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  1. I agree entirely, even though (imho) it is their best track by a country mile.
  2. I received a bass from Andersons that was advertised as new that arrived scratched and damaged, I posted about it immediately. How the shop deals with the issue is one thing but the items leaving the shop in a state that is clearly not as advertised is another entirely. I think there is a trend of trying to fob people off with damaged gear and then offer a poor discount or similar (I was offered no discount whatsoever just a free lead!) in the hope that the customer won't want to go through the hassle of returning. The guy I spoke to at Andertons just reeled off his apology and paltry offer like he'd done it may times. I sent mine back and, oddly, PMT had a pristine version of the same bass in their warehouse £30 cheaper which arrived two days later in mint nick. Personally I think the initial sending out of damaged gear is a deliberate attempt to fob people off with seconds and is a separate (at least initially) issue from how it is subsequently dealt with.
  3. Agreed. In the brief spells that I've owned a couple of Sandbergs I have had excellent and speedy responses to any questions... 👍
  4. Don't put a spider plant on that one!
  5. Four groat = one furlong, unless, of course, you are outside church boundaries in which case three groat = an imperial fathom. See me afterwards @tauzero.
  6. That, Sir, looks like a vital piece of equipment from a 60s nuclear power station. Personally I love it, regardless of what it sounds like. I like your style. If I were gigging it I'd have a spider plant atop it for some reason, something about spider plants on top of things just says John Steed to me, looks a bit old but still has the class moves. Sorry, I'm a bit piśśed.
  7. I was about to say that, solid, no poncing about, interesting fills, but first and foremost he serves the song. There is no higher praise in my book, superb drummist.
  8. I was quite interested in Les Claypool's latest project...
  9. Welcome @josemanuelant. I wish my Spanish was half as good as your English.
  10. Who thought he was on the Reggae thread then...? Duh.
  11. Me too, just heard it on the latest Freak Zone. Cheers 👍
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