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  1. I think Guy Pratt said he used to get told off by Pink Floyd fans for playing “Money” wrong.
  2. That honestly hadn't occurred to me, but there's a load of listings on there by the same shop for slightly different variants of this and it seems a lot of trouble to go to. I think it's a real ad.
  3. Just seen this on Reverb: https://reverb.com/uk/item/36610186-4-strings-bass-6-strings-acoustic-electric-drums-reverb-effects-busuyi-super-guitar-with-tuner And cannot for the life of me think why anyone would want one. Is it the answer to a question nobody has ever asked? Apologies if I'm not the first!
  4. Or, in a similar vein, ‘90s nerd rock trio Ben Folds Five.
  5. Yep, I think it’s a Schaller. I should know for certain as I had it fitted soon after I bought it, but that was 25-odd years ago...
  6. I bought one of these for my daughter, same colour but with maple 'board. It's an amazing bass for the price, really nice to play, superb range of sounds and it looks really cool too.
  7. Not bad. My very first response was actually "I don't know, which of our children is your favourite?"
  8. This morning I had a very narrow escape, and even though the tale does not paint me in the best light I feel it's my duty to share with my fellow bass brethren in the hope that others may learn from my ignorance. I had just changed the strings on my 1974 Jazz and was idly noodling and comparing it to my 1978 Jazz, which is to a casual observer identical in pretty much every respect. My wife, who rarely takes an interest in my basses, innocently asked: "If you could only keep one of your basses, which one woud it be?" I am ashamed to say, dear reader, that for whatever reason, (late night? Mind elsewhere?), I merely took this question at face value and failed to spot that it was OBVIOUSLY A TRAP!! Had I answered straight away then of course her immediate response would have been, "Then why the f**k don't you sell the others?", and rightly so. Fortunately, and this is really only down to my being blessed with a supernatural inability to decide (or is it? Not sure), I spent so long dithering over the answer and then changing it four times, that I somehow proved the point that perhaps I do need more than one bass (I probably don't) and earned a reprieve to noodle another day. With whichever bass takes my fancy. I hope that you may learn, from this cautionary tale, to always be on your guard. Even now, hours afterward, I get cold shivers just thinking how close I came to the edge of the mineshaft. I invite my fellow Chatters to offer suggestions as to the perfect (polite) response.
  9. Thank heavens for that. It was getting harder and harder to ignore. In the nicest possible way of course!
  10. Thanks Andy. Loving your Pelham Blue one by the way!
  11. I keep finding myself drawn to Epiphone Jack Casady basses when they pop up for sale, but I've not yet had the opportunity to try one. Can anyone tell me if there's much difference between the older Korean models and the more recent ones made in China?
  12. The previous owner had painted it black, then wrapped fishnet stockings around it and sprayed grey over the top to give it a snakeskin effect. It had active Status pickups in and as a result both looked, and sounded, horrible. Looking back I have absolutely no idea why I bought it, other than I had just been bitten by the P-bass bug and it was the cheapest one I could find. I paid £400 plus another £50 for the shop to refinish it. Picked it up a week later and they had done an amazing job. Put some SD Quarter Pounders in it and it’s been my go to workhorse ever since.
  13. I've got a '75 P that I had refinished in natural when I bought it 20 odd years ago, as the previous owner had seen fit to do a DIY snakeskin effect job on it... The body is definitely two different lumps of wood and somebody told me it would have been a solid colour originally to mask this fact, don't know how true that is but sounds feasible. You can see the join line running between the bridge and the scratch plate in the photos.
  14. Absolutely agree. Personally speaking I'm just a sucker for the mojo that an old bass carries, I'd much rather have something that's been around 40-50 years with a few stories to tell than something that's brand new and probably much nicer to play! And you're right, spending a fortune on the right bass now wouldn't necessarily be a bad investment.
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