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  1. I can only speak of my own experience. I have found that some are very good, many not so. Others experiences will be different I'm sure.
  2. If you particularly want an American Fender, I guess you have 3 options: new, vintage, or Custom Shop. The new pro II ones are jolly good, at least the 3 I tried were. Pretty consistent too. Custom Shop: you have to try one first, and be prepared to pay, and to travel. And be prepared to keep it for a long time if you buy new, as soon as you open the box, it will lose a grand at least. As for 70s ones, as a touring tech and player, I saw very few good ones. Some were dogs. My own '78 weighed 10lbs and had a neck that gave me a serious RSI. An AVRI would be a much better bet. Whatever, taste and try before you buy. I'll be looking for my perfect Precision til the end of my days, meanwhile I've settled on a Nash 63.
  3. Good call on Beak. Billy Fuller on bass. As a Bristolian, I can assure you it's Bristol, not Brizzle (unless you're very drunk.....)
  4. I'd add Startled Insects, Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy, Smith and Mighty, Nellee Hooper, Stackridge, and Russ Conway...
  5. Same here, I went to BD to try a few Precisions, and walked out with a Nash PB63, although I didn't really need to be talked into it. I subsequently bought a Limelight too, but didn't keep it for long, the Nash is so much better for me. Probably the best bass I've owned.
  6. The slow stock update thing happens with the big online sellers too - I bought a JMJ Mustang from PMT ("in stock, next day delivery"), paid for it, and had an email 2 days later saying it was out of stock, and would I be interested in a Precision or Jazz instead
  7. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/201218365108025--fender-custom-shop-limited-edition-precision-jazz-bass-journeym
  8. I'm in North Central Bristol, up the Gloucester Rd near the prison.
  9. That's me out then. Actually it was my best friend's Uncle's wife, to be clear.
  10. I have a set on my Mustang, but I find them a touch too bright and zingy.
  11. I would agree with that. I've ordered a set of Lollars for mine - I find the CS pups a bit unresponsive, especially when playing ghost notes. I'm very happy with the Lollars on my P, so I'll see what happens.
  12. Also it's a good reason why they're still together after more than 30 years - no resentment about the way the dosh is distributed.
  13. I'm sure Mozart would be delighted. Nicely played, such a great piece, he was what, 8 years old or something when he wrote it? This was my favourite tune when I was about 4 or 5, and probably the reason I got into music.
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