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  1. This thread has made things much easier for me, the missus was complaining about my 4 basses since I showed her some of the posts on here she's quite content now 😁
  2. I agree with this, especially the jazz fusion virtuosos bit!
  3. Just looking for opinions on this not for a list of the greatest. I've only been playing for 3 years, am self taught & have recorded 2 albums, played lots of gigs including large festivals. Admittedly the stuff I play is simple, it's Oi!/punk music, yet I'm happy with my skill levels. I've watched the 'greats' & am impressed but the guys I look up to play heavier stuff, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, John Paul Jones etc. One of the best, in my humble opinion, is a guy called Irish Rob from the Exploited, fast & furious music but more than just the dum-dum-dum-dum I play. So in others opinions what makes a good bassist?
  4. Cheers for that. Fully agree about how quick Rotos fade, I tend to get 1 gig & a few rehearsals out of a set. I will give these a try, although if they are coarser I better get ready for bloody finger tips.
  5. As we play the same style of music & similar types of bass I really appreciate your input. I've seen you comment on these strings before & just wondered what your previous faves were? I'm currently favouring Rotosound Roto Bass & wondered how the 2 compare?
  6. Yeah I was chatting with Lars & he said he couldn't make it but is here now to record a new album. Chatting with Beefy he is really missing it & may make a return, who knows they may become a 5 piece 😉
  7. I know it's not a particularly fancy base line but I really like the sound.
  8. Yeah I like it, I think it improved the look a little. I used all Wilkinson parts.
  9. I've said it before V4s are great basses & as stated not just for the money they stand on their own as great basses. I have 3, here's 2 of them, a slightly customised Tony Butler sig model & the new model in Firenza Red. The other being a sunburst model. Can't beat them in my opinion.
  10. My favourite band & I've had the pleasure of sharing the bill with them & becoming mates with them. Saturdays gig is a great line up, hope it goes well mate.
  11. Agreed, we always end up giving set lists away & certainly can't afford to buy an ipad let alone give them away.
  12. I have a Laney RB9 which I really like but have just been offered a DB300H but can't find much out about them so just wondered if anyone could help me out?
  13. A bit late on this topic, so sorry, you mention the Vintage V4. Personally I love them & having bought one of the new models I've sold on my others including a Fender. For the price (I paid 200quid) I haven't found anything near it, in fact for 3 times the price I couldnt. If you like a slim neck look at the new models, if a big chunky neck is more your thing then check out the Tony Butler sig model.
  14. Well I hope you like it, that's a great price by the way.
  15. I did exactly the same, my 1st bass was a cheap Westfield P bass but I thought it looked crap so went through some weird & wonderful ones to arrive back at a P.
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