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  1. Exactly what I do. I've got Luminlay fitted to 2 of my basses and ordered the UV torches at the same time so use those.
  2. Great post. I've been doing exactly the same thing for a while now but use the 3M Luminous sheet,This Stuff, and I think I have enough material to last me the rest of my days. The great thing is using this method you can punch the holes to the size you want rather than buying the dots that only seem to come in 1 size. The luminous effect does last an age.
  3. Are they changing UK distributor, so flogging off existing stock?
  4. Should be no problem at all, as OBBM mentioned, the Shuko isn't even fused. You will probably find a 5 amp fuse would be OK.
  5. Love Fender flats. Tried TI's and for some reason they blistered my fingers. Not so with Fenders and loved the sound.
  6. Some mates of mine, guitar and bass, fly constantly to and from cruise ships and always take their instruments to the gate and hand them over there. No different to a baby buggy and at least it doesn't go through all the conveyor system and multiple baggage handlers. They retrieve them at the other end straight from the hold.
  7. I don't think 4/100 of a Watt will make a scrap of difference. BTW if that is a picture of the fan in question, it says 24v. I'll have a word with our guitarist as he has a PA Hire Company and although tending towards JBL gear he is an ex repair engineer so might be able to point you in the right direction.
  8. If it can't easily be changed as @BreadBin mentioned, I would just use a 240/110 step down transformer. You might struggle to get the right xformer for a 25 year old amp and a "step-down" is likely to be cheaper and doesn't involve any mods to your amp, so no potential Insurance issues.
  9. It's normal to link one cab to the other if you only have one speaker output. Then you have no choice, but having 2 Speakon outs, a cable to each cab is the sensible way to go. As @jrixn1 says, it gives you the extra security of redundancy if one speaker/cable/output developed a fault, the other would continue to work. I wouldn't even consider wiring in series. Apart from the cable problem if any wire goes down, you're goosed, you are presenting the amp with a load of 16 Ohms, severely lowering the output.
  10. I was looking through some memorabilia from when the band first started in 1968. We were being paid between £15 - £17-10s per gig for an 8 piece band. That equates to £221 - £259 today. Not much changes.
  11. That's pretty much our set except 9 to 5 and last 2. Add in: Everybody Needs Somebody, September, Try a Little Tenderness, a couple of 4 Tops numbers a bit of Northern Soul with Do I Love You, Tainted Love and Right Track and we're there.
  12. +3 for speak to Alan. His pickups have evolved over the years and he would be the best person to advise on what each range of pickups can do. One of my ACG's is Alan's own bass that he used for testing everything from hardware to electronics. It has an overwound single coil pickup with a coil tap which is pretty awesome, so some degree of "tweakery" may be possible.
  13. Glockenklang and Noll are pretty compact and both give you plenty of scope for "tweaking", particularly the 4 pot with a stacked treble/bass and separate mid control.
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