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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Hi all I am selling this bassmods MF5 in absolutely MINT condition, just strung with a fresh set of Elixir 45-130 (nickel). I am the first owner and ordered it in the US, but found a Fbass VF5 70 in the meantime meaning I have no use of a second 70's JB. - Pickups: Nordstrands humcancelling - 2 pickguards (white & gold) - Preamp: Bassmods 3 bands - Alder body / Maple fingerboard (PLEK’d) - 4.6kg - 70's pickup spacing https://www.bassmods.com/Maurice-Fitzgerald-Signature-MF5-Alpine-White-Gloss-Bassmods-3-Band-Preamp-and-Bassmods-REJ-Pickups--70s-Pickup-Spacing--_p_2475.html Price: 860 GBP
  3. Agree it’s not that common elsewhere 🙂
  4. Vol neck, vol bridge, tone & 3bands. Active doesn’t mean that you have to have a blend. It’s quite a standard config for F Bass
  5. julfam


    Gosh... if it wasn’t for Covid, I would most probably have been in Warsaw this week 😞 nice one!
  6. Just sold a bass to Three - Absolutely flawless transaction. Very cool guy, prompt payment. Thanks.
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *broken heart* I was considering PM'ing you today 😪
  8. Don’t forget to make some space for Spectors 😉
  9. Today I took the American Coda out for a spin. I was actually recording some Soundclips to sell it, but I decided not to sell.
  10. Everything: This one just arrived yesterday from Singapore Body: Ash with Alder wings FB: Indian Rosewood AAA PU: PB Aguilar and the JB has been swapped with a Nordstrand NJ5 (but I still have the original one) Feels and sounds really good - just have to get used to 5 strings as I haven’t played more than 4 strings the past 5 years 🙂 I put some sound... not very clean (just started working on that today) but at least you can have an idea of how it sounds:
  11. Bump - I wanna see more of those
  12. Hope you won’t regret... it’s the only bass I kept that long (3 years already) while my average is probably more in a 5-6 months area. And I had quite a few fancy ones (Fbass, Spector, Roscoe, Sadowsky just to name those). I recently decided to keep it over my Spector Coda USA... and decided not to pull the trigger on an AVRI that I compared to that RW...it’s a keeper!! People talk about the Flea but it’s not even as good as my RW 😉
  13. Interesting, not too far away! Was mostly looking for a relic but that’s tempting. I’ll PM you if I decide to pull the trigger!
  14. I saw the thread, the first post, ran to the website, credit card in my hand, ready to pull the trigger. How did I miss that!!!
  15. the GAS is on... only one way of getting rid of it: BUY NOW 😂 I guarantee you won’t feel the need to buy a Markbass anymore after that 😏
  16. That’s exactly how I feel too... I just enjoy playing at home and don’t think I can be bothered anymore. Fixed schedule, carrying stuffs, dealing people’s ego, opinions etc. I already do that everyday at work. I think that’s enough for me for now. Dont want the sound weird but IMO, gigs were over long before Covid. We (at least me... and most of my friends) are used to nice clean sound, not to go see random bands playing random stuffs too loud with shitty acoustic in dirty places. Got old maybe. I have a « band », we gather... sometimes. We jam, because we like it. Then we drink beers and we go home. I just realized I enjoy much more recording things I like (Or not) in the comfort of my place, when I fancy doing it, than playing in front of drunk guys that just want me to play Californication.
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