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  1. Cool, I’ll put a video up on my YouTube channel soon - https://youtube.com/user/jamusbass
  2. I use Sibelius to transcribe the notation, I wish it could export the score as a video!! I export the transcription as an XML file, import it into Soundslice and sync it to then sync from there. There’s a few more steps after that too. I might actually do a video on it. Would that be useful?
  3. I was exactly the same man. That’s why I transcribed it. Such a cool line
  4. This is an oldie, but seen as Daft Punk have now slip up, I’ll pop this up! Get Lucky Trans.pdf Get Lucky TAB.pdf
  5. Awsome bass part from the Oceans Twelve soundtrack by David Holmes. The notation PDF is available to download from my website https://www.groovetubebass.com/copy-of-audition-repertoire-page-2-1 Thanks for looking, Jamie
  6. This is beautiful. Slightly out with my current budget though. You interested in a trade against a Aria traveler bass, or a Digidesign 003 desk/interface?
  7. You’re welcome man!
  8. For Once In My Life - Transcription .pdf
  9. This tune is a serious workout.
  10. Never been accused of being clever before.. cheers 😁
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