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  1. Have the Sadowsky bass pedal excellent 👍
  2. use on with my Fender Jazz bass
  3. https://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/traynor-yba200-2.html
  4. Love the stack knobs have the anniversary 60 model excellent jazz bass
  5. Have a portaflex 2x10 nice and punchy paired with a Ampeg pf50t Great Sounds
  6. An. Me me to. #Paul Traynor aka afterimage I have a YBA200-2 as Well
  7. There shouldn't really be quality control issues like this
  8. Was ordering one of these but waited to long for them ended up with a Fender
  9. Try both out and see what sounds and feels best
  10. Have to agree those are excellent mexican built bass guitars enjoy
  11. Wonder if the original. Pros will be discounted
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