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  1. I’m off to band practice but looking forward to going through each of your replies! Cheers for the help guys
  2. Sounds like sound advice Jaywalker. I think you are spot on with the conceptual understanding and will be sure to push that thanks.
  3. Thanks Rabbie Leroy Vinnegar sounds exactly what I need. I’m aware of Milt Hilton and Ray Brown but haven’t delved into their recordings yet. I will get on it thanks again.
  4. Hi all. I’ve recently picked up the double bass and am starting to jam with a jazz band. I’m trying to get up to speed on walking bass which is proving harder than I expected! I have started transcribing lines from recordings of the band I’m playing with as well as working from Ed Friedlands book and I have booked a lesson for a few weeks time. I also have Irealb and am intending to work through some jazz standards. I’m mainly transcribing on electric at the minute while I try to build my facility on the double bass. Can anyone recommend any classic walking bass lines that I can transcribe to build my vocabulary or any other resources to look at. I need to try and get up to speed as quickly as possible so I can keep up with the band. Thanks in advance. (I did a search but nothing came up but I searched walking bass and only got 6 results so I may be using the search function wrong! So apologies if this has been done to death!
  5. Hi i[quote name='fiatcoupe432' timestamp='1493413217' post='3288247'] the end of the game fretless.... i keep coming back at thisus In I only do one up Kiu . why is still here? [/quote]
  6. I just bought a Saffire 24 to run with my iMac and I am very very happy with it thus far. Like you I don't need anything super complex, I just want to do some demoing. I can say that the Focusrite sounds a lot better than the cheap m audio I was using. Both through my KRK rokit 6s and through headphones. (Though my headphones are not great quality)
  7. Such a cool bass. Can't really justify it at the minute but I think I looks great!
  8. Here are the facts around my latest transaction with Bass Direct. I bought and paid for a Darkglass compressor at 9:30pm on Monday 28th which was the bank holiday. At 10:30pm That night i got an email from Mark stating they would ship my order this week. Yesterday i got am message stating it had been shipped and it arrived on my door step at 9:15 this morning. I mean what else is there to say. Wonderful service which i have come to expect from Bass Direct but never take for granted. That said i have had great experience from Bass Gear as well but i have never used the Gallery. I think we are very lucky to have bass specific shops that offer above average (or in my experience excellent) customer service and a wide range of cool products. Even if its a bit more expensive i will continue to support these shops. That said Bass Direct were the cheapest i found for the Darkglass.
  9. I do 30+ gigs a year and a few week long tours a year. I have 6 basses that are used frequently and a few in various stages of modding. ACG 7 - main band ACG 6 fretless - 2nd band/ solo project ACG 6 fretted - practice/backup/solo project ACG Jazz 5 - jazz standard jams with friends + deps Alembic 4 - stays at home theory and reading practice P bass copy with flats - messing with Motown stuff. Damage wise they all get marked. The 7 has got quite a few on the headstock and body but touring will increase the chances of that.
  10. Awesome thread and awesome thing to do!
  11. That said I do use my B7K as an always on and with only a hair of overdrive. I am surprised to see some describe it as harsh but then maybe I like harsh?
  12. Glad to see a thread about Darkglass that isn't full of fan boys! I must admit I love my B7K and it has solved loads of problems for me. I love the Darkglass brand and can't wait to try an Ultra, but it's nice to see some honest opinions of people that haven't got on with their stuff. Proof that no pedal is for everyone! That said I can't wait to see what Darkglass bring out next.
  13. As Patch says I love my ACGs and I'm sure this one will be amazing. If I wasn't saving up for a house deposit I would be jumping on this!
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