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  1. For me its the Ashdown Retroglide . I would also put the ABM up there but It's got a valve in it .
  2. The only site that has what I want in stock , But it's not a secure site ? has anyone else noticed this ?
  3. Kevin Dean


    9.6 lbs , I'll probably move it on because I just can't get on with the 5 string , but I love looking at it .
  4. This is what is on the back of the pickups SPB-1 & STK-J2B ?
  5. I could have bought that & made £1k on it but didn't feel right .
  6. They just seem weak / no punch compaired to my shuker basses that are passive .The bar is a Roland GR55 pick up .
  7. No , they are passive , I'm looking to upgrade as they don't seem that great compared to my other passive basses .
  8. looking for recommendations for a good PJ set passive or active ( I've never had active before ).
  9. I bought it several years ago on hear ,I think it's double sided tape , I've upgraded the bridge & tuners & I'm considering upgrading the pick ups as they seem a bit weak compared to my other passive basses .
  10. Is there anyway of telling what model these are ,They are passive .
  11. Kevin Dean


    In natural light it looks pretty solid black & to my eyes looks really nice you can hardly see that finish , The P models are passive .
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