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  1. Mental Preparation for Gigs

    Going to the correct venue always helps , unlike my band on Sat night ,I pulled up to British Legion club turns out it was completely the wrong town & not even a British Legion Club ...other members not being organised makes me anxious ,saying things like can we play this in a different key tonight & bringing a second guitar on the basis that it's pre tuned for a certain song & its still in it's case & not tuned but they swap guitars anyway?
  2. Neo v Standard speakers

    I've recently experimented with 20 different types of plectrum ..& 8 different fingers & two thumbs
  3. DR Neons

    But all bright punchy tone I like has gone , I play plectrum style . I suppose they might be OK for other styles , just not for me , they sounded OK on the first gig , definitely not worth the money in my opinion .
  4. DR Neons

    My opinion after 3 gigs is that they are like playing strings coated in toffee , compared to my Newtone strings that have done 6 gigs & a lot more rehearsals ..I thought they looked cool though .
  5. rack tuners

    I was wondering what the TC unit would be like at a gig thanks .
  6. rack tuners

    I have a Korg pitch black rack , & Peterson Strobe , But was thinking of just using my TC clip on hat I use on my acoustic at Home .
  7. rack tuners

    Before I order a new 3U rack case I'd be interested to know if most people just use a TC clip on these days pros & cons , cheers.
  8. Neo v Standard speakers

    & I've a large selection in those .
  9. Neo v Standard speakers

    But I use a plectrum
  10. Neo v Standard speakers

    I'm also an engineer & I use words like Good or crap
  11. Neo v Standard speakers

    Lol , with these speakers there is very little difference in the weight , the actual cab yes Plus I can not get the bass out put even with the bass turned all the way up with the sic neo speaker in the lighter cab ..I have to cover a lot of styles & use a Roland GR55 & the simple solution is to use the speaker that suites me .
  12. Neo v Standard speakers

    Yes The Neo speaker in the sealed cab it came with sounds great its just a bit heavy for me ..But putting the Neo into the smaller sealed RM cab it lost a lot of bass compared to the original ceramic driver ...earlier today I tried the same with some 12" cabs & had the same results I'm not saying that one sounded better than the other just very different ..It all goes to show how complicated this stuff is .
  13. Neo v Standard speakers

    I've been using a Ashdown ABM1000 digital head 1000w RMS 2000w peak & I had my 12" root masters upgrade with Sica neo drivers to handle it .I've started using My ABM neo 400 ,500w rms 1000w peak as it has a different voicing more suited to the type of stuff I'm doing at the moment , with a RM15" & 2x10RM cabs ..as I have another ABM15 neo cab that I don't use only because of the weight , I thought as it has a higher speck driver I'll put the 15" neo into my RM cab .what I found interesting was that the White RM speaker placed in the ABM cab sounded virtually the same but obviously at a lower watt rating , But the Sica 15" put into the RM cab had a lot less bass than the White line speaker when I thought it would have the opposite effect .
  14. Or the handles ....oh .
  15. OKKO Motorbass (Lemmy pedal)

    I threatened Lemmy by accident once .