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  1. Always loved that, thanks! Aah, the much missed Tommy Vance. AKA Richard Anthony Crispian Francis Prew Hope-Weston.... No wonder he adopted a stage name!
  2. I have a HH 20th Ann. SR5 that I bought secondhand around 7 years ago. Perfect condition. Cost me £1,300 back then so I would say £1,800 is expensive. Fantastic basses and I prefer the cleaner look without the massive scratch plate of the standard SR5.
  3. Bass is now sold. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and interest.
  4. See, this is what fascinates me about music and about everyone’s different ability levels and interpretations. The chugging 8th note section in bars 135-142 I had always heard as straight Bs. You hear, and notate, each bar as 4xB, 2xC and 2xA. Knowing this, when I listen to the original track I can hear that subtle difference where I’d never noticed it before. Do you isolate the tracks when you transcribe them or do you just hear things like that in the mix?
  5. Exactly! It’s dogged me for years! Great job, thanks very much!
  6. Thanks, she sure is! A couple of interested buyers now. The price might seem low to some but is in line with recent market research I carried out (ahem... eBay...) 😏
  7. Final price reduction. Now £4,000 cash. No offers, no trades. Cuttin’ me froat ‘ere but bass needs to sell.
  8. Not sure if you take requests but as a big fan of D i c k Nolan and It Bites a transcription of I Got You Eating Out of My Hand from the same album or Once Around The World from the album of the same name would be fantastic.
  9. White pickups. Make a bass look cheap and tacky. The SR5 30th Anniversary for example. What were they thinking with the stark white pup against aged white body? Ruins it completely for me.
  10. Well for what I need it for, much simpler! I just set everything pretty much flat, set the 5 way selector switch in the middle position and that’s it, unless I need a more plummy tone in which case the selector goes to full neck position. Loved the neck on that Arpege though. One it the most comfortable I’ve ever played.
  11. Glad to see you’re still in love with the Vigier after all these years! It’s a truly wonderful piece of kit and one I was really sad to part with. I replaced it with a Stingray 5 HH purely for more practical purposes to suit the band I’m in. I had noticed those tiny bleed marks and, like you, just passed them off as unique quirks of a boutique instrument.
  12. Revised price, trades no longer considered. Cash sale only please.
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