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  1. IMO the best episode of this fantastic series to date. Absolute genius songwriting (Seal) and arranging (Trevor Horn) for a song still played frequently on main stream radio. Unbelievable little gems almost hidden in the orchestration. Gave me chills…
  2. Incredible piece of kit from Boss. No special pickup required, no latency, standard 1/4” lead connectivity. 70 pre-set sounds, 99 patches for your own made via the editor plus downloadable sounds from the Boss Tone Central site. Purchased new 3 years ago and has been housed in our band’s dedicated rehearsal studio since, so perfect condition still (no velcro or sticky residue on the base). With original PSU, USB cable, manual and box. Thanks for any interest.
  3. Just bought another head as a backup, arrived Thursday. Silly not to at that price - half what I paid for my current RH750 10 years ago. Fantastic piece of kit.
  4. Mary J Bilge (no that’s not an autocorrect) singing ‘felt behind’ instead of ‘left behind’ at around 1.45. One can only assume she was reading the lyrics and transposed a couple of letters in the moment. She gets it right second time around though.
  5. Mine took almost 18 months from order to delivery and that was back in 2007.
  6. No they’re standard ones, I just opted for plain ebony covers rather than the usual striped. The 3 micro switches are coil tap options and instead of the usual rotary selector I opted for the 3 button selector.
  7. Just ordered one as a spare. Half the price I paid for my current one 10 years ago. Silly not to...
  8. Shaping up nicely, lucky chap! Here’s my GA24 custom. Pics from JD website (better than my own!). 14 years old now but has been gigged very regularly over the years. So versatile and has a more tight focused sound to my ears than the Classic.
  9. Howard Hewett, one of my all time favourite vocalists. The bass player’s not too shabby either...
  10. Lucky chap! Look forward to the pics! I acquired this lovely Series 3 about a year ago. Wonderful bass, perfect weight and balance. Gigged it twice last year and have since added a D-tuner so that when our gigs resume in the autumn I have the option of leaving my Stingray 5 at home if needed. I’ve always loved Status basses, they’re just so rock solid and versatile. My first was a 4000 (resin body, bolt-on neck, weighed a bloody ton but sounded epic), followed by an all-wood Series 1 5 string and an early 90’s Series 2. Moved them all on after many years hard work but always regretted not having a Status. So I now have this one to complement my 30th Anniversary Series 2.
  11. And the late great Teena Marie. No tricks here or disco pony nonsense...
  12. Cheese but the way these 2 harmonise and let each other breathe through the song is pure quality.
  13. Channeling Karen Carpenter on this one but a great vocalist in her own right;
  14. That’s a real stunner, very classy. The crown headstock really works nicely with that body shape IMO.
  15. Easy! 😉 On/off pick up selector - small pointed knob below bridge Individual pickup volume x2 plus master volume - 3x knobs underneath Individual pickup ‘CVQ’ controls - 2x small pointed knobs underneath those Individual pickup filter controls - 2x knobs at bottom The large socket is for the 5 pin cable to the DS-5 power supply. Alternatively you can use a standard lead into the jack socket and rely on the onboard battery supply. If that’s too much then just turn everything up full and away you go!
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