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  1. Hi , No the feet don't fit I use a rubber matt .
  2. I have a CTM100 & it's very stable on top , I agree it looks odd but then if you were in an up & coming band everyone would want that look .
  3. Easily , & I have the ABM 1000 to compare it to .
  4. No , I thought I was getting that one but they did me an amazing deal on a new one .I wish I had this amp years ago .
  5. I popped into Ashdown yesterday to buy a CTM 100 & they repaired my ABM1000 & serviced my LB550 while I waited. They gave me a tour & I can't believe how much time Mark , Dan & the team gave me .They even tried to fix the clutch on my Van .lol. I love this company for loads of reasons , They take great pride in what they do & over the years they actually listen to the customer & act upon it . I think what ever make you use now you should A/B it against an Ashdoown .
  6. I need to send some basses to the Gallery in Camden , looking for recommendations .Thanks .
  7. For the pair ,tweeters also upgraded .
  8. Two 12" Ashdown RM cabs with Sica 700w upgrade drivers . one has a metal grill & a cover . collection only or can meet at ferry terminal .
  9. Good working order , Graphic could do with some switch cleaner , I got this several years ago 2nd hand had it serviced but never gigged it . Collection only but could meet at ferry terminal .
  10. 8 ohm As new with Rocsolid cover. Collect only I could meet at ferry terminal .
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