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  1. I'm pretty sure her husband emailed me once when he was commander in chief of the Nigerian army, he was wanting to share his good fortune by giving me several million US dollars in exchange for the use of my bank account...
  2. Take your pick from anything by Subhumans/Culture Shock/Citizen Fish Also 2 Sick Monkeys, no guitars, just a bass and drums.
  3. Phil from Subhumans who it turned out had got it from Dave Edwardson of Neurosis Aaron Beam from Red Fang Doyle from The Misfits Matt Pike from High On Fire Scott Roberts from The Take and formerly of Biohazard.
  4. We tended toward that end with our first band, Not as much with the second band, but the influences still showed. Don't know what will happen now Kev has passed away, we had an album set to record just as lockdown came ☹️.
  5. I'm listening to our own stuff, something I rarely do, we said goodbye to our guitarist and more importantly friend yesterday, he passed away from covid on January 23rd.
  6. 23rd September 1985, Husker Du's 2nd UK gig, Stow Hill Labour Club Newport , think they had played once in London before that. It was good.
  7. Here's my Matamp on top my Dubster, I'm not sure if the Dubster was a little wider than the 2x12 cabs or the same dimensions, anyway the Matamp is 24"ish wide and just about sits there safely, depends on the position of the amp's feet really. I usually use the Matamp with a Four10 but it will sit on the Dubster, it's not like it's going anywhere once it's in position. EDIT - Just looked up dimensions, Dubster is 21" wide rather than 19" so you're going to have a bit more overhang either side than me. You may have to move the amp's feet or add more inside the ones fitted. OR.... get another Supertwin and run the Ashdown at 2 ohms 😁
  8. Quilter is what I generally pick up if we're travelling and space is tight, it delivers in spades.
  9. As above, I went to the organ grinder when I got no satisfaction from the monkey, with my Kilo, the b*llsh*t I got from Korg uk was endless so I thought, 'right they say it's with Hartke USA, I'll email and find out what's going on', surprise, Hartke had no clue what was going on after looking into it, and kindly referred me back to my 'local' distributor with a very 'don't bother us' seeming email. I didn't lose out as DV247 did the right thing after a few more weeks of lies from Korg and let me pick another head from their inventory, which was at the time nearly £200 more than the Kilo so I was happy. But I wouldn't personally p*ss on Hartke if they were on fire after that experience.
  10. Pete Butler, 2 Sick Monkeys. Just a bass and drums.
  11. There are 2 versions, due to the seemingly endless squabbling between Harley and John Joseph, but Harley won the rights to the name a while back, John Joseph's version hasn't produced any new material, whereas Harley seems to be rejuvenated.
  12. You can still get the 'Everything' box set direct from D. Lucas via the Citizen Fish/Subhumans site 👍
  13. I had pretty much same experience as mrtcat, I bought a Kilo when they launched it, within 8hrs of light use it was f****d and the then distributor, not the current one I would add for clarity, and Hartke themselves were worse than useless, full of sh^t would be putting it politely. In the end after over 2 months of crap the retailer did the right thing.
  14. Phil has been using a Tech21 vt500 for a while but did say he hadn't got, and wasn't getting rid of the Peavey. Lots of treble in his sound, he always sounds the same, doesn't matter what amp or cab he goes through.
  15. Subhumans in Cheltenham, Phil was back on the heavy rig last night.
  16. Subhumans, tonight in Cheltenham.
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