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  1. I won't lie, in my experience, a certain amount of adverts on JMB seem to be from cranks. I'm sure this isn't always the case, but I've noticed that a good way to spot these is to watch for the ones who put the same adverts up every few weeks for months on end. These seem to be the flakes who are dead keen up until it comes to the point of getting together for a jam at which point they stop responding or who are too difficult to work with that no one wants to stick around. It might take time to find the right band, but go to as many jams and auditions as you can so that when the right one does come along, you already have some recent experience of going to jams/auditions so you won't be going in cold. Also it doesn't hurt to play music that's slightly out of your comfort zone as it's a good way to expand your horizons and appreciate new stuff. As long as you enjoy it that's all that counts. I think you have to expect that, whether they mean to or not, you will feel like some people will have wasted your time. Don't take it personally and I guess just be honest with upfront about what you are looking for and what you can and can't do depending on other commitments you may have and don't leave them hanging. If you're not into what they're doing just tell them. I fully endorse what @Monkey Steve says about having a band with a band leader who is switched on and has contacts. It makes a world of difference if you're looking to gig. Ending up having to fire emails off to venues and promoters who probably won't get back to you is a headache, especially if it's someone else's band. So if you have someone on board who can ring up his mate and sort a gig then that saves a lot of time and energy. Plus removes a lot of doubt about whether you're wasting your time or not. As for gigging, if you're expecting to play pubs and small venues you'd probably need around a 300W amp. See what type of band you end up in and what set up they have though before taking the plunge. You may just need a head or amp sim with a DI out to the PA system or you might want a combo amp. Best of luck and enjoy it! It's a great experience and when it all comes together it's lots of fun.
  2. Aye, aye. Father Finton Stack has broken out of St. Clabert's!
  3. Sounds like it should be a laugh!
  4. I enjoyed that. With the following edits this sums me up pretty well. 1. The Rocker Bass: Battered Fender Squier Precision Technique: Rock solid Limited No pedals, no picks, no prancing about: the Rocker’s creed is simple but devastatingly effective. They have come to rock, and rock they will. Usually found having the time of their life with their covers band at the local pub, they plays it unapologetically loud and care not for your eardrums. There is no purer sight in all of bassdom.
  5. Ahem! https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/344874-great-jmb-ad/
  6. Played our first gig since April, for various reasons. We had only had two practices in the interim and were playing in a pub we'd never been to before. The guitarist broke a string at the start of the first set. The drummer knackered his hi hat pedal halfway through the second. The singer had laryngitis so told us just before we went on that we needed to help out by singing some choruses that I'd never sung before even in practice. Despite all that it went pretty well, but it was a weird night!
  7. The beauty of that idea is that you could drive to the gig, get drunk and then when everyone else has gone home you could just knock the pedals off the mattress and bivouac down behind the drum kit for the night.
  8. Dee Lite - Groove is in the Heart Jimi Hendrix - Fire Beatles - Get Back David Bowie - Rebel Rebel Amy Winehouse - Valerie
  9. I just can't come to a conclusion about what the best bit of it is. Is the ridiculous boasting? Is it that he specifically likes the south west of the US but feels he was born in a city on the east coast? Is it that he is "intolerant to" artists but is advertising for musicians and though he hasn't got any "stupid demos" to send he is happy to send pictures without explaining what they are of and what use they'd be in a musical context? Perhaps he meant to post it on a dating site or something. I am probably wrong to laugh at it but it's a masterpiece of weirdness. Best of luck to the handsome, young, artist and intellectual intolerant polymath anyway!
  10. https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/im-handsome-like-phoenix-and-play-all-instruments-t1171847.html I'm getting really good vibes off this guy!
  11. The whole camping business is awful and I've always hated that and am definitely too old for that now! When it rains for three days solid and you can't get dry anywhere and you're always knee deep in mud is horrible. The lure of seeing a load of your favourite bands all on in one weekend though is very strong. So it's a good idea, just ruined by weather and people.
  12. Frankly I couldn't even get arrested if I tried!
  13. I was the same. It's not an intuitive process and I don't want to wreck a bass. There's a lot to learn and as others have said there's lots of YouTube instructional videos on this sort of thing to wade through and if you're interested in the process I would recommend doing that. What really, really helped me was to get a bass kit off Amazon. It was only £100, came with all the parts which just needed varnish/painting and all screwing together. It needed a bit of drilling and measuring out for the bridge placement, etc.. I'm by no means an expert but I had to learn from scratch stuff like how to adjust a truss rod, how to set the string height, how to intonate it etc. which was all new to me. With the added bonus that I wasn't wrecking anything because it was already in pieces when I got it. Through a combination of reading, watching and having a go myself I learned a hell of a lot about how it all works and from that I was able to set up my other bass to be more to my liking without knackering it!
  14. I think that the way the grain lines up so well will be the biggest thing that will cover it. Plus if you're putting veneer over the front then that should sort it. Who is interested in looking at the back? Looking forward to seeing the veneering process!
  15. Sheesh. That looks fantastic. At first I thought "He's done a good job there but you can really see the join." Then I saw the next pic with the arrows!
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