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    I would think the reason behind Thomann's pricing is likely to be that Quilter have, or are in, the process of shifting amp production to China, they posted about it last week on their FB page, it's to ensure the long term survival of the company as they are sharing qsc's facility at the moment, they also stated that quality will remain as is and not be affected in any way. Whatever, the Bass Block is a monster of an amp, it doesn't want for anything compared to any of my other amps, if we're travelling any distance to a gig or going in a car it's usually what I take, it sounds immense through the Four10 or the Dubster.
  2. Show us your rig!

    Had a lightweight night last gig.
  3. 2 x 15" set up

    Now and again I get the Dubster out..
  4. Show us your rig!

    A green practice this evening...
  5. Anyone for a new valve head?

    My Matamp is loud, but as you say this thing must be ridiculous, it must also weigh a ton. I'd like to be able to justify one but I can't. 😆
  6. Something to make your trousers flap sir? 580w before clipping and £4k (I had to ask when they put it on their FB page) http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/04/22/hiwatt-unveils-dr401-400w-bass-head-at-musikmesse/
  7. Gauge/tuning question

    We play in drop b, I tend to buy fender 5 string sets (I forget the product code but they have a taperwound B and E) and use those with the .110 removed. Gives a good sound and they last well too.
  8. Orange OB1 - Any thoughts?

    Will you use the gain/blend side of it? If not I would say have a go on the 4stroke, I think if that had been launched at the same time as the OB series I may well have bought one of those instead, I know it's a bit dearer but there's a fair bit more eq available.
  9. Orange OB1 - Any thoughts?

    Had one since they launched, I don't tend to use the gain/blend side of it much but it's there If needed. Other than that it's a good amp, more versatile tone wise than the Terror Bass that it replaced in their range which is still a great amp if you like it's sound. It's loud too.
  10. MM style pickup recommendations

    Think it's the £25 one, same spec just the pole pieces are covered.
  11. MM style pickup recommendations

    There you go, http://www.retrovibe.co.uk/parts/pickups.html
  12. MM style pickup recommendations

    The pickup in my Retrovibe Evo is pretty good, and passive too, I believe he sells them as an aftermarket part.
  13. Cheap Jazz type bass

    I've got a Harley Benton 75 and a J&D that arrived a couple of weeks ago they're both superb vfm but I must admit to preferring the J&D as it's much lighter than the HB and on looking inside, the wiring was of a better quality than the HB as standard, I replaced the HB wiring with a kiogon loom before I gigged it ( I would now happily gig it anywhere ) but all I've done with the J&D is set it up in drop B and put new strings on to suit, I gigged it last Friday and it got several compliments on it's sound and looks ( it's a surf green ).
  14. Show us your rig!

    Tonight's gig rig, not lacking in any dept.
  15. Advice Needed Amp Repair

    Who is handling Hartke these days? Is it still Korg UK? If it is I wish you the best of luck, and don't cut them any slack whatsoever, I wouldn't wish the experience I had with them when my Kilo packed in after less than 8hrs use on anyone.