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  1. My son has just called EasyJet to enquire about taking one of his guitars he has at mine back to his place in Prague. According to EJ a guitar is classed as Sports Equipment and he can take it to the gate and hand it over there, (a bit like a baby buggy and avoiding it getting damaged on the various airport conveyors). He then collects it as he leaves the plane at Prague airport. It appears there are different views depending on who you are dealing with.
  2. +1 for a rewind. Aaron Armstrong of Kent Armstrong fame us great at rewinds and would be able to do them to the same spec as they are now.
  3. Think you are right @lemmywinks I've had a few conversations with Mike about the Chasers and now you mention it, rings a bell. It was around the time he had a retail outlet selling bass gear.
  4. Stone me that was quick. Sold subject in 4 mins. .
  5. And before Purple Chilli, he made Zoot Bass Cabs of which I have 2. The first 1x12's he built back in 2007. He has a secret supply of "helium filled" ply, (or that's how it feels), and the cabs come out really light. He did me an Amp sleeve as well. I think he does still make the odd cabs but not sure he still has his CNC machine. Haven't spoken to him for a bit. He was making flat packed Greenboy kits at one time.
  6. Yep there was. I know Mike well and I'm sure he mentioned they were made in the same factory as the last Nanyo Bass Collections. They were Zoot Chasers I think. This isn't, (wasn't as it's now sold), one of those it's a Custom shop one from mike's fair hands.
  7. 😋 OK, one F/S in the Basses For Sale section of this very website.
  8. Yep, it's a P7-5 I think. There's one F/S down below at the moment.
  9. Just bought a Sandberg pre-amp from Dan. Real easy transaction and it was incredibly well packaged to avoid Royal Mail destroying it. Hell of a nice guy and I would not hesitate in dealing with him again.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/151007289850002--laney-n410-4x10-bass-cab Now Sold Out.
  12. My first thought would be that the bass has a 3 year warranty and I'm pretty sure they haven't been out for 3 years so could the original owner not return it to be fixed/exchanged? Second thought is could you have a duff battery? Looking at the control layout I would assume all the coil switching happens before the output feeds a 3 band eq that doesn't have a blend/balance control. Theoretically any 4 knob, 3 eq preamp without a blend will do the job. If you feel competent enough I would be inclined to check it isn't the switch first by routing the output direct to the jack and proving all is well with the pickups/switch.
  13. This is looking like the plan. John, @KiOgon has suggested the same thing. Am waiting a reply from 1 more enquiry and then that's the way I'll go.
  14. Only the 50k is the type I'm looking for. The rest are blend/balance dual pots. Might be worth a call, so I'll see if they can help. I've been in touch with Bartolini, as it's one of their preamps, and they are trying to sort something with Bass Direct.
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