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  1. My main pre amp for a few years. on a cased pedal board so in v good condition. The Radial power supply is in brand new unused condition as the pedal was powered from the board supply. insured p&p £10.00 The Bassbone OD is a bass preamp that features two fully-equipped input channels, each with separate level and EQ controls and a shared overdrive. Toggle between any two basses or 2 chanels for one bass. Individual EQ controls for each bass. Headphone output for silent practice. Built-in Radial DI with balanced output for the PA. PZB booster and piezo input for upright bass.
  2. I bought this from Vintage n Rare Guitars in Bath and it has been in its case since then. It's in very good condition with some lovely figuring on the carved top which I havnt been able to photograph. There is a small ammout of buckle rash but nothing that has gone through the finish. IMHO this is a very vibey rock n roll bass with a heavy versatile sound.... This is the original advert "Thunderous sounding Gibson Les Paul Bass from 2000 – this is the second version of the Les Paul Bass with a chambered body and passive TB Plus ceramic humbuckers. Also features a carved maple top, mahogany neck and body with an ebony fingerboard and a 34” scale length. In excellent condition with the original Gibson hard case." https://reverb.com/uk/item/22656992-gibson-les-paul-bass-2000?locale=en-GB Shipping to be arranged.
  3. The Bassbone OD, from highly regarded Canadian builders Radial, combines a preamp, overdrive, equaliser, DI box and switcher/combiner, which can accommodate a broad range of signal types. As you’d expect from Radial, the build quality is excellent: it’s reassuringly weighty, and all the knobs and switches have a solid, consistent feel.
  4. Awesome ~ I should be able to get £600 today and maybe pop round tonight. If not I can come on Thursday...
  5. Used for about 10 gigs and some rehearsals. As with all early BF cabs the tolex has shrunk a little. A small orange mark on the back and a surface scratch on the top,both pictured. Top of the range Roqsolid padded cover.
  6. Do you you mean the Ashbory. I have borrowed one and it did have a deep unique sound and was fun.
  7. That would be very nice. Rare I'm guessing?
  8. I'd love to have a Thunderbird but as my hair has been falling out my bass has been getting higher n a Tbird would definitely look daft sat on my beer gut :-)
  9. Yes, always been a fan of Japanese instruments. This song was recorded with an Ibanez SR500 DI'd. I convert the 4 string basses I play to BEAD, tried a 5 but couldn't get it.
  10. Thanks for the Yamaha link Al Krow. I've just managed to buy one of the last Yamaha BB714BS Billy Sheehan Signature basses in the country. Very happy :-)
  11. Hi folks I'm looking for a new bass that will give me a very deep low for live and recording. At the moment I'm playing live with a 73 Telecaster humbucker bass which is not great for recording. For recording I'm using an Ibanez SR1400 but I don't get on with the skinny neck however the Nordstrand Big Single pickups sound great. Thanks in advance. Klive Ampeg SCR DI. Orange AD200 amp + 2x Barefaced Four10's
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