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  1. It's alright. I'm happy to come back from the dead. It may well have been, but I honestly can't remember. Do you like the frets?
  2. Bought a TU3 pedal off Justin. Everything swift and easy, no problems - and I now have a TU3, which has been on my "to get" list forever, but I just never got around to it. Thanks, Justin.
  3. It's an amp which inspires memories rather than anticipation for me.....
  4. If I had £500 I'd be tempted, but what I really popped in to say was that I have always found Chromes disappointing on P basses. A bit hollow and ungutsy. TI flats, or GHS pressurewounds or the good old D'Addario nickels work much better. Just saying. You might decide to keep it.
  5. Mrs Twanger would divorce me if I brought something that size into the house, particularly since I'm retired from playing out. But if I was thirty, forty years younger and starting out, and looking for a solid, punchy amp for blues or rock, this would be a great choice at the price. The BXR300 was the first amp I ever used which competed easily with a 70 watt Pro Reverb cranked up. The HPF cleared up the mud, and my P bass sounded authoritative and just magic. I'm assuming it's all still in working order including when cranked, of course!
  6. If only I had a use for it....(sigh). These were great amps.
  7. Buying an MIA Stu Hamm Urge 2 bass. However, it cured me of two misconceptions. First, that flexibility lies in having lots of pickups - two J and one P - and second, that flexibility requires an on-board preamp. I also got a third, very important lesson - if there isn't a usable sound in a bass, no amount of tweaking will bring it out.
  8. Sir Roy Strong is not wrong. From a linguist's perspective, I would say that if the word can be preceded by a preposition ("amount of bass") then it is grammatically a noun. However, etymology ain't nothing to do with word class, so it ain't a noun etymologically. However again, it's possible for the word "bass" to be either an adjective or a noun. "The sound is too bass", for example. So, yay! Everyone wins. Everyone's happy!
  9. Groundhogs, "Thank Christ for the bomb". Specifically, the track "Eccentric man". I've just listened to all the others. When it's finished, I'n going to play the whole album again. Really rough, but very, very satisfying production on this record. 1970s for you, I guess. Bass sounds like it's clearly going direct. I can't work out if they've taken another feed or mike off the amp.
  10. My take on it. A bassist is someone who specialises in playing bass. They are interested in the instrument, research it, learn to play the damn thing, develop virtuoso technique and so on. But the focus in on the instrument. A bass player is someone who holds down that role in a band or other ensemble. So the focus is on the music. I have absolutely no reason to think this way, it's purely my own view.
  11. Yup, but having slept on it I realise the reason I haven't bought one is that I dont want one....
  12. I've been thinking of a bass buddy for years, but now there's an affordable one I've got cold feet.
  13. I used one for guitar back in the '70s. Seriously creamy stuff.
  14. Saw them again a couple of days ago outside Waterloo. Yes, that's the one. I quite like the ugly Ibanez headstock...
  15. Wow! That's quite an offer, and I'm grateful for it, but I don't think we need to go that far. I remember the drive to Southend - my gramdmother used to live in Benfleet. Which QSC do you have?
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