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  1. Phil has been using a Tech21 vt500 for a while but did say he hadn't got, and wasn't getting rid of the Peavey. Lots of treble in his sound, he always sounds the same, doesn't matter what amp or cab he goes through.
  2. Subhumans in Cheltenham, Phil was back on the heavy rig last night.
  3. Subhumans, tonight in Cheltenham.
  4. Not an ABM but it's about the same size racked.
  5. The Exploited at The Fleece, Bristol.
  6. For anyone thinking about a cab from Barefaced, just seen an Instagram post for a 20% discount at Barefaced, enter the code, NOTBLACKFRIDAY At the checkout.
  7. doomed

    Show us your rig!

    Gave the old Bass Terror a run out at practice tonight..
  8. The Macc Lads tonight in Bristol.
  9. While I wouldn't say weird, my Mrs gets her share of nuisance/selling calls. She had one a few months back that she put on speaker phone, Caller, "It's about your accident... blah blah," Mrs, "I haven't had an accident for 20yrs thanks." Caller, "Oh, what about any family members?" Me, "Yes. I had a nasty accident last night..." Caller, "You did Sir??, can I ask what happened, you could be entitled to compensation.." Me, "Well, I drank 15 pints of strongbow and sh*t my pants..." Cue scream of laughter from the phone speaker and she hung up... 🤔
  10. I've been listening to Richard (make that Di*k) Lucas's lyrics most of my life, always thought provoking.
  11. I use my phone mostly these days.
  12. Had one since it was launched, it's a great amp, it'll give you any tone you want and there's shed loads of power there, I haven't noticed anything lacking with either of my cabs at 4 or 8ohms.
  13. Looks great, I'd like a case for my Head of Doom just to save having to have it in a rack case, if it had a nice wood/tolex sleeve like the ABM, so you could just buy a slip cover to go over it, it would be perfect.
  14. We play metal so naturally it's loud, we were playing a hometown gig a couple of years ago and some blokes walked in mid song, pushed their way through the assembled crowd who had actually come to see us, in this local known rock/metal pub, and went to the bar... When we'd finished the song one of them comes over and says, "Turn it down!", I looked at our guitarist and laughed as did he, and replied, "You best f**k off while we play the next song, because your night isn't going to end well if you're still here when we finish it." Job done.
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