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  1. I might well pop by and say hello some time
  2. In the house in Bucks. Not much news.
  3. How are these constructed? NT, glued in?
  4. I've got some of them.. PM me and I'll send you one.. As in the chicken-head
  5. You mean Gumby over Platypus
  6. Sweet Holy Mother of God!
  7. No, not likely. I've got a Euro in need of a set-up and have been driving to Birmingham a bit and found GTS (in Warwick) in the recommended luthiers section. Was wondering if anyone had recent experience with them. I'm trying to save myself carrying it up to the Gallery
  8. Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate the support from a fellow bass player.
  9. Thanks for that. That is where I got the details, but I'd like a current review if that's OK with you.
  10. Was looking to get some work done and wonder if anyone has used Guitar Technical Services in Warwick?
  11. All this talk of Ian Hill has got me misty-eyed for Priest. My first proper gig was Priest at the Newcastle City Hall on the British Steel tour in '80, along with Maiden who were supporting... it rocked! It's been a Priest weekend around my house.. and they still deliver..
  12. The answer is Spector, now what's the question 😁
  13. They're real beauties. No J pup tho? Do his own basses not feature one?
  14. This looks like it was made from the left-overs of Brian May's mantelpiece.
  15. Ah, worms/can. It's hard to say as I have them in very different basses. My TP is in a maple winged Euro, the SNC in a swamp ash winged USA forte 5. To try to sum up... TP SNC Hope this helps
  16. I picked up some gen on Tones Pumps from SNC who posts on Talk Bass. He also makes clone Haz's which I have one. Essentially the Tone Pump does cut as well as boost, Michalik says this on his website too... Bass: +14dB/-4dB @55Hz, Treble: +14dB/-12dB @6,5kHz. Long story short to set the TP flat you have the bass at 9 o'clock and the treble at Midday. I did post a thread about it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it on search... maybe got lost when the site transitioned Also, I have my TP's set for T/T/V/P which is much more friendly (for me) than V/V/T/T
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