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  1. Haha! I know what you mean. It's a fantastic resource but can be a bit frustrating to use. Cheers mate, I've sent you a PM.
  2. Thanks for the encouraging words! I'm up to the end of the second chorus but haven't really practised it for about a week. In between getting home from work and the kids being asleep I have a small window for making noise and my time in that window is generally taken up with more pressing matters! I've been using this Songsterr link. To my ears it seems pretty good so far. My transcribing skills are pretty hopeless, which is another thing I'm hoping to work on with that playlist I've made.
  3. We do that one. Lots of root and 5th in it. Personally I think it gets a bit boring. I made myself an iPod playlist of songs I either want to learn or enjoy playing. Currently trying to learn Wake Me Up Before You Go Go but it's probably a bit advanced for me. I need to try and dedicate some time to it.
  4. This is probably no help at all but I built a preamp pedal from this layout. I think it gives a really nice tone to my passive P and J basses. Particularly the J.
  5. Ooof! Glad you're still here to post about it at least. The advice from @Mykesbass seems pretty solid. Maybe if you take it really slowly and have lots of patience with it playing the bass may have some positive rehabilitative effect? The alternative (and I hope you take this in good humour - feel free to tell me to f*** off if not) is that you get a left handed bass, have your left hand replaced with a hook and learn to play with that. Plus you could still earn a few quid playing Captain Hook at children's parties. On a more serious note, best of luck for the convalescence, keep posting and check in on the Bad Jokes thread for a chuckle every so often.
  6. That is a good point. I hadn't thought about glue getting into the channels. That's definitely something I'm going to have to have a think about. Does anyone have any recommendations about the best sort of glue to use for that?
  7. Thanks! I did a J bass from a kit I got for my birthday last year and I came across both those issues. For drilling the screw holes for the neck I just clamped it in place and drilled through the body and into the neck as slowly and carefully as possible. I did nearly make an unsightly mess drilling the hole between bridge and pickup with a normal length bit and only just about got away with it. Thankfully on this one we have top wood to go over the face of the body, so I'm going to cut channels through the body for running the wires. Which can then be covered by the top. I've no idea how they do the solid bodies with the holes for the wires drilled horizontally through. I'm presuming it must be a tiny team of Lemmings, like in the old computer game.
  8. My Dad and I spent a few hours in my parents' garage yesterday thrashing out a plan of action for this. There is an ugly screw hole in the back of the body, behind the lower horn, so we've decided to cut right through that to put the pots in there. Which does mean a fairly long run of wire across the length of the body to connect up to the jack socket. We measured and marked up where the cavities for the neck and pickups will go. So Pa_User is going to work on making a router template for them this week. The next job will be getting a router bit and making the control cavity, the hole for the jack socket and a few channels to run wires between the back of the bridge, the socket, the pickups and the pots. There's a lot of work and learning ahead, but I'm getting excited about making a proper start on it.
  9. That's my main job for today! Golden phoebe.
  10. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone. I'm definitely going to take things slowly with the router and try and make some templates for all the different bits we need to cut out. @Jimothey for the shape I traced an outline around a picture of a Thunderbird from the Internet (my dream bass, hence me hanging around your Exploderbird thread like a bad smell) and then traced the top horn off a Jazz bass over that to reduce the likelyhood of neck dive.
  11. Thanks @Jabba_the_gut. If I have a working instrument and all my fingers still attached by the end of it then I'll categorise it as a roaring triumph! I'm in Liverpool.
  12. Inspired by all the threads in this here sub forum, I've decided to take the plunge and build my first ever bass body. I made a J bass from a kit last year and enjoyed doing that, which has given me the bug for it. I'm enlisting the help of my Dad, who has more woodworking skills than I (i.e. more than none). Mainly I thought it'd be a good excuse for us to spend some time together at something. Pa_User found some reclaimed mahogany in an antiques shop that'd work as the body: Out of this he's cut a shape from a template I made on the computer and printed out: Meanwhile I've been scouring eBay for the cheapest bits and pieces I can find to complete the build. The mahogany is only 35mm thick, so to get it up to 4mm (which is the thickness of my Squire P and kit build J) I got some top wood. It was the cheapest I could find and I thought it was alright from the pictures, but since I actually received it I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I plan to go round tomorrow to see if we can work out a plan for putting all these bits together in something like the right order. Maybe have a test go with the router I bought and have no idea how to use. I'm hoping for the benefit of the experience of you all along the way. My tentative plan is that the next jobs are routing out the control cavity in the body along with any channels for wires to go through to pickup holes and behind the bridge, etc.. Then to try and get the top on. After that cut the neck pocket. Am I missing anything from that? Wish us luck!
  13. I think the pickguard looks good, but might it be a bit close to the hole for the pot (I nearly put pot hole) on the right hand side there? Particularly when there is a knob on it.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  15. Nice. I've got a Thunderbird self build in mind myself which I hope will be some sort of white stained top wood over a mahogany body, with a through neck of some darker wood or other. Maybe with a mahogany stripe through it. Got some skills to work on first though! Going to do just a body first. Currently waiting for the neck for it to arrive off eBay but it appears to be stuck in Shenzen and that's holding everything up. Hurry up, the Chinese postal service you shower of useless gets!* * a great bunch of lads
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