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  1. Stunning. And ridiculously cheap at £1150. GLWS.
  2. Dear lord, that's stunning. Very good luck with the sale and have a free bump.
  3. Nice bass at a good price that deserves a bump. GLWS.
  4. Bargain. I have one myself, almost identical (tuners swapped out on mine for Hipshot ultralites to help minimise neckdive) and these are fantastic basses and a lot more than the one trick pony that many suppose. GLWS.
  5. As a lover of all things ACG, I have to say, that's bloody lovely. Have a bump on the house.
  6. I'm not in the market for another fiver but for anyone contemplating this, rest assured that the OLP Levin's provide outstanding value for money - the bass per buck ratio is very high indeed. GLWS.
  7. Open to a straight swap for a Roscoe SKB Custom 5 in Emerald Green, highly figured maple top over ash body, tulipwood board, and Bartolini pickups and pre-amp? Fantastic, almost unmarked condition?
  8. Fantastic basses, I used to own a red one which I stupidly sold (for the same money - so price wise it's pitched about right, imo). Sorely tempted. Very sorely tempted.
  9. Great little basses and surprisingly versatile. GLWS.
  10. Indeed they are. It's why I have two of them!
  11. Why do these only ever appear when I haven't checked in for a few days? Damn, damn, triple damn, two bloody hells and a bugger. (sigh)
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