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  1. Stretches pretty well and only need a hairdryer if it won't play.
  2. You can add a 2nd vol pot in series with the existing, which is dead simple.
  3. A piece of car wrapping vinyl would do the job and cheap as. I'm about to do a carbon fiber wrap on a pickguard. Beauty is, if you don't like it, peel it off and start again.
  4. There is a tutor's section on BassChat. Hopefully you can find someone suitable here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/forum/26-tutors-available/
  5. Agree with @itu. Bartolini is one of the better companies for support and has wiring diagrams for all their products on-line. They are also pretty good at email responses. Any decent guitar tech should be able to sort you out once they have the wiring scheme.
  6. It looks like an active loom by having a battery clip and 3 wires to the pick-up connectors. As to what goes where on the jack you want to use. What do A,B and C correspond to? In other words which is tip, ring and sleeve? It's easy to suss out with a multimeter.
  7. It appears that inside the pub, ( and that may be the issue. Is a pub a music venue ), the tables were well laid out and punters were limited. Outside, however it was rammed, particularly in a car park at the rear. The guy who was appearing is a massive draw. He's a major pull on the Northern Soul scene and I guess a huge number of people wanted to see him. How you stop a Northern crowd from dancing though. 🙂
  8. Could be very interesting. Just heard from a pal of mine who got shut down tonight in Darwen. Got raided by the police. That was a solo act. At least he got paid though. 🙂
  9. Just been chatting to my window cleaner who hails from Atherton, near Leigh and he mentioned a couple of pubs had put bands on and we're visited by the boys in blue. Band told to pack up and landlords given a right bollocking with the ultimate threat of closure if they continue. Looks like bands in NW are definitely a "no no".
  10. I'd speak to Alan and see If he can help . They are made exclusively for him by John East.
  11. Don't think so. Sure this has been asked a few times on the Ashdown Amps FB page. Ping an email to Ashdown.
  12. The ACG pre-amp is a filter based one similar to that fitted to Wal's. They have a separate filter stack per pickup, active blend and a global high-pass filter.
  13. Personally I don't think the Aguilar pre-amp is an improvement on the EQ01. That said I've had 4 ACG's and still have one and have got used to how the EQ01 works. I think it is awesome. I put an East retro in my current one for a while, which was brilliant, but not as good as the 01, in my opinion. I'm also a big fan of Alan's pick-ups but managed to discuss what I wanted before the build. I find them to be incredibly transparent and maybe you just need to get your head around the 01 or speak to Alan.
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