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  1. This could possibly be the best Disco Funk song ever sung by anyone Black or White.?And i need to learn this line?Tabs anyone can't find it anywhere,ont tinter.
  2. Seeing as i'm an old git... 1,Up around the bend-Creedence Clearwater Revival. 2 . Silver Machine-Hawkwind 3 Layla-Dek and the doms. There's a place up ahead and I'm goin' Just as fast as my feet can fly Come away, come away if you're goin' Leave the sinkin' ship behind Come on the risin' wind, We're goin' up around the bend Oh
  3. I get that they are already pretty decent PUPS,I was just wondering if they could be improved upon,and if so what with.Which begs another question.?Are the pups on these basses specifically made for this particular Bass,if so seems strange that Yamaha would do this ,as it limits up selling to alternative PUPS.
  4. After a bit of advice really .If you were to replace the already decent sounding pups in the above bass ?what would you change them too ,and why.
  5. If i was to use the Fishing Gear analogy here,this also applies to Guitars.With fishing Tackle a large segment of the gear is designed to catch the angler as well as the fish,I think to a certain degree the same could be said about Guitars and music gear in general,but then you knew that already didn't you.
  6. Bridlington Spa Royal Hall, April 1979.Thin Lizzy, right at the front,my ears are still ringing now.When i heard the first four notes to Jailbreak and Phil using his Mirrored Pickguard reflecting the spotlight onto the crowd i was hooked.Never managed to totally emulate the guy,but it wasn't for the want of trying.Priceless.
  7. Tis an old classic from a very talented individual,but then we all know that dont we.
  8. Every thing beatles, the early stuff, they aren't as easy as I thought though. We are on about doing a Beatles cover band as well as the ska. Any suggestions.
  9. Bought my last purchase of the year, A nice new set of Daddario flatwound chrome's, and they are sounding lovely and mellow with the new amp, coupled with the Yamaha. BB424x.
  10. ok Bud im convinced im gonna order one and be done with.
  11. All of the above now really.?what can you recommend.
  12. This is doing my head in now,im between two minds or maybe three,just took a look at the Ashdown Phone Box and seems you can use with an Audio interface...Quote,The ‘Line Out’ can be used as a recording-out into your audio interface. The Line Out and Headphone Outputs can be used at the same time, as can the Balanced Di Output.Unquote.. ?Could the b1 be used for much the same thing as above ?I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2,could that be used as an headphone amp on a stand alone basis. Sorry for all questions ,it's a minefield to me .
  13. Hi guys ,?Could i use something like this to silent practice with my headphones through my amp. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-000-CH400-00010-Powerplay-P2-Amplifier/dp/B0784TMYPN/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Behringer+PowerPlay+P2+IEM+Amplifier&qid=1577477605&sr=8-1
  14. Al Krow,The Bass is a 424x bud.had it it 3 years or so now,it's the amp im bangin on about.
  15. Surely the most ultimate protest song ever, going by it's poignancy,
  16. My best and only purchase this year is this beauty. Its like I'm a different player tonally. Shame the Neighbours didn't think the same, to the extent that they have moved house, albeit it on the same street. We will see what the new ones think of it. 😁😊
  17. Just purchased an Ashdown Mag 115-300 Evo 111 amp very pleased with the sounds and tone im getting from it.Only one small niggle,it doesn't have an headphone jack for silent practice. So on that note(no pun intended) ?would it be possible to purchase some kind of Mini Amp that would convert the signal to use with headphones,and if so where would i connect it.
  18. Yes the existing one is loose when the cable is plugged in so that's the reason i want to change it.The red wire appears to go to the tip/hot pin and the white one goes to the left hand pin as we look at it in the photo. Thanks for reply.
  19. So I could use the Nuetrick one in the photo then, and does the white wire go to the sleeve thing which looks like a cable clamp..
  20. Hi all, I need to replace the Barrel jack on my Yamaha bb424x as its become a bit loose and I don't trust it. I already have a Nuetrik Jack which I have had for a while now but just got round to doing it now. Having opened up the crome plate and having a closer look, it appears that the original one is different as it seems to have two pins on the back plus a cable clamp I think. Question is can I use the new Nuetrik one in the photo or do I need to buy another one Cheers Ps hope you can see the photos clearly.
  21. The one i'm leaning towards is the C115 ,weighs in at 28 kg but i might just use it for home practice, interesting point about noisy fans,?would you say it is louder that a computer case fan,because i've just sprayed mine with some silicone spray seems to have worked . See your point about the 210 it says it weighs in at 35 kg.
  22. Hi guys,As a follow on really from my last post about trying to get that old school vintage sound,i have decided that i don't need another bass,i just put some Adagio Flatwound Strings on my Yamaha BB424x and i have followed members advice on here.However i,m not quite there yet so i feel that a new Amp may compliment that for me illusive vintage sound i'm after. So with that in mind i have been looking at the Ashdown MAG Series of Combo amps which i intend to use doing small gigs.I must say i like the look of them with the British Racing Green Front Panel,and the prices seem competitive from my local PMT in Nottingham. Anyway my question is bearing in mind what i'm trying to achieve,which one should i go for.There are 3 , Starting out with a single 10 inch speaker,and one with 2 ten inch speakers and lastly one with a Single 15 inch speaker. So come on help me decide will ya.cheers. Here's a link....https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/products/bass/bassamplifiers/basscombo?manufacturer=922
  23. Hi all.Just been playing my Yamaha bb424x and the Pickup selector switch has started to play up.I can select the Neck pickup and both pickups on with the switch set in the middle, but when i select the Bridge pup it doesn't work even when i wobble it around a bit.Any suggestions folks.
  24. ?Do you have a link for the pick up replacements you mention,i didn't know that the original pups for the Yamaha BB424 could be acquired thanks for that,and thanks everyone who has took the time and trouble to reply,there's some really good advice here.And i have tak4en on board what has been said.I absolutely love the Bass sound on that Crusaders record and it brings back some warm memories for me from that era as i was 19 at the time good good days. Astonishingly enough for me it seems that the SR500 with its Bartolini mk1s with some foam under the strings at the bridge is a great improvement over and above the other two doing the same thing.I have now been practising the line for some two weeks and i am slowly getting there .I might at some point post up a Video of me hopefully having cracked the thing.Once again thanks everyone thats posted.
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