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  1. This type of issue comes up a lot and one of the fixes is to plug a jack plug into the effects loop, (both send and return), a number of times. The sockets can oxidise over time and plugging/unplugging a jack plug, or lead, can clean them up.
  2. Submarine Pro will cater for up to 6 strings and you are obviously used to it.
  3. I'd change the corners for the plastic locking type. That way you can stack them either way without any problems. My 2 1x12's have them and they are perfectly stable when stacked vertically. Likey So.: https://cpc.farnell.com/penn-elcom/c1539/square-corner-protector/dp/AR71011?mckv=sW49Y15oM_dc|pcrid|224685952259|kword||match||plid||slid||product|AR71011|pgrid|52699126931|ptaid|pla-608250286317|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=CjwKCAiA_f3uBRAmEiwAzPuaM9P8xff_reLZ1zsaasE8l3wIz61sXQ2BR1qdMU3quhLcsccX4b_3ZxoCc1cQAvD_BwE And these are better: https://www.speakerbuildersupply.com/Plastic-chevron-stack-corners-p/c156-asterisk-.htm
  4. Used them a few times and no problems at all. Good Customer Service as well.
  5. Spot on. I've done it a few times with Delano pickups.
  6. Ooops. It's an age thing Peter or predictive text. Yep, I prefer predictive text.
  7. It was collected by Peter on 7th January 2009. I know that as I was at ACG HQ picking the woods and spec for my Recurve and it was the day after my Birthday. Peter and Dave Perry turned up to collect the bass and helped me with my choice of woods for the Recurve. On opening the case it truly was astonishing.
  8. That'll be Trevor Barry. I think he is a member on here.
  9. I messaged G&L about a 5 string Kiloton Tribute and they said that although there are no immediate plans, never say never. Everything needed is already available, apparently. It's just the machining of the body that needs sorting so watch this space.
  10. Agree with @jezzaboy. That would most certainly be my option to choose.
  11. I would say they both do roughly the same job. Option "b" might be the better option depending on your amp. With the separate blender option adjusting the overall volume/sound is just 1 set of controls on the amp unless your amp has 2 channels and an overall Gain, in which case I would say both options are the same. If you wanted each pickup EQ'ing differently, then it's option "a"
  12. That's the 64 thousand dollar question. You won't know until you try. Welcome to the world of swapping out bits of a bass guitar. It could be the preamp that is not giving you the sound you want in which case a pickup swap might not solve the problem.
  13. Pretty sure the MM pickups are passive and as you say, the battery is for a separate preamp. You may be able to use the EMG's but would need to supply them with a battery feed and as they already have a preamp in the pickups, there may be a compatability issue. Do EMG not do a passive version of the 45DCX?
  14. Shame you are at the wrong end of the country or this would be perfect.
  15. It looks like both the 45DCX and the EMGX series are both Active pickups so have a small pre-amp built into the pickup themselves. They will ned a constant battery supply so although it "could" be possible to install 45DCK's it would need some modifying of the supplied solderless wiring harness. They also might be too "hot" for your pre-amp. If you are stuck on using EMG's look for the passive equivalent which should be a straight swap and keep all your original functionality.
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