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  1. Haha, im sure all posts mean something to someone.
  2. I don't go in to that thread, but this only came up on my YT time line today. I saw them in Florida a few years ago and they were very impressive. Obviously they use gimmicks and other musicians, but the cover versions they do are very interesting. You really need to be there to appreciate full BMG sound.
  3. Just come across their version of this song. Way to use a set of plastic pipes. Preceded by a bit of Ozzy.
  4. Yes, i meant the link posted in this thread has the same bass player as the video in the original MM thread.
  5. Just looked at that video and it seems the bass player looks a lot like Mr Mason himself.
  6. IIR Mick Mason was also in a band like this.
  7. My GF/ singer has that. Seems ok, although the first set failed within a few months. Second set seems fine so far. Obviously very basic but it works for her. There are a few threads on here discussing them.
  8. I saw the show back in 2007 at the O2. We were right down at the front. Happy to see Herbie had his Squier on stage with him.
  9. My old band used to rehearse at a studio in Old street called the Warehouse (IIR). Level 42 used to have the room before us. We used to get there earlier and earlier and just sit outside listening to them.
  10. I struggled to get through this. It was hard work and has taken weeks. What’s the deal with Ringo? He hardly said a word and looked really fed up all the time. I don't blame him, and felt sorry for him, but was this his doing, or did the band (i.e. mainly Paul) just not give a damn about him? i think this should have been an hour long documentary, and even then thats inc a lot fo pointless footage. Way too much filler stuff IMO. A good insight in to how they worked, but far too long and repetitive.
  11. Whatever I’m doing is fine. Lots of opinions and experiences, mine are mine and I’m happy with them.
  12. Just a bit of card in the body end of the neck pocket. Brings the strings at the body end of the neck closer to the fretboard.
  13. Ive shimmed every bass ive owned in the past 20 years I prefer the strings running parallel to the neck over the whole length. Its not so much a set up issue as a visual issue, although it does help at the higher end. No one can convince me not to do this.
  14. They have a great sound, especially the bass. I love their version of My Sharona as well.
  15. Sorry, meant to comment a few weeks ago 😬 I like that Russ. Obviously the video is spot on, but i like the audio. Its more like if you were in the room if that makes sense. Not perfectly clear but more how you might hear it if you are there. I love the exposure and how it stays consistent even when those lights are going on and off. A tell tail sign that the operator was in control and not the camera.
  16. A bunch of old timers (late 40s to late 50’s) looking for a drummer to jam with, with the aim to gig when ready. Playing standard covers with no pressure to get them spot on. Still building a set but have about 20 songs already. 2 guitarists, bass, keys (me) and female singer. Aiming to get tight and have a nice groove, but having fun more important. I can get social club gigs (im turning them down at the moment) and possibly pub gigs for us when ready, but none are doing this as a full time band for money. We rehearse on a Friday evening every few weeks, at a studio in Tottenham Hale (Bally Studios). Weekend rehearsals possible but they wont do week days. If interested get in touch. Not ideal for anyone trying to earn a living through music, its more for fun, but with gigs when we are ready. Cheers.
  17. One had lines in the finish on the front, not sure how they got there, and the second was scratched before i took it out of the box. Both had issues with the footswitch. Im sure i wrote about it in one of the older Legacy threads. The 3rd was fine. i think these were early examples. Im sure you wouldn't get any of this now (although a few years before that i also sent a MB F800 back as the case was also damaged when i got it)
  18. Loved my 800. Very thick punchy sound. Obviously full of the GK tone, but thats why we buy it. It had the heft my MB800 didn't, although the two had more in common than different to my ears. I found for a guitar/bass/drum line up it really helped fill out the mix, without jumping out of it. Thick and solid, and quite a nice clean tone when needed. Never sounding thin or weak. Mostly used it flat as that was the sound i liked, but the low end was thunderous if needed. I did end up sending it back (actually had 3 because the build quality was poor on the first two), but only because, as above, my MB800 was close enough and £800 was too much to spend when i had 3 other heads that i liked. Pretty sure we have threads about these already so maybe look in those.
  19. I love that song. Not heard it for years. Video is working fine. Good version of it 👍
  20. Ive just listened to the new album, and don’t like it at all. To me its one of those albums you put on a loop Christmas morning at a low volume until the TV goes on later. Im sure its all very meaningful and serves its purpose, but for me its a one time play.
  21. Paul’s gone way above expectation’s a few times for me. Been using them for years, and cant say a bad word about them.
  22. Because they will, especially if there is a thread about the item on BC 😎
  23. When i used the Waza it was the guitar version, and i only used a bass. Sounded just fine to me and my mate who owns it. I think you are better off going for the guitar version if you will be using guitar.
  24. Not tried the bass ones, but I’ve used the guitar ones a few times now. Pretty cool features but more features than I’d need.
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