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  1. Kevin Dean

    Shuker 5 String

  2. Kevin Dean

    ACS ear protecton

    I went for a test & it's fine apart from the fact I've had mild tinnitus for the past 3 weeks since my drummer wacked a drum right in my ear when setting up .
  3. Kevin Dean

    ACS ear protecton

    On the last gig I used Pro 17 They cut 15 db across all the frequency range , I had been using Pro 10s they cut only about 5db on the lower range & 15db on the higher .The guy that fitted them at spec Savers said that He played in bands & preferred these .
  4. Kevin Dean

    ACS ear protecton

    I've done a bout 20 gigs with the Pro 10 & 17s for me the difference is that all the overtones harmonics (zing) punch is lost ,When I play at very low volume I don't loose all these tones . Also on the drums I can hardly hear the cymbals . As it clearly is a case of protecting my hearing I think I'll just stop gigging as I can't see the point of spending a considerable amount on amps & not being able to enjoy the sound they produce .I'll give them another 6 months .
  5. Kevin Dean

    ACS ear protecton

    Does anyone use these ? I've recently started using them & yes I can hear everything on the same level But I just can't get into the atmosphere of what a gig should be, something is missing ?
  6. The LEDs have a off /normal / bright switch .
  7. Kevin Dean

    Shuker 5 String

  8. Kevin Dean

    Shuker J J Burnel Signature P

    Superb bass a real workhorse , I have number 26 .& great value for money.
  9. I hope people don't over look this due to the extremely low price , it's worth a lot more .
  10. Kevin Dean

    String life

    I'm on my 2nd gig with them I agree .
  11. Kevin Dean

    String life

    what about wearing a glove ?
  12. Kevin Dean

    Shuker 5 String

  13. Kevin Dean

    String life

    Apart from coated strings , what makes some strings last longer than others , sweat & dead skin must effect a any set of round wounds in the same way surely ? & would wearing a glove like Scott what his name help ?