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  1. Should be able to pick a used TC Electronic BG250 for that budget. Light, loud and perfect for your situation.
  2. If you do decide on going that route, I have a nice Amp Sleeve that might do the job.
  3. He gets around that Phil Mann. We did the virtual Rock and Roll tour of London last weekend and during it there was a video of a recording session where Lonnie Donegan's son recorded Rock Island Line as a tribute to his dad. Billy Bragg was on washboard and @Phil Mann on double bass.
  4. I asked the question on G&L's FB page about a tribute SB-1 and a Kiloton. They said, no plans but never say never.
  5. L is for Lindesfarne
  6. That sounds like an East Uni-pre, which Alan also fits. The ACG pre-amp doesn't have treble/bass/mid controls. It's a filter stack for each pick-up.
  7. The ACG pre-amp is not a conventional cut/boost pre. There is no "flat" . It's a filter based pre-amp like Wal use. It needs a completely different thought process to setting it up and once you dial in the tone you want from each pickup, that's it. I've got 2 ACG's with Alan's pre-amps and it's worth percevering. One of the members on here, Pete @GreeneKing wrote a very comprehensive "how it works" guide which explains it very well. I should still have a copy so I'll send it to you. If you still don't get on with it, swap the pre-amp out for an East Uni-pre and sell the ACG. They normally sell very quickly as are in demand.
  8. If it's a passive loom you are after @KiOgon is your man. Not sure he does active but if not try John East. Most of his gear is modular, so anything is possible.
  9. The 2 outputs will take an 8 ohm load and are wired in parallel so with 2 x 8 Ohm cabs plugged in you get a 4 Ohm load presented to the amp. Plug 1 X 4 Ohm cab in and it's the same result. Just don't plug anything else in 🙂
  10. What makes you think that? It takes a 4 Ohm minimum load.
  11. Was it Paul, @Prosebass ?
  12. Yep. Still got it as well. Must admit I haven't seen many in that colour.
  13. +2. Or get your Trace repaired by Ashdown. They are offering service and repair on TE amps now.
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