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  1. I have one identical to that with D'addario Flatwound Chromes 45 to105 on it,knock spots off my Mex P no exaggeration.
  2. This never failed to get the punters up ,known to us band members ,the half eleven jiggy .
  3. The Yam BB necks are something in between a Jazz which is 38 mm at the nut to a P which is around 43mm at the nut,My BB424 is 40 mm at the nut HTH.
  4. Yer i get that,but the M62 ends at North Cave near Hull,but thinking about it maybe Hull could equally be construed as being in Hell,even more so than Grimsby come to that.
  5. 🎶 Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids In fact it's cold as hell...... I've always been led to believe that Hell was rather hot. Mind you with Bernie living near Grimsby,maybe he thought that that cold hole was actually Hell.
  6. When i first started playing Bass again 4 years ago after a 30 year lay off i bought 5 bass Guitars in a matter of 4 months. 1.Gear 4 Music LA Bass 2.Ibanez sr 300 3 Yamaha 424x. 4. Ibanez SR 500 5.Sire Jazz Bass vintage. i have 2 of these Basses left,but only play one of them,and the other one never comes off the wall hanger. Guess which one that is.
  7. The reason Showaddywaddy had two drummers was something to do with them forming from two separate bands i believe.
  8. He was better looking than me. I'd moved from Nottingham in 76 with me mam n Dad to Scarboro. Me dad had been made redundant from the Pit so he bought me a Bass with his spare cash. I was very much still a rookie when I met them, they was just a couple of normal guys. Ah well the rest is history.
  9. The Band was Prefab Sprout who I had met in Scarborough in 77. They were a couple of lads from Durham who were brothers Paddy and Martin Mcaloon.
  10. I was born in 57 and as far as I remember most of the top chart tunes from say 76 to 85 had slap bass lines in them. The technique was the ultimate coolness of Bass playing back then, in that vein I actually love the sound of slap Bass, but sadly I was never that good at playing it, which at the time cost me a place in a very well-known band who I sharnt mention.
  11. Bob Geldof,i was a huge fan of the Rats back in the day,but now forget the Boomtown he just a Rat,sorry if any Rats ever post on here.
  12. Liking the gold bridge plate and jack cover plate.
  13. Fair play to you...?photo
  14. I'm always gassing anyway not just in lockdown i suffer from bad wind.
  15. Just ordered a set of Vintage flat wounds med gauge.Looking forward to trying em out.
  16. This could possibly be the best Disco Funk song ever sung by anyone Black or White.?And i need to learn this line?Tabs anyone can't find it anywhere,ont tinter.
  17. Seeing as i'm an old git... 1,Up around the bend-Creedence Clearwater Revival. 2 . Silver Machine-Hawkwind 3 Layla-Dek and the doms. There's a place up ahead and I'm goin' Just as fast as my feet can fly Come away, come away if you're goin' Leave the sinkin' ship behind Come on the risin' wind, We're goin' up around the bend Oh
  18. I get that they are already pretty decent PUPS,I was just wondering if they could be improved upon,and if so what with.Which begs another question.?Are the pups on these basses specifically made for this particular Bass,if so seems strange that Yamaha would do this ,as it limits up selling to alternative PUPS.
  19. After a bit of advice really .If you were to replace the already decent sounding pups in the above bass ?what would you change them too ,and why.
  20. If i was to use the Fishing Gear analogy here,this also applies to Guitars.With fishing Tackle a large segment of the gear is designed to catch the angler as well as the fish,I think to a certain degree the same could be said about Guitars and music gear in general,but then you knew that already didn't you.
  21. Bridlington Spa Royal Hall, April 1979.Thin Lizzy, right at the front,my ears are still ringing now.When i heard the first four notes to Jailbreak and Phil using his Mirrored Pickguard reflecting the spotlight onto the crowd i was hooked.Never managed to totally emulate the guy,but it wasn't for the want of trying.Priceless.
  22. Tis an old classic from a very talented individual,but then we all know that dont we.
  23. Every thing beatles, the early stuff, they aren't as easy as I thought though. We are on about doing a Beatles cover band as well as the ska. Any suggestions.
  24. Bought my last purchase of the year, A nice new set of Daddario flatwound chrome's, and they are sounding lovely and mellow with the new amp, coupled with the Yamaha. BB424x.
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