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  1. He’s a class act, supremely talented and a nice bloke to boot. Deserves all his success. I used to hang out with him and the other guys from Rock Bottom in Croydon - he got me into their ‘house band’ Skittle Alley as he didn’t want the gig (not his kind of music at the time, it was rock/funk ironically). He also threw up in the back of my brand new car on the way back from a gig at the Lazy Toad in Beckenham. Took months for the smell to wane… Anyway, I’ll just park this here:
  2. I cannot bear the complete inability of some musicians (from any instrument discipline) to keep quiet between songs. But it’s 9 times out of 10 the guitarist in my years of experience. Learn your settings/effects/changes ad infinitum before the gig and if you need to retune between songs just mute yourself. It’s not difficult… Nothing worse than inane knob twiddling or egotistical fret w*nkery between songs when there should be disciplined quiet whilst the next song is introduced. Or, even better, segue cleanly and professionally into the next song. You don’t fork out 150 quid for top name tickets to see them p*ssing around unprofessionally before the first set or between songs. Neither should the causal pub goer or wedding guest be subjected to this. Anyway, rant over… 😡😂
  3. I have one of the HH 20th Anni models. Fantastic bass, so versatile.
  4. Played a small warmup gig at the end of June and next up is Tonbridge River Walk on the 10th September. After that we have a 24 night run from 1st October up to Halloween at our annual* Shocktoberfest residency. (* except for last year, of course…)
  5. Now that would have made for an interesting conversation during load in and set up!
  6. I never tried. But probably only once, like the proverbial elephant! 😄
  7. No sadly. I always thought it would have been a nice quirk for a tribute act but was never able to find anyone talented enough to play a convincing Mr Weller. Plus I was sh*te with a pick in those days…
  8. Shows you don’t have to be Prog to rock a Rick! Very cool pic! Dynasty was the Solar Records’ house band but also had hits of their own. They actually released some new material late last year that was up to date but still had ‘that sound’.
  9. Dynasty, Shalamar, Lakeside, The Whispers… all came out of the Solar Records stable so it’ll be Leon Sylvers again on bass and production. In fact pretty much exactly the same musicians involved all round I’d guess, including the fantastically named Wardell Potts Jnr on drums.
  10. More Leon F Sylvers III please! There are some cracking bass lines on the lesser known tracks on the Friends album (Help Me / I Don’t Wanna Be The Last to Know) plus some greats from the previous albums, like Sweeter As the Days Go By, I Owe You One, etc. Funky P bass with class! Thank you for this one!
  11. IMO the best episode of this fantastic series to date. Absolute genius songwriting (Seal) and arranging (Trevor Horn) for a song still played frequently on main stream radio. Unbelievable little gems almost hidden in the orchestration. Gave me chills…
  12. Incredible piece of kit from Boss. No special pickup required, no latency, standard 1/4” lead connectivity. 70 pre-set sounds, 99 patches for your own made via the editor plus downloadable sounds from the Boss Tone Central site. Purchased new 3 years ago and has been housed in our band’s dedicated rehearsal studio since, so perfect condition still (no velcro or sticky residue on the base). With original PSU, USB cable, manual and box. Thanks for any interest.
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