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  1. This. Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed 🙂.
  2. Hope it's ok to share this here, a friend in Sweden has had this stolen, it's unique, there's only one of this configuration. It obviously looks like a 'R' but it's made by Inferno Guitars from Australia I believe, anyway he'd understandably like it back if anyone comes across it. Cheers. Lundgren pickups. Peace sign inlays with 'Slemmy' across 12th fret. Also has Patrik's signature on rear of headstock.
  3. I have a fair range of heads to choose from but I tend to gig with the Quilter more often than the other stuff as a lot of our gigs are quick turnaround multi band affairs, so the Quilter makes sense for portability and convenience, I tend to run my Sansamp VTDI into the rear line in and in all honesty if you didn't look over your shoulder you'd be hard pressed to tell you weren't going through an all Ampeg rig. It lacks nothing imo.
  4. Quilter Bassblock 800, mine into my 8ohm Four10 is phenomenally loud and not lacking in any way, you can either go straight in to the front or use a preamp and bypass the Quilter's own eq section by going into the xlr on the rear.
  5. You will find that you won't lack any of the aforementioned words when using the Quilter, I have a few good amps to choose from, and the Quilter is up there with any of them when delivering oomph, heft, the brown note, b**l*cks or whatever else you want to call it, especially through a Barefaced. It will do it through anything else I've connected mine to as well, so don't let that stop you from looking at other cabs.
  6. These 2 have just closed out after 19 years and over a thousand gigs.
  7. I bought a version 1 V3 a while back, just before the version 2's were announced as it happened, nothing to touch it at the price or a good bit more imo.
  8. Going to see South Wales finest 'wrong uns' Trigger McPoopshute on Saturday night in their home town/venue The Dolls House, Abertillery. After that probably Windhand in Bristol in a couple of weeks.
  9. doomed

    Postman's been..

    Also, it will put my mind at ease when using other cabs as we often do at backline share gigs, I know my own cabs can take what we do but sometimes I've had to drastically wind back on the bass when using other cabs. Be prepared to wait a few weeks if you do order, you won't hear anything after you order, your PayPal receipt will come through and unless you email Max you'll hear nothing till he ships, everything is built on order.
  10. doomed

    Postman's been..

    Tried it out this evening at practice, warp volume 12 as ever, it does what it says on the box. Tightened up the bottom end noticeably even to my not exactly sensitive ears, glad I took the plunge.
  11. doomed

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    Dont know about a review, that wouldn't be my forte, I'll let you know if I hear any significant difference though. 😄
  12. doomed

    Postman's been..

    Been reading about this thing for a while so decided to take the plunge as we play in drop b, not going to do any harm for sure...
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