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  1. The only problem I've had with mine is the clip snapped off...I mainly use mine for sound checks .
  2. The Spec TN Elite 6 - 34" Wenge/ Sycamore/buckeye burl body. Wenge Maple Neck, Rio F/board Seymour Duncan ASB-1 p/ups Side leds
  3. The Spec 34" 24 frets 5 piece maple/Wenge laminate neck Rose wood F/board Maple headstock veneer Two way truss rod medium frets tinted Satin Laquer finish tuners swamp ash body quilted maple top sunburst finish gloss lacuer EMG 3.0 J set EMG BQC cicuit Individual Bridge units Black Hardware
  4. I've only just noticed ....but I'll leave it
  5. Overeater OS050. One of their first models ..I got it around 1981 ,I got it from new the neck was twisted ,I sent it back in its new case & came back in an old case ,the neck was straighter but there was no tension in the neck it felt like the truss rod was broken ,I felt as though my complaints were ignored ,so never again ..
  6. I've had it for about 4 years & have never used it ,James Crofts had it made for him , Jon Shuker could tell you .
  7. I'd consider an exchange with a Status 4 string i'd prefer black but lets see .
  8. It's a work of art but needs to be played ,I'm more suited to my Shuker 4 strings
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