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  1. It seems barmy. Apparently it's only the "b" string that is a special, give away being the brass ball end rather than the standard purple. The other four strings are a standard set. Whenever they do a special order or OEM strings they don't use coloured ball ends. On a similar theme, I have a Mono Bass sleeve. Not exactly a cheap piece of kit but it is a cracking gig bag and does the job. A medium scale bass doesn't fit properly as the neck support is fixed. Whilst stuffing an extra couple of inches of foam in the bass to compensate for the shorter length I discovered the existing neoprene rubber protection in the base is fixed in with Velcro. In theory you could just swap the base neoprene for a different thickness and cater for standard/medium/short scale basses. Naively I thought maybe Mono had thought of this and offered different thickness pads to cater for the wide range of scale lengths. A quick email and off course they don't. Their solution tray a different bag, more money but even then they suggest a guitar bag from somewhere with a good return policy as they can't confirm it will fit. Another opportunity missed.
  2. Thanks for thinking about me Martin. Definitely too heavy.
  3. Had a lengthy exchange with George fro D'Addario customer support regarding the strings and he is stumped. He reckons they don't make a medium scale "b" string in the 165vor 170 range. One thing I did notice is the ball end on the Mezzo "b" string is the same colour as the "e" string. I had a look at my standard scale basses that house D'Addarios and the "b" string is purple. This has confused George even more as he cannot identify what strings they are. Can anyone suggest a suitable gig bag to house the little treasure. My Mono Bass Sleeve that is my go to has a fixed neck support and the Mezzo ends up with the headstock on it. I guess I could cram some suitable foam in the bottom to correct it but I'd rather have something it would fit properly.
  4. Diagram 1 looks correct to me except there is no earth to the volume control unless you've missed a wire off the diagram. A wire between the volume body and either the jack or earthing on the pentatone may be the answer.
  5. Warwick LWA1000 has 2 channels and there just happens to be one f/s down below. Nothing to do with me I might add.
  6. If the combo worked fine on its own I would suggest the problem is with the NY121 or the cable between the two. The combo could be going into a protect mode if the cable or extension cab have a fault. I'd suggest trying a different cable first and see if that cures it.
  7. He just said later this year. Nothing more specific unfortunately.
  8. I messaged Mark @ Bass Direct about them a few weeks ago and he said they would be £949. Assume that is the four string version.
  9. Not keen on Spector. Had a Euro 5LX and couldn't get on with it.
  10. Using some luggage scales it's between 7.75 and 8.00 lbs. Tried weighing it 4 times with different results. It's astonishing for the price.
  11. The MTD is a LK signature Kingston model. I'm looking forward to them appearing at BD. I'll check out Wilcock and Maruszczyk. I've had some dialog with Biarnel a couple of years ago on a possible build. I'll give them another look.
  12. Having had a Spector, it's not for me. I had a Euro5lx and wanted to like it but couldn't.
  13. Having completed the experiment to see if a medium scale bass helps with the onset of arthritis, I'm now looking around for options for 32" scale 5ers before going down the get one built route. I've decided to go "full on" medium scale and have started shedding my standard scale basses. I bought an Ibanez Mezzo 5 String, which is astonishing and I wouldn't object to getting another. What other 32" 5ers are out there? They seem pretty thin in the ground. I know MTD are bringing one out but not sure when it will be available in the UK.
  14. I've got 3 basses with Glock pre-amps and just checked the wiring diagram and it may be possible. The blend circuit board is hard wired to the volume so a simple connection to the two wires going to the volume board should do it.
  15. In answer to the question, " do you think one of the tower PA systems will be man enough for the job?" The answer is yes. Before the band broke up we used a pair of LD Systems Maui11 for about 5 years. 6 piece band with keyboards and sequenced brass. They were awesome. We actually used just one of them on a gig in a large function room. Occasionally put kick/overhead drums through it but mainly 4 Vox and Keyboards all the time. Sax and Trumpet when we went up to an 8 piece. Just sold them to a local 4 piece who are made up with them and sold their Mackie's on the strength of it. Light, Loud and so easy to carry and set up. Current 10 piece use a hired in PA company when needed but I would go back to a line array any day of the week if needed. Singer uses an RCF Evox for his Solo work.
  16. I've had issues with weird noises from toneprints on a BG250. I just deleted/reinstalled or installed a different one. There is a degree of computer shizz in most TC amps and we all know how computers can play up.
  17. Exactly my thoughts when I first saw it. Absolutely amazing band live.
  18. Couldn't find a Neutrik version and wasn't sure how confident the OP was in wiring one up using the real McCoy.
  19. This is what turned me on to them. https://youtu.be/KEC-12ltNbY
  20. They are awesome. Have seen them a couple of times in Manchester but had something on last night or would have made the trip over the Pennines.
  21. Unlikely. Real Electronics are the official repair outfit for TC gear, same as MarkBass. These were their charges about 2 years ago. £35 to diagnose the problem, which you get back if you go ahead. £69 fixed labour, £18 courier fee to send it back + parts + VAT. I am pretty sure they don't repair to component level, so basically board swappers. When I got the estimate for my MarkBass it was north of £200, so I binned it.
  22. Yep. One of these although they aren't genuine Neutrik plugs. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202945083052?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=5cQq3ZwkRru&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=NXO8JSHoStK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=MORE
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