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  1. Hi have a Fender deluxe PJ and Jazz PJ. Hot rod like them. Both
  2. Have the Sadowsky bass pedal excellent 👍
  3. use on with my Fender Jazz bass
  4. https://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/traynor-yba200-2.html
  5. Love the stack knobs have the anniversary 60 model excellent jazz bass
  6. Have a portaflex 2x10 nice and punchy paired with a Ampeg pf50t Great Sounds
  7. An. Me me to. #Paul Traynor aka afterimage I have a YBA200-2 as Well
  8. There shouldn't really be quality control issues like this
  9. Was ordering one of these but waited to long for them ended up with a Fender
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