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  1. After playing a mid 90's CIJ '62 Jazz for 25 years, I recently got myself a brand new custom shop '60 Jazz stack pot heavy relic. Yes, rather expensive, but worth it to me. It plays beautifully, sounds just like it should, feels sublime, and is very well put together. Worlds apart from the CIJ in terms of playability, build, sound and looks. It has the kind of mojo that makes me want to pick it up and play constantly, no mean feat after 55 years of playing. Absolutely no regrets. I'm not a banker, BTW.
  2. Hi! I’m Dave, It’s about time I joined in with all this malarkey. About me: I played my first gig in 1968, aged 15, at the local village hall with my school buddies. We did terrible covers of Small Faces, Kinks, and The Kingsmen. My bass was homemade, cost 5 shillings, and sounded like a dying cow. I quickly learned two important advantages of being in a band - 1. girls were suddenly very interested in me, and 2. I didn’t have to dance. I’ve been at it ever since, both pro and semi, touring here and abroad, and have also worked in many different areas of the music industry. I play any style and have been fortunate to be playing mainly originals, although I’ve had several stints in covers bands. I’m an ear player, not much formal theory, read charts but not dots. I’ve managed to get away with it somehow at all levels. Gear-wise, I currently use a Fender Aerodyne jazz, a Fender Custom Shop ’60 jazz, and an 80s Danelectro longhorn. Amps are GK: MB150S with extension cab, and a MB210, plus a Sansamp for when going through the PA. I have bad tinnitus, and generally my ears are shot to pieces. Still at it though. That’s it. Cheers!
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