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  1. I read a mention about a rack comp on TB (IIR), but that's all it was, but I know he has also used/endorsed a Pigtronix Philosophers Stone Comp, and MXR comp. My money is on the Pigtronix.
  2. Stupid question (maybe), but what is the Billy Sheehan comp? Is it the EBS BS overdrive?
  3. Ive not been a fan of Ashdown since getting a ABM head years ago. Loved my EB and MAG combos before it though. Tried/used a few ABM's since and never liked them. I just form the ABM' to sound too round and lacking in power compared to similar rated heads. Even in to my Schroeder 1212L it lacked the volume and punch my MB Little mark II put out. Today i was blown away with a mates new Original HD-1. We compared it with my Fender Rumble and his new MB Little Mark Valve, and even at living room legal this gave us a kick in the chest. This was first in to the amps cab (its a combo), and then direct in to my Berg CN212. What also struck us was how loud this little head is, especially in to my 212. He normally runs the combo with an external 1x12 at 4 on the master. We couldn't get it over two in to my cab. Cabs aside, this head was a real eye opener. There is a 500watt version out soon, and if my return to GK doesnt work out ill be going back to Ashdown.
  4. And Jaco never needed a web forum.......
  5. Have you tried using the Send to send the signal to the PA? Although ive never done it I believe you can set the Send/Return to Line or instrument independent of the main out.
  6. Dont time wrong, i don’t mind the hair rock stuff, its just that the guitar performance in the video posted was very poor (IMO).
  7. They need a guitarist who can play songs and not loads of random notes in the hope they work. what a poor performance on the guitar part (and no, i have no idea who he is, nor care).
  8. If i was spending this sort of money to get this sort of tone, id never want bypass it 😉 Ive never used the bypass switch in any of my outboard pre amps. I guess its like any preamp built in to an amp, its just on all the time.
  9. All paid for earlier today and will be on it’s way tomorrow. I feel ashamed lol.
  10. Haha, pretty sure i 'could' gig it, i just wont because it lacks the second channel. This will be a god send for rehearsals though. If i cut down what i take it, and this is all it's going to take, it means i dont have to make another trek up and down the 6 flights (each way) of stairs at each end fo the night. Now thats a real world issue that is worth throwing a small amount of money at it 🙂
  11. Im even more confused now. Maybe he charges less than someone who will be recognised. Seems even he cant remember who he is lol.
  12. I thought i was ok but half a bottle of rum last night got me thinking.....and thats a dangerous thing.
  13. Not seen any mention of this yet. Looks interesting and im surer a lot cheaper than the DG thing. https://www.gearnews.com/namm-2020-line-6-pod-go-the-perfect-lightweight-gig-solution/
  14. I'm out. Just negotiating a GK MB200 that i can use for rehearsals. Trying to cut down on gear that i take, and I found that as long as i dont take my Helix (which i dont need to) i can get everything, inc my MB800 in to my Bass gig bag. It's a very tight squeeze though so hopefully the MB200 will be more suited. Good luck to those that haven't cracked yet.
  15. Looking for the above to help cut down on what i take to rehearsals. Ill be using a MB800 for gigs, so I want the above as a smaller version for traveling (really) light. Obviously in good working and cosmetic condition, but not worried about a few scratches, I know these things are easily scratched. Based in central London now please be willing to post if not close by.
  16. Ive got a Spark. its a great pedal but not what id call a pre amp.Good at driving a preamp though. If you dont particularly want dirt or colouring the Tech 21 Q/Strip is a fantastic pre amp pedal. Very musical EQ and has the usual XLR, direct out etc. Also has a built in LPF and HPF.
  17. Perfect, thanks. This has happened a few times, although ive caught it before posting. I dont go in to the Intro forum, but when i go to start a new thread on my ipad it somehow defaults to that forum. Very strange.
  18. Cant argue there. I cant find fault with mine. It may go the same way as yours, but only because i want to use something else. The Fender is one of the best heads ive ever owned. More so for its lack of flashing lights and gimmicks, and the OD channel beats any of the drive sims in my Helix..
  19. Hmmm, that didnt last long 😉 Was also thinking the same though, but for different reasons. GLWTS.
  20. Im just surprised you put an ad up to sell your KS for half of what you paid for it 😂
  21. Sorry, l can i also get a post moved. I posted to the wrong forum again. Dont care where it goes, but it shouldn't be where it is.
  22. This just came up on my YT feed. Not great quality but a great insight to the band and their equipment.
  23. Yeah, the guy done these to post in the Talkbass Yamaha thread earlier. Quite Informative. .
  24. Gear Acquisition Contract. its what members sign when they join BC
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