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  1. They might not be being made at all. I thought Eden had ceased trading. Looks like G4M have bought up the last of the stock and they are made in China.
  2. I'd have a word with Dave Green at Ashdown. He is best placed to offer a suggested replacement. Failing that one of the BC speaker experts should be along any moment.😉. To model the cab for a suitable replacement might need the internal measurements rather than external.
  3. Wish they'd do a 5 string Tribute.
  4. Drop @agedhorse a message. He is the oracle on GB kit.
  5. My Chiropractor got me on Turmeric years ago and it has made quite a difference. In her opinion the best you can get is from Pureclinica. The double strength 1000mg one. Not cheap, but worth it.
  6. By "Third Party Insurance" do you mean Public Liability Insurance? This is the ones venues normally ask for. We use AMPband and have done for years. Not sure what individual membership is, but for a 9 piece band it is £69 a year and that includes PLI up to £10m Here's the website and if you decide to go with them put out membership number in, 61244, as an introducer and we get some credit towards our next renewal. https://ampband.co.uk/secure/member_home.php
  7. +1 to everything above. I had a Cort Arona 5 for a while and it was excellent. They are built in association with Sandberg and are very like them.
  8. Looking good Blue. Interesting post and really got me thinking. In late teens I was still playing guitar in an 8 piece Soul Band all over the UK. Only semi-pro, but 3 of us worked in the same building in Manchester and would often get picked up in the van Friday night and dropped off Monday morning and hadn't been home all weekend. Worst weekend was an Allnighter in Newcastle on Friday, followed by a late one in Brighton Saturday and ending up in Carlisle on Sunday. When the band folded, 2 of us joined the House Band at a local nightclub. Had a bit of a sabatical and came back playing bass and put the Soul Band back together with 4 original members. Into my 60's we were regularly doing 60-65 gigs a year and I ended up playing with a typical Pub Rock band and a Jazz Fusion band as well. Now the wrong side of 70 and after the enforced downtime of Covid, I've had time to ponder. We lost 2 band members over that period and I decided not to try and find replacements, I'd look for another band instead. This time I am looking more for quality than quantity. Was asked to join a very busy band but really don't want 65 gigs a year anymore. 20 - 24 will be fine. So with a couple of auditions coming up, here's hoping.
  9. Bit more information as I've decided not to go for it. I contacted the seller to ask why it wasn't strung and apparently he had it delivered "neck off" a year ago and he just screwed the neck back on and it's been left like that for 12 months. This set alarm bells ringing, so I contacted Mike Walsh, Zoot Bass, as I know him quite well and his view is that left for 12 months without strings and the fact it doesn't have a duel action truss rod, the neck could have warped. He personally wouldn't touch it and reckons that's why it's so cheap.
  10. I've used Neutrik barrel jacks and they seem to last a reasonable time. Agreed, they don't last as long as a normal jack but the last one I replaced was over 5 years ago.
  11. We use "Add To Event" as a source of gigs. If you go on there and put in your requirements then any band that fits will get in touch. Put as much detail as you can as any interested bands pay a nominal fee for your contact details and I always give a swerve to any that just say, "band needed".
  12. Didn't take long. It's gone. I've a pair of 1x12 Zoot. Fab cabs.
  13. We were in the same situation and our vocalist bought a single Fender Expo for his solo work and it ended up, with a second one, being our go to PA. Forget the Fender badge as it's actually a re-badged LD Systems Maui 11. It comes in 2 parts with the "tower" section just unplugging, so easy to carry and really light. First time I came in contact with is was a private function in a large function room. When I turned up there it was, just the one of them. No sign of the 4 box system we normally use and I just went " Of stinky poo". A 6 piece band with 4 vocals, keyboards with sequenced brass/strings and kick/overhead drums all going through it and I figured we were in for a disaster of an evening. Vocalist was confident it would be fine and the guitarist, who runs a largish PA company was in hysterics. He is used to massive line array systems and although quite dismissive of the situation was also a bit curious. Anyway the evening went really well. The single unit was outstanding. It was loud, clear and easily heard all over the room. I was that impressed, I went out and bought a second unit and we used the pair of then for all future gigs, including some outside ones. The vocalist has since bought an RCF Evox 8 which he uses for solo stuff which is also amazing. Wouldn't go back to a conventional PA now but the band has now folded so I guess the Expos will be up for sale.
  14. Here's the diagram you need. Haeussel_Pickups-Wiring_Instructions_64.pdf
  15. Hi, I've put the wiring diagram you need on your Facebook post. It's the actual one from the Haussel website.
  16. Great choice. We do the original version as we have a horn section and it's great to get the crowd involved.
  17. These are the ones I "manufactured". If they're any use, let me know.
  18. I had the same problem of not being able to get rack ears for a particular amp and bought 2 aluminium angle brackets from eBay. A bit of modifying and they worked a treat. Think I still have them, but not the amp, so will take a pic and if they'll do the job you can have them.
  19. It should have a prewired trimpot. It's not built into the main pre-amp but is a small square pot wired into the main block. Is it hidden under something?
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