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  1. I found exactly the same thing , I ended up with two 12" Ashdown RM cabs & considerably cheaper .
  2. I've got a mate after a ABM neo or standard head & RM cabs , cheers
  3. i was using Ashdown ABM400 (digital version of a ABM500) but I'm now using a Ashdown RM500 & I'm really happy with it .
  4. I haven't played finger style for years & years ....I've been asked to play "Hit me with your rhythm stick " ..can this be played with a plectrum or am I wasting my time ?
  5. Chris Squire ...I naively asked Him if JJ Burnel was a big influence on him when I was a nipper He had attitude & liked that .
  6. The only problem I've had with mine is the clip snapped off...I mainly use mine for sound checks .
  7. The Spec TN Elite 6 - 34" Wenge/ Sycamore/buckeye burl body. Wenge Maple Neck, Rio F/board Seymour Duncan ASB-1 p/ups Side leds
  8. The Spec 34" 24 frets 5 piece maple/Wenge laminate neck Rose wood F/board Maple headstock veneer Two way truss rod medium frets tinted Satin Laquer finish tuners swamp ash body quilted maple top sunburst finish gloss lacuer EMG 3.0 J set EMG BQC cicuit Individual Bridge units Black Hardware
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