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  1. I also played one of these today (good old Pirate Studios): I was pleasantly surprised. (Never been much of an Ashdown in the past) - this had a damn good punch to it coupled with the 4-10 "evo" cab.
  2. I owned one very similar, was a fantastic bass. Good luck with the sale!
  3. [quote name='kudlaty.bass' timestamp='1499171553' post='3329654'] Do you read private messages? [/quote] Yes indeed
  4. Few offers on the table, but still available for collection if anyone is interested in coming down!
  5. Very nice indeed!!! If I wasn't currently downsizing the collection then I'd have some serious temptation going on! Good luck with the sale man!
  6. - BASS NOW SOLD - [sup][b]Fender 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 5 Jazz V[/b][/sup] Made in the Good'ol U.S.of A Serial number N5102801 244 of 500 made (1996-2000, I can't confirm what the specific year is) All gold hardware, very "bling-bling", featuring gold pickup cover. All frets in good condition, truss rod working fine. All electronics and both pickups are good, with that nice jazz bark. I have the action currently set pretty low. Currently strung with rotostrings, personally not that impressed with them, but haven't justified changing them as this bass hasn't been getting much use. The back of the neck has some slight dings in the top layer of finish (which were present when I purchased it), probably noticeable on the thumb at first, but after a while you forget they are there. No other major imperfections asides from the usual buckle rash etc to be expected from a bass of this age. Reason for sale - this is my least played bass, which sadly has to be sacraficed for motorbike funds! Comes with Fender hard case and original tools/manuals etc. Neck at nut 48mm 19mm string spacing 9.5" radius fretboard 1" neck depth at the 12 fret Location - East Bristol, you are more than welcome to come and try her out. I'm prepared to drive to meet within reason to cut down on courier costs. This bass was originally couriered to myself, so this can be arranged if necessary (at buyers expense). Further photos / soundclips etc available on request. NO TRADES - thanks, but need to downsize the collection!
  7. Just to put this to bed - today I splashed out on the BK3. First impressions are very good, a big upgrade from what I had before! I am already intriguing by the BK7 though!!
  8. There's a lot of food for thought here from everyone, again this is massively appreciated on my end. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the more "fuzzy" overdriven sound and I'm also more than aware of the modern habit metal bands seem to have of over-scooping everything (guitar and bass included). It seems very cliche typing this out, but even in a single band environment, not every song is going to have the same sonic dynamic requirements, let alone for varying parts of individual songs! As a rule of thumb though, for my sound I seek a powerful bass, with an almost throaty overdrive, all the while maintaining the low pump and thwack for each time I hit the strings. The only real way to test which piece of equipment is best suited for this is to put it through the paces all full pelt with the rest of the band!
  9. Manton custom guitars are an excellent service if you require some repairs beyond your own capabilities! They replaced the Truss Rod in my Warwick neck, at under half the price that Warwick quoted to carry out the same work. An excellent job was done in good time, with excellent communication and a fair price. Highly recommended. P.S Sorry for the LATE feedback!!
  10. Thanks for all the feedback - its much appreciated! My band is in a metal competition, with the winners getting a place at the Bloodstock festival. I think this justifies spending the money!!!
  11. Hello all, I'm currently very tempted to splash the cash on a Darkglass preamp effect. Either the BK3 or BK7. Has anyone got experience of these? I play in a heavy metal band, which requires a lot of distorted sounds. However, I am not happy with losing the true low end power and clarity. Just from researching, the Darkglass products seem to give what I am looking for. If anyone has any other suggestions then please let me know!
  12. I own one of these bad boys, I can vouch for its quality. There is good clarity on the low B string in particular.
  13. I picked one of these up recently as a cheaper alternative to a Dingwall. Anyone would be getting a hell of a lot of bass for the money. Very playable, that low B is clear and tight.
  14. Thank you to all for the support, I really appreciate all the feedback - unfortunately I've been away with work so not had a chance to take this any further. The bass is a 2006 model (serial is [color=#444444][font=Calibri][size=4]H 128405 06[/size][/font][/color][color=#444444][font=Calibri][size=4])[/size][/font][/color] [color=#444444][font=Calibri][size=4]My first point of call is going to contact warwick to see if they will replace with an exchange. 2nd point of call will be arrange for a skilled individual to fix her up. [/size][/font][/color] [color=#444444][font=Calibri][size=4]I'll post some updates when she's getting her medicine![/size][/font][/color]
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