ive never had my drivers jump around like that, and dont know anyone that has. its not a gimmick, but not a necessity either, at least for most of us.
  2. Nice one Russ. Not heard that song for ages (since we stopped playing it). Ill be honest and say im not a fan of black and white, at least not clean black and white if that makes senses, but its shot and edited well so job done.
  3. There is a setting that disables it other than for the headphone out. Maybe you set that by mistake?
  4. Interesting. For the first time we (or rather my singer) had huge issues with her Xvive IEM system. Me and the the guitarist were using Xvive U2’s, with no issues, he was on ch4 and im on ch2, but her IEM kept cutting out and was totally un reliable at anything over 1ft distance. We tried all the channels with no difference. There was one of those rowdy church service type of things going on in the rehearsal complex, and at one stage she had the preacher/voice of god, coming through her IEM’s. I can’t figure out why the rest of us had no issues, but it was quite comical…..for a while.
  5. Take one for the presets and turn the amp gain down and any OD’s that are on. Treat it like a real amp.
  6. Looks to me like they gave him a pair and took photos of him using them. Wonder if he gave them back 😎
  7. I must admit i found the mids a bit fatiguing on longer gigs, but it never let me down. Even the band used to comment on how well they could hear me across the stage, without me being loud.
  8. When i had my old 1212L i felt it could produce two sounds. The onstage, pokey and clear, and then off stage full and punchy. I always used to EQ for the room, but it never seemed to make the close up sound bad. I cant say that for any other cab ive owned. Then again, its a pretty unique cab, and does have a driver aimed at your head.
  9. Same here. This is one of the big reasons I’ve always used wireless, as the rooms we have played in can be very hard to judge on stage, or even on the dance floor in front of it. I like to wander around the room and make sure I’m not too boomy or jumping out of the mix. Of course without the guitarist doing this, a d mucking about all gig with his rig, it’s sometimes a waste of time.
  10. The Q/strip is pretty wonderful for EQ, but amazing for proper tone shaping. The issue i had with it was too many great tones in it, i needed a programable version. This made it hard to settle on any one tone, and as i had my BDDI as well life was complicated, so to make life easier i stopped using it.
  11. Pretty much every gear thread on Basschat that starts “I need….” then 😂
  12. I loved my Q/Strip. In fact i brought it back after selling it. Its now gone permanently, but i wouldn’t hesitate to get another (used though). The HPF is nice to have but its not adjustable and set quite tame for bass. Nice to have that extra protection though, but might not make a huge difference.
  13. Ive not used it myself, just looked up going by the specs. Its been mentioned in here that the Helix doesn’t actually need all that power, others are using less to drive them (like on pedalboards). I believe L6 said they wanted to use a larger plug so people don't go plugging in lesser PSU’s. There is no really need to have it that other other than this reason. Ive used an extension lead connected to my one (when i had it), so the barrels are standard, just not standard in the music industry. Think it was a CCTV power cable extender i got.
  14. What about Amazon? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Power-Supply-Replacement-DC-3G-ADAPTER/dp/B0843QVL8X/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=dc+9v+power+supply+line+6&qid=1630673510&sr=8-6
  15. The bassist in my other band is like that. He doesn't even touch the EQ on the amp. Very strange seeing him set up in under a min when we rehearse.
  16. Ive used the first version a few times at my mates place. Until you actually put them on its hard to see what the fuss is about. Im not convinced id ever use them over a normal set of phones and a B1-Four etc, but there is more than just a gimmick going on. The new version seems better though. A bit too pricey for me though. My iPad and headphones do everything i need. I believe Dave Swift is endorsing them now.
  17. The one show on bbc1 are going to be talking to them live in bit..
  18. Yeah. When i was in my teens/at school it just wasnt cool to like ABBA, but we all liked to look at the photos of certain members 😎.
  19. Yeah. Never been a fan as a such, never sat and listened to any of thier albums, but have enjoyed playing some of the songs over the years. Very well thought out arrangements. Doubt ill give the new album too much time, but i will give it a listen on Apple Music if its there. Not a bad look now i guess.
  20. Haha, no, i didnt take it as a dig at all, i was just being sarcastic. Thought your post was quite funny. At least they realise they have all aged and wont be just making the best they can, unlike a lot of bands who should really not be touring anymore.
  21. Just as well you didnt waste time posting about it then 😂
  22. Just come up on my news feed. Must be skint 😂
  23. Thanks, very reassuring. In the past ive found i do run my rig louder than is needed out front. I guess standing next to a drummer who likes to make some noise means i have to turn up a bit more, but out front it can get over powering. Ive always liked 12’s, but with some cabs ive had ive noticed a bit too much low end/low mid heft and loss of low end definition (not that there is much in the first place). Its just a thickening of some nots and its bugged me. This is why i want to try 10’s, as i believe they don’t (in general) exhibit this. Coupled with the fact that they are tighter im guessing i may need even less volume to sit where i need to be in the mix, and if i am too loud the lack of ‘mud’ might be an advantage. The CN212 i had was the perfect all round cab, but it still lacked some of the kick and clarity my old 1212L had. I really should have kept the 1212L and not started on the cab quest a few years ago. Obviously i know about EQ, which can fix all the above, but sometimes on a hollow stage its a struggle to get rid of the low end, without sounding thin. Although ive said i don’t want to use effects, i do have a nice 30 band EQ i can use now.
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