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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Hi all I am selling this bassmods MF5 in absolutely MINT condition, just strung with a fresh set of Elixir 45-130 (nickel). I am the first owner and ordered it in the US, but found a Fbass VF5 70 in the meantime meaning I have no use of a second 70's JB. - Pickups: Nordstrands humcancelling - 2 pickguards (white & gold) - Preamp: Bassmods 3 bands - Alder body / Maple fingerboard (PLEK’d) - 4.6kg - 70's pickup spacing https://www.bassmods.com/Maurice-Fitzgerald-Signature-MF5-Alpine-White-Gloss-Bassmods-3-Band-Preamp-and-Bassmods-REJ-Pickups--70s-Pickup-Spacing--_p_2475.html Price: 860 GBP
  3. Agree it’s not that common elsewhere 🙂
  4. Vol neck, vol bridge, tone & 3bands. Active doesn’t mean that you have to have a blend. It’s quite a standard config for F Bass
  5. julfam


    Gosh... if it wasn’t for Covid, I would most probably have been in Warsaw this week 😞 nice one!
  6. Just sold a bass to Three - Absolutely flawless transaction. Very cool guy, prompt payment. Thanks.
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *broken heart* I was considering PM'ing you today 😪
  8. Don’t forget to make some space for Spectors 😉
  9. Today I took the American Coda out for a spin. I was actually recording some Soundclips to sell it, but I decided not to sell.
  10. Everything: This one just arrived yesterday from Singapore Body: Ash with Alder wings FB: Indian Rosewood AAA PU: PB Aguilar and the JB has been swapped with a Nordstrand NJ5 (but I still have the original one) Feels and sounds really good - just have to get used to 5 strings as I haven’t played more than 4 strings the past 5 years 🙂 I put some sound... not very clean (just started working on that today) but at least you can have an idea of how it sounds:
  11. Bump - I wanna see more of those
  12. Hope you won’t regret... it’s the only bass I kept that long (3 years already) while my average is probably more in a 5-6 months area. And I had quite a few fancy ones (Fbass, Spector, Roscoe, Sadowsky just to name those). I recently decided to keep it over my Spector Coda USA... and decided not to pull the trigger on an AVRI that I compared to that RW...it’s a keeper!! People talk about the Flea but it’s not even as good as my RW 😉
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