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  1. Couldn’t agree more. As much as i love the old BDDI (ive had two, and still have the programable version), the V2 is more refined. Other than the new EQ options, IIR the Presence knob is wired differently as well. Makes it a bit more versatile.
  2. Andy was great to deal with. I brought a pair of 84’s off him but found them a bit dark. He took them back and made me a set of 74’s, which i was using in my Squier CV Jazz until recently (replaced them with a set of Fender CS pups). Very accommodating.
  3. Yeah, if I can find it. On holiday at the mo, will hopefully be back on Monday.
  4. Ive got a Thumper somewhere at home. Got it direct from Andy when he was still going and gigged it in my Squier CVP for a few years. Not sure how to describe it. Nothing special comes to mind, but ill qualify that statement with it was nice. I’d say exactly the same about any P bass pup ive had, inc Fralins. Echo had a slightly different tone, but all sound like a P bass. I didnt hear as much ‘thump’ as i expected, but it was definitely on the vintage side IIR. Absolutely nothing wring with it at all, but i did replace it a couple of years ago with a DP122, which i now prefer.
  5. dave_bass5

    NPD BDI 21

    I much prefer my BDDIv2, but when i had the V1 I compared it to my BDI21 (which I still have somewhere), and preferred the tone of the BDI21. The BDi to my ears sounds a bit clearer and open. This is just in isolation though and with a band playing I could never hear a difference.
  6. Cheers. Got loads of time to practice 😂
  7. Assume you only holiday in your home country then 😂
  8. All my day job earnings also got spent on gear.....started around the time i found Bass World 🤔
  9. Ah yes, sorry, i missed that when i quoted the wrong post lol. Mind you, when i wake up the next morning with £500 in my pocket from a wedding, rather just a hang over and empty pockets it does make the next day a lot of fun lol.
  10. Not for me. The best two gigs ive done in the past 10 years were free. Our drummers wedding and a mate’s (of the band) birthday party. Waaaaaaay more fun than a social club that pays £500. Weddings are great, but long days and can be problematic. Sometimes after 8 hours of sitting around you lose the will to live, let alone perform for 2 hours with a smile. Had some great ones though. These pay well. Pubs have been fun, no pressure, shorter sets, and good atmosphere. Lowest payers though, although some have been as close as a Social club.
  11. Its not work if you arent getting paid, therefore I’d look on it as fun. Some like to have fun, some see it as a job, some see it as fun that pays. Takes all sorts. Given the choice of sitting at home or out having fun, fun wins all the time. I’m a selfish bugger.
  12. Yeah, I’d do it, and have done this is the past. We did 3 on the trot, one a week, bur had agreed to do 4. On the 4th we actually got paid, which was nice, and seemed to do the trick. The venue was booking bands for a long time after. If i agreed to not be paid i dont care who else gets paid. Ill make the decision based on how i feel about it. Its easy to say no and walk away.
  13. Can’t argue with that. Balls of titanium lol. Just wish it was a bit lighter (not interested in doing any mods to it though).
  14. This is why I’m keeping my 425. As much as i loved the P34, its too close to my Fender, without really nailing the Fender P bass tone, to keep. The 425 is the only two pup bass ive owned that i can use just the bridge pup without worrying about it getting lost. I dont think pick playing helps in this situation, but the 425 has a lot of balls.
  15. Ive got a B3n, B1-on, B1-Four and a 60B (dotn use any of them lol). None are as clean or solid sounding as my Helix Stomp. Even using the BDDI sim on each. Ive tried it. With headphones on (my usual way of practicing), i can hear a lower quality with the Zoom boxes. A bit more noise, a bit less depth and openness. In a band situation though, i would never notice, and wouldn’t hesitate to use the B3n or B1-Four if i had to. The band covers a lot of impurities.
  16. Ive used it for quick checks on guitar, but tuning isnt as accurate in that mode so its more a visual thing IME. Also in bass mode you dont get this option anyway. I also had a Polytune 3 pedal, and again, never used this feature. I do love the displays though, very clear and strong.
  17. BC is turning it to Talkbass. Every thread is a ‘ club’ lol.
  18. Thats good to know. I was a bit weary as the price i paid was £200 less than anywhere else. The bass was perfect but ive always wondered if it was a return etc. Nice to know it wasnt. They even phoned me the next day to check i was happy with it, which i thought was fantastic CS.
  19. I got my P34 from Kennys, also for a very good price. Never heard of them before but service was great.
  20. You can only tune one string at a time. Not sure how useful this feature is.
  21. Although ive got two of these, and find them fine, i dont think for bass players these are anything special. Never had a tuner that didnt tune fine. The strobe mode is good but a few others have this.
  22. Good post above. I use, or used to use, HPF to clean the signal up so other pedals along the chain work better, or at least , to my ears. When i had my micro Thumpinator at the start of my pedal board, I definitely noticed my drive and phaser pedals were more responsive and less muddy. Less inaudible energy that could effect how other pedals behave. Well worth using. Ive never played loud enough that my speaker cones are dancing around, so the ‘speaker protection’ feature was never one i would benefit from. I dont slap and pop and my Comp is evening things out anyway. Going back to the Stomp, even though it does have global HPF, like the global EQ, its last in the signal chain, so maybe not as much use as using a HPF (or Parametic) block at the start of the chain.
  23. Poor girl doesn’t know what she is missing out on 😂
  24. Ah yes, i had forgotten this was a BB thread and not just general Yamaha. Totally agree about the TRBX, but not sure about the TRB. If this not a BB then.,.....? Whatever though, i wont lose sleep over it lol.
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