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  1. Doubt it's on there. From memory it was a one off that John East knocked up for him. A quick email or call would probably be the best way forward.
  2. +VAT and "collection" fee. So add on about another £140.
  3. I'm sure Alan had an EQ02 in pedal format. Sure I remember seeing it at one of the last UK Bass Shows in Manchester. Might be worth having a word.
  4. They seem to have quite a few of them with defects. Can't see Sadowsky being very happy at this sort of exposure. Add vat as well now, so an extra 20%.
  5. Be surprised if Ashdown was up F/S as Mark Gooday had a few words to say about the recent Mesa and Aquilar sales. That said.......... Pretty sure TE are still owned by Peavey.
  6. Realistically the hospitality trade is going to be the last to re-open and I think May is very optimistic. The government do not appear to like pubs/clubs which is surprising considering the tax revenue they generate. In the North West the leading 5 breweries proved hospitality was probably safer than anywhere. When pubs were about to shut again in November after only a few months of being released from lockdown 1, the 5 major breweries put a report together that indicated from around 8 million customers there was not 1 single case of reported transmission of the virus. The pubs in my area did a fantastic job and all for what?
  7. Here's a link to a current petition on the Gov website. Get on it as it won't be sorted on the pages of BassChat and being on the government website it will get raised in parliament, ( there are enough signatures already.) https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/563294
  8. I find them really good. Someone has started a Rootmaster fan club in this section. Drop in an check it out as quite a few are ABM users and make a comparison. I've never used an ABM, so can't compare.
  9. Speak to Ashdown. Best customer service going.
  10. If you were considering an Ashdown Original, there's an Ashdown C210 kickback combo for sale in the amps for sale section. Would be perfect for on stage monitoring.
  11. Here's an overview of the current situation. https://www.ism.org/advice/eu-work-permit-requirements-for-musicians
  12. I had a delivery booked with Interparcel, using UPS with full insurance. It was for a speaker cab where on receipt there was an ominous rattle. Obviously had been dropped and magnet sheared off. I had to send pics of the damage, buy a new driver, send a copy of receipt and they reimbursed me. Pretty painless actually.
  13. When I replaced my SA450, ended up buying and evaluating quite a few amps. One that impressed me massively was the Peavey MiniMax 500. I actually prefer the tone than my MB and I've been a MB user for about 15 years. Phil Starr is also a big fan and longtime MB user. Thomann were clearing out the Mk1 at around £180 but sadly that deal is gone. Only moved it on when a pal of mine, who also had a faulty MB amp, was in desperate need. Now an Ashdown fan with a Rootmaster. Awesome amp, legendary customer service and 5 year warranty.
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