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  1. can't go wrong with Ashdown plus there will be back up .
  2. I look after my Shukers & Status but for some reason I've completely neglected this poor thing .
  3. I work out all my stuff on this ....I'll be thrown off of this site for this
  4. Go to a shop ? that's why i'm doing it & don't want to add to the problems the post office is having .
  5. For the first time in flip knows ,I'm going to boil my acoustic bass strings ...any tips welcome .
  6. I've got a 3x10 ......or 2 1x12 RM cabs ...or 2x15 RM cabs & a DB 1x12 somewhere .....the 3x 10 is my fav .
  7. Ashdown ABM400 or ABM1000 discontinued but pop up now & again ..GREAT VALUE & A GREAT AMP .
  8. I can't drive at the moment due to a detached shoulder after a cycling prang , but if you're ever coming to Portsmouth I'll pop over on the ferry .
  9. Could I have dimensions please
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