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  1. If Ashdown are still working, contact them. They'll tell you what the original speakers are. I'm still getting emails from them, so suspect someone is around.
  2. I'm pretty sure there are 2 screws. 1 is hidden when you open the box and you have to remove the battery carrier. I'll check as I've got a couple of those lying aroud.
  3. Got an email reminder from Eventbrite this morning for the show. 🙃 Maybe someone should tell them it's cancelled.
  4. No cons from my point of view. I've 2 basses with flat boards and love them.
  5. The Lowry, The Palace, Opera House and Home are all closing in Manchester from tomorrow. It might be that the venue makes the decision for them.
  6. He does indeed Richard. My Zoots are carpet covered but tolex on the front baffle.
  7. US flights now affected.
  8. At the moment UK and NI to US is no problem but I assume these players were already over in Europe, (certainly BS and RB were), so factoring in a return airfare for a 1hr. clinic might be a stretch. Hope I am wrong but it was Richard Bona and Billy Sheehan I really wanted to see.
  9. I see Richard Bona has abandoned his European tour due to the US - EU travel ban coming in tomorrow. I know UK is excluded from the ban but assume he, like Billy Sheehan, had the show as part of their European tours.
  10. I'm not bothering now. Something else has come along and pinched the funds.
  11. I was at Manchester Central last Friday for the House in the Sun exhibition. No sign of anything different from the norm. No sanitizers, reminder signs etc. so looks like the Bass Guitar show organisers are being proactive.
  12. If you have feet on the cab it just slides away. I just use the bungee to keep everything together when moving it.
  13. If you like your current set-up, just buy a fold up trolley from Aldi, ( I think they have them at the moment for £17), and a long bungee strap, the flat type, to keep everything in place when you move. I do something similar with 2 1x12's, a small head and an aluminium "bits box". Works a treat. Job done for minimum outlay. Looks like a number of like minded BassChatters.
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