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  1. There are a number of threads on here about Sires and they are probably the best bang for your buck available.
  2. Until 31st Dec nothing has changed regarding UK/EU transactions. There aren't any custom fees to pay. I can only assume that it is finding a suitable carrier to ship a bass could be the issue. Sellers would prefer a face to face transaction.
  3. Then Vol, Switch for pickup selection + series/parallel, tone. That would be killer.
  4. For a 4 hole loom, I'd be looking at 2 volumes, pickup switch and single tone.
  5. I went with a 5 string for my first Custom build. Since then I haven't played anything else. Don't even own a 4 string now.
  6. Sire Marcus Miller basses are awesome VFM as are the Squier VM range, ( made in the Cort factory). Harley Benton seem to get a lot of love here. Ultimate VFM if you include pre-owned are the original SGC Nanyo Bass Collection. Incredible build, quality components and around £200.
  7. Calling @KiOgon John is your man. He'll make a loom up to your exact requirements.
  8. Having seen a picture of a load of new CTM chassis ready for sleeves on Ashdowns FB page, it looks like the front panel is attached to the chassis and the whole lot slides into the wooden sleeve. If the only screws/bolts you can see are the ones attaching the feet, I assume unscrewing them will allow the chassis to slide out revealing the back of the vu meter.
  9. It's what clothing shops have to do with clothes that have been tried on. Same with Charity Shop donations, 72 hrs in quarentine before they can go on sale.
  10. If you had enough mics, quarantining them for 72hrs would do the trick.
  11. A 3+1 set of tuners will give you exactly what you need or some tuners are reversible, so a 4 inline set can becomes 3+1. All depends on the tuners you wish to use.
  12. Did you have to request the refund?
  13. Artec are decent pre-amps, for the price but don't have an active/passive option. You can't have passive Bass/Middle/Treble. Passive controls only "cut", so you could have Treble/Bass cut. If you aren't keen on soldering, drop @KiOgon a message, tell him how many holes you have to fill and he'll come up with a solderless loom.
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