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  1. Not for me thanks too much money and why would you want to go They whizzed over Steve Hackett
  2. I have one too as Dood says the firmware updates are excellent Very intuitive controls a certain Walter Becker had one these Play around with all the settings lots to enjoy
  3. Congratulations that's a looker it's really nice
  4. Bergantino b amp excellent very articulate
  5. Not for me Guys they have had their time
  6. Nice bass very similar to my candy apple red hot rod as machine head
  7. I like the stack vol tone Flea jazz bass
  8. The sadowsky pre amp pedal is brilliant too
  9. Have you tried a pre amp pedal The 64 are rather good
  10. Try some lollars or Fender 62 63
  11. Lol😂😂😂 typos after a few beers It's a lovely pedal by the way SBP-1 Outboard Bass Preamp/DI Pedal
  12. The Fender hi mass bridge is good with good strings of your choice I concour that a good setup is first and foremost Is the thing to do
  13. Don't overlook Lollar jazz pickup's
  14. Would love a Sadosky but making do with the Sadosky pedal at the minute for my fenders
  15. The Valve Ampeg Pf50 is a wonderful sounding amp a good di too
  16. Lovely looking bass guitars guys
  17. I fitted lollars to my Deluxe the previous model ask didn't take to the N3 in passive tone Ps sadosky pre amp pedal is brilliant
  18. If you don't like the N4s you could try a preamp pedal If not the new ultra has the new noiseless ones Or try the lollars jazz
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