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  1. I just want to say again, just the fact anyone is willing to give anything is more than i ever expected. Cant say how thankful i am. Very, very cool 😎
  2. Honestly, didn't expect any of this, as i've said on the other thread i initially started, just to warn people of the fact there was a scammer out there. Great community here. Thank you so much
  3. Hahaha guitarist takes "less is more" to the next level!!
  4. Nah it was South Wales. Honestly, one of my favorite venues i've ever played
  5. Don't often post in here (not sure why), but we had a weekend of gigs that was a bit different to our usual. We usually play one or two weddings a week. But the venue for the wedding this weekend was a bit different....a hippy commune. I don't know if that's the PC thing to call it (not sure what else to call it tbh) , but that's what it was. And it was brilliant!!! Such a fantastic venue. about 5 miles from any neighbours. All off grid and self sufficient. Fantastic venue. Big open fields with various places to sit, all trees and bushes adorned with decoration. A really cool vibe , as you'd expect. The actual wedding room was a massive circular stone building, that was decorated beautifully. Great sound in there. The bar staff were people who lived there, and were super friendly. All drinks were free (not so good for us as we don't drink when we play, but thought it was worth a mention). Amazing. Had so much fun! Then on Sunday we played a public gig. Only play 2 or 3 a year. We headlined a local cider festival, and there were about 500 odd people. Had a great laugh again. Top weather, top weekend.
  6. Not the hardest to play, and i think there isn't actually a bassline in the song, but Chaka Khan - Aint Nobody. The way we have arranged it, it's really fun to play. I think the trick to making this song really cool (maybe all songs?!?) is "less is more". It does go down well too, so that's an added bonus.
  7. I found one eventually, and it arrived last week. Unbelievable value for money!
  8. Yeh it's works for us. It's like i said, you can get way more. More doesn't always mean better though. Just my opinion. A lot of the weddings we play at will have lighting already there. Whether it be in the floor, or behind you in a starlight effect , or LEDs already in situ, or the DJ etc.
  9. I have just found this The LED cans werent set up at this point, but it shows how we use the LED wash bar thingys (i dont know the "official name")
  10. I have just looked and i don't have a picture of it all set up sorry! These are the LED cans: https://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_stage_tri_led_bundle_complete.htm Here are the LED wash bars: https://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_led_bar_240_8_cw_ww_dmx.htm Disco ball thingy and moving LED can were bought second hand. This video shows the LED wash bars, but don't have anything with all of it in action
  11. My wedding band runs two floor wash lights/bars. We have two sets of 4 LED cans, mounted on poles. A disco ball type of thing, that sits on the floor, and two moving LED cans. Very rarely use all of them together, as i think it can look a bit much. But good lighting goes a long way to making a band look more professional IMO
  12. I'm not sure of best advice here, but I would personally be speaking with eBay or PayPal to make sure you are covered if there is any doubt. I had similar thoughts to you, but ignored them. Won't make that mistake again!
  13. You're going off formed rather than first album released.....challenge accepted
  14. I watched The Ataris in TJs about ...15 years ago maybe?! The 1st band on were a local band, and although i didnt much like their songs, the mix was great. Could hear everything. Wasnt crazy volume levels. Ataris came on, and it was as if the sound guy just pushed all the volume sliders to max. Couldn't hear feck all
  15. @Grahambythesea sorry for the delay. It weighs 4.1kg and is 42mm at the nut, with a fairly shallow neck. Hope that helps. Thanks
  16. Yep for sure. And there are plenty of threads talking about the benefits of other bass amps and rigs etc. This is the only one about FR/FR, so that's why i'm asking about them here That is not the kind of sound i am aiming for, my back is pleased to let you know haha
  17. That's cool. I'm really just looking for opinions. The interesting thing for me is, those who have gone FR/FR, don't seem to be going back. That says something to me. But don't worry, i wont just "follow the crowd". I'm just looking to get some thoughts
  18. @Al Krow I currently run a LMII and a single TKS S112 (i do have 2, but have never needed the 2nd). I have the option of running through the PA, but would intend to use it as backline. It seems to me, the people who have been going for the FR/FR route all find their sound to be better? That's why i'm asking though
  19. Looking at some FRFR speakers, i'm thinking of staying with RCF, just because of how impressed ive been with our bands PA. How important is the voice coil going to be for a bass player? For example the 715s are around £550. But the 725s, and 735s etc are all around £870. I understand the need for these if the main use for the speakers is singing. Do i need a bigger voice coil for bass though? What say yee experts of all things FR/FR?
  20. Hi Graham. I didnt have a chance last night, i got in from work at 10.30. I'll do it today though. I have a free night
  21. This isnt a "hell audition" but we did laugh. A lot. We were a fresh from school band. All of us between 18 - 20. Quite well known on the "local scene". Our set list was fairly heavy rock. Metallica, Free, RATM, Led Zep, Black Sabbath etc. One of our guitarists was going to university so we were auditioning guitarists. We had 3 or 4 people coming to a practice to audition. We sent them all emails with 3 songs to learn, and aid if they had BVs or vocals it would be a massive bonus. The songs were "Wishing well ", "Black dog" and "Enter Sandman". So first guy turns up. Long hair, pointy dimebag guitar, Tight jeans, big boots, a amp and cab that was far too big. You get the picture. Nice enough though, had a chat as he was setting up, got on fine. Looking good. He tells us he can sing a bit, and would be happy to have a go with "Wishing Well". Fair play to the man. So he starts.... "You hear me , so clearly....." He starts singing Wet Wet Wet's version of Wishing Well. Brilliant. We were all crying laughing. The guy clearly felt a little embarrassed, but we couldn't stop. Too funny! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!
  22. Nothing other than saying "fairly light" Will weigh it later for you too
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