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  1. Yeah, if Nancy and drugs hadn’t got to him he’d probably have got there.
  2. From image alone I`m sure Sid Vicious had an impact on many of us, he sure did on me. In the video for Pretty Vacant I though he looked great. He probably inspired many to pick up the bass, without ever really getting to grips with it himself. Also Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses always had that cool aura about him, as did Sami Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks.
  3. Was fortunate enough to see The Sweet at Rebellion in 2015. Not sure which version it was (Steve Priests or Andy Scotts) but they were great, and very surreal to see punks & skins line-dancing to stuff like Wig Wam Bam.
  4. Yes, that's the one. I`ve loved that bassline since I first heard it back then, but for some reason never even got to thinking about learning til now.
  5. Thread resurrection time. Heard Girls & Boys on the radio earlier and thought would give it a go - man what a great bassline to play, though have to admit my fingers are tripping over each other much like a Laurel & Hardy film. I`ll get it, but for now have decided learning it on my Jazz bass is the way forward.
  6. I have no need of, so won’t be buying a Fender Precision in sunburst/maple with gold anodised scratch-plate - but I really want one.
  7. Great amps, I tried one at Ashdown HQ and you could just tell it’s one of those amps that will sit in the mix perfectly. If I weren’t both in a non-gigging band and offloading I’d go for that. The Geezer also has the bonus of looking like eyes on a darkly lit stage due to the two VU meters.
  8. Edit - just saw your post above Silvia, si have deleted my comments although they were in jest
  9. The Affinity range is often overlooked being the cheapest in Squiers range, but properly set up they are great guitars. Our old producer had one at his studio and I couldn`t get over just how well it played. Def worth checking out.
  10. Given the sad passing of Dave Greenfield, as well as the current situation with C19 and venue issues I’d think it unlikely.
  11. Doing it for the buzz maybe? I’ll get my cloak....
  12. Totally awesome track, bringing the bass to the forefront rather than an in the background supporting role.
  13. That is a really good point, often gear that sounds so-so at home levels or isolated sounds brilliant in the mix.
  14. That would be a good purchase, the RM range is great.
  15. I always make sure my hands are clean before playing my basses, I figure on this being the next best thing and easier to put into practice.
  16. From what I’ve read clarity and zing is indeed EBS territory.
  17. It will be difficult to beat the Fender Rumble for the requirements.
  18. Nice one Dave, def up for that once you have it back.
  19. Sounds like patience could be my virtue then.
  20. I’m still umming & ahing about the Spectradrive, they just don’t seem to come up used so looks like I’ll have to shell out for new.
  21. I liked my LMIII, however loved my LMT (tube). The tube didn’t do much, but it just gave the sound a sprinkling of “life”.
  22. Beautiful, have to repeat to myself constantly that I do not need this.
  23. Sounds like an ideal amp to take to gigs as a backup.
  24. Yes, def a Stewart Copeland type sound to them.
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