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  1. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1461594368' post='3035923'] You could try and find some nail varnish that is a good match and drop fill the damaged area. The trouble here is finding a good match - in which case a colour analyser app like this might help [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jenspetervester.coloranalyzer&hl=en_GB"]https://play.google....alyzer&hl=en_GB[/url] [/quote] I never thought of that. Could be a good idea if I can find the right colour. I guess I could always put some form of vinyl design over it too.
  2. Ive had my Yamaha RBX374 for a good few years now and its starting to show signs of wear and tear (A few knicks and rashes here and there) which is fine. But lately I've noticed one particular knick which has really annoyed me. [attachment=217785:WP_20160425_14_41_30_Rich_LI.jpg] The front of the body has been in perfect condition for years and all of a sudden I notice that an almost perfectly round dink out of the paint. It's the only mark on the front and due to the fact its so unnatural looking it really stands out (to me). Its one of those things that now I've noticed it I cant unsee it! I'm not sure what to do about it. I thinking of covering it up some how or even making it worse just so it doesn't look so perfect! The practical option I guess is to just embrace it and accept that its there and move on. But for me that's the toughest option! Its not even that big. But its there! What would you guys do?
  3. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1457972657' post='3003541'] Hi, have you fitted these to a bass, or tested them? Just wondering what the output was like? I remember hearing someone play a Tokai P bass It had a huge output.... [/quote] No these haven't been fitted. They were for a build project that never happened in the end. I did buy them from someone on here though! Ill see if I can find who it was and ask them.
  4. [quote name='NoLogic69' timestamp='1457902344' post='3002908'] Hi, Any idea how old it is? Cheers [/quote] Would even be able to hazard a guess sorry! Bought it from a basschatter a few years ago. Is in very good condition though.
  5. Rosewood fretboards. Maple fretboards with block inlays. P/J config. Double Humbuckers. Translucent colours. Matching Headstocks. 4 or 5 strings. Active/Passive switch. Straplocks. Low battery LED indicator.
  6. Most of my pet hates can be summed up in the MM Bongo. There is nothing aesthetic I like about that thing, Imo it's fugly. Stingrays with two humbuckers. Single cuts. Pearl pickguards. Headless basses. Massive bridges (Traben for example) Headstocks that don't match. Fake heavy relicing. Small headstocks. Fretboards that's half fretted and half fretless (Ibanez did one. Just no.)
  7. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1457730058' post='3001465'] Not sure about the grey PG, but for 140 you can get it and change the PG. The photographer does a top job there too. As I frequently say: the great thing about basses is they are so cheap. Yet the worst thing about basses is they are so cheap. [/quote] I would like to see a matte black or if its well painted underneath then maybe a clear pickguard?! I've never tried a Harley Benton bass but I've heard pretty good things about them.
  8. Yea I'm particularly taken by the P/J. I've always loved the look of them and this is one of the prettiest I've seen! Although I would be quite happy with either and for about £140! I bet they aint bad either!
  9. Just flicking through the Thomman website (which we all know is very dangerous!) and I came across this beauty! [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_jb_70_rosewood_deluxe_series.htm"]http://www.thomann.d...luxe_series.htm[/url] Wilkinson hardware and even comes with Daddario strings fitted. May take a punt for the sake of £140!
  10. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1457696933' post='3001019'] Maybe bland is too strong a word, but when i was trying out the 305 and 505 together i liked the tone of the 305 more. The reason i want for the 505 was the nicer look (dont like gloss much) and the fact that the bass would run without a battery if needed. [/quote] I do get what you mean. I would describe it as a very clean tone. I have an RBX374 and it has more grit in its tone for sure. Both very good instruments with a good range of tones between them. Haven't tried a 304/5 yet. Are they anything like the RBX374? I assume the pickups are the same?
  11. It is very good using pedals. I use it without pedals and through a Hartke LH500. I've never found it bland i found it has a lot of presence and plenty of mid range growl.
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