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  1. I was watching one of the Andertons videos on YouTube the other day and the Captain mentioned that back in 2017 they spent something like a million quid on revamping their website! I can understand why a small business like BD might struggle to find sufficient funds upfront to do their website justice, however much of a good investment it may prove to be long term.
  2. This strikes me as a slightly flawed business model. Surely if it's your job to sell basses, you want to talk customers out of having a single bass and into multiple basses, not the other way round!
  3. According to the title it used to BE Alan Doodad, not belong to him. Impressive, but hard to prove I suspect.
  4. Bought this from @LouieM last summer. Definitely didn't need it, didn't really like the colour but I"ve always fancied this style of P-bass and the extra neck pickup was too much for me to resist. I've never played a bass with such light strings before and liked it more than I thought, who knew string bends could be so easy! Anyway, after a while I decided that even though I didn't want to buy any more basses I really fancied something flamboyant. I looked round one day and saw this white one in the corner and the rest is history. Just got it back from Toby Diggins (T-Dog Customs) and he's done a stunning job. I've also upgraded it to a Ric-O-Sound type stereo arrangement courtesy of a push-pull volume pot, just for fun. Might change the scratchplate at some point but the black works better than I thought. Also don't fancy cutting a neck pickup hole out of a replacement 'plate!
  5. I stood in for a mate with his band once, a long time ago. The singer very kindly introduced me to the crowd and invited me to do a little solo, which put me on the spot somewhat. Fortunately, prior to the show I had a bet on with the sound engineer that I could get the 'A' Team theme tune into the set somewhere, so I just played that and won myself £20.
  6. Worth checking Bassdirect too. They've currently got a 1961 P for £14.5k...
  7. I had a '78 Jazz refretted, ended up with stainless steel jumbo frets and the fingerboard being re-lacquered. It looked absolutely stunning afterwards, although I do also love the look of a neck that's been used hard. I don't think it affected the value either way, (I subsequently sold it for about what I'd paid for it a year earlier). I think a refret is part of wear and tear and it wouldn't put me off buying a vintage bass that's otherwise 100% original.
  8. I've used Schaller straplocks for years and years on all my basses and they've been absolutely bombproof. Then I bought a set not so long ago for my daughter's first bass and found they'd changed the design. The older ones are just the strap buttons, and you screw them onto the bass with your original screws (which meant sometimes you might need to sand down the screw heads for them to fit in the buttons, but that's not a big problem). The new ones I bought have the screw as part of the button, it's all one piece and there's a hex socket in the end of the button you use to screw it onto the bass. So I put a set on my daughter's bass, and after a few months, one snapped off. To be fair it had worked slightly loose, but I think the problem there was that the Straplock screw was slightly thinner than the one it replaced and so it did not screw in as tightly. Anyhoo, it's not really a game changer on a cheap Ibanez but if this had happened on a really nice bass (i.e. one of mine) I would have found it disappointing. I've bought a couple of nice basses recently and now I don't really want to risk using the new Schallers, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  9. I'm trying to get the hang of playing with a pick and am struggling along to "Uncle Walter" and "Theme from Dr.Pyser" by Ben Folds Five. Lots of fun, and very efficient as they allow me to make a mess not only of pick playing but also backing vocals and turning a fuzz box on and off at the same time.
  10. Can't remember what album it's on but there's the live version of "Underground" by Ben Folds Five, where in the pause after the intro line "I was never cool in school, I'm sure you don't remember me..." someone in the audience, with impeccable timing, shouts "Who the f**k are you?".
  11. I gig very, very infrequently, the last one i did was a while ago for a mate’s 40th. He put together a 14 piece samba band and hired a decent venue in Southampton. I got my Ampeg SVT serviced, hooked up the 8 x 10 cab and used my ‘75 P bass with flat wounds. Sounded absolutely bloody gorgeous, even the sound guy was smiling in the sound check and the brass players were enjoying it too. I kept expecting someone to tell me to turn it down but it never happened. Went to bed on a high that night after a mate of mine, whose opinion I value, said afterwards the bass sounded superb. Woke up the next morning in a cold sweat thinking, “he never actually complimented my playing though…”
  12. I bet this sounds like an absolute beast. Love it, would definitely get shot if I bought it sadly.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ampeg-bass-cabs-and-amps-/164758533438?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 This looks like a good amount of Ampeggary for not mega bucks. Not that I need another two bass rigs particularly but hey.
  14. The worst thing is that price isn't even for the whole bass. At the bottom of the ad it clearly says "pick up only". Sorry.
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