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  1. It's a work of art but needs to be played ,I'm more suited to my Shuker 4 strings
  2. Funny you should say that , I've suggested it .
  3. Firstly this rig can go really loud ...With the tilt back it's a really really easy to shift around ,I'm 6ft 4 & I don't have to stoop when pulling it along compared to the Barefaced super 12t ...the reassessed side handle is in a well balanced position & makes it easy to lift into a car for eg.... Personally I just slide it I t the back of my carpeted mini bus floor ...... I've been playing it all afternoon & love it .
  4. I much rather prefer this design for near monitoring / height & moving around
  5. I've just ordered one along with a RM500 evo 'll ,I'll report back
  6. Has any one tried one yet?
  7. I have a vintage acoustic & I've found all the cheaper acoustic basses have poor intonation .
  8. Been looking at this ,on the first riff some think the last 3 notes are F & some A ,I can't decide sounds slightly out of tune to me .
  9. Home mainly but might join in on the odd acoustic pub gig .
  10. Looking for recommendations £500-£1k .thanks .
  11. There is a make called Knops ,they allow you to control the ambient volume ...I don't gig for a living & I just don't enjoy the sound when wearing my ACS plugs So I'm going too stop .I might treat myself to a nice acoustic for home ,any suggestions?
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