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  1. I had one exactly the same, same colour, as that. Bought new from the Bass Centre in ‘95 and traded back in for a Streamer Stage 1 5er in ‘99. Cracking bass that Fortress. Beautiful neck!
  2. Louis Johnson’s line on Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin
  3. She came slidin' down the alleyway like butter drippin' off a hot biscuit The aroma, the mean scent, was enough to arouse suspicion in even the Oldest of tigers that hung around the hot spot in those days The sight was beyond belief Many a head snapped for double--even triple--takes as this vivacious Feline made her her way into the delta of the alleyway where the most Virile of the young tabbies were known to hang out They hung in droves Such a multitude of masculinity could only be found in one place And that was O'Malley's Alley The air was thick with cat calls (no pun intended) But not even a muscle in her neck did twitch as she sauntered up into The heart of the alleyway She knew what she wanted She was lookin' for that stud bull She was looking for that he cat And that was me Tommy the Cat is my name and I say unto thee Say, baby, do you want to lay down with me? Say, baby, do you want to lay down by my side? Ah baby, do you want to lay down with me? Say, baby? Say, baby?
  4. And he still looks sooo cool! Interesting that BNH and MF Robots were on the same bill. Jan Kincaid (BNH co-founder and drummer) left them a couple of years ago and set up MFR. Obviously no hard feelings there with his old band mates. Great that you got to meet Bluey. A giant talent and absolute gent.
  5. Interesting choice of cover but they managed to pull it off quite well after a slightly nervous start from Mike! Nathan is such a tasty rythmn guitarist, nice sound here too. Equally as talented as his big bro in many respects.
  6. Off Topic... Meaningful vote #3,256. Predictions?
  7. Plays like triglyceride-rich bovine lactate lipid substitute.
  8. I’ve been curious about Rics for ages but never taken the plunge, mainly because my pick playing is pretty sh*te by gig standards. Anyway this thread got me interested again so at the weekend I popped into Guitar Guitar to have a nosey. They have 5 brand new 4003s in the Epsom store - a walnut with binding, a mapleglow with binding, 2 matte blacks - one with and one without binding - and a lefty fireglow. All 5 look absolutely stunning. I didn’t plug any in but noodled briefly on all 4 rightys acoustically but I was mainly interested in the build quality. All appeared really well built and finished (the matte black is particularly stunning) but on closer inspection... Of the 3 basses with binding, the walnut and matte black had clear ‘steps’ in the level between the plastic binding and the wood edge where they hadn’t been sanded completely smooth. This was mainly apparent on the top edge but also around the lower horn. The best of the bunch binding-wise was the mapleglow which was nigh-on perfect. In terms of general finish all 4 looked very good except for the fingerboard of the mapleglow which had some dust specks evident in gloss lacquer. The worst was the walnut where the finish around the edge of the top horn wasn’t actually finished. There were still what looked like sanding marks in the wood. Given that the basses range in price from £1,899 (matte black no binding) to £2,499 (matte black with binding) after GG discounts I would expect QC on instruments at this price point to be top notch but it’s apparent that flaws are getting through. The ‘small company’ excuse can’t really be used in justification when you have much smaller one man band luthiers turning out near flawlessly finished instruments. I would still love one but iconic looks and sound cannot make up for such poor QC on basses commanding 2 grand and over. I guess as others have said, you have to keep shopping until you find that good ‘in. My opinion only, of course.
  9. Although Seidah Garrett did a grand job on the “Shelter” album...
  10. Who’s doing drumming duties these days? Jan Kincaid left BNH a couple of years ago and set up MF Robots (spot the difference IMO...). Is Simon Bartholomew still in the band too? N’Dea was the sound of BNH for me, fantastic voice.
  11. Aahh sh*t... Sublimely tasteful, skilled guitarist - never flashy - and an extraordinary lyricist to boot. Something so often overlooked. Sleep well Boon. Thanks for your music, such a massive part of my life.
  12. I have a 34” long scale Series 2 and for an average build chappy it’s a slight stretch to the first fret but not too bad. I didn’t get the choice as mine wasn’t factory ordered by me but I would imagine the 32” would be quite nice and comfortable, assuming you’ve got a spare 22k sloshing around down your sofa cushions...ouch...! That is going to be a real beauty though, no doubt.
  13. Cachao was in there somewhere if I remember correctly?
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