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  1. I saw someone doing it with a router, and he did them both together but turned one upside down and wrong way round. That way if there was a slight error the other side would compensate for it. I haven't had the cojones to try doing it with a router. He did make it look sickeningly easy though.
  2. Cheers! I'll look up the scary sharp thing and the shooting board jig. Gives me a place to start from.
  3. Thanks. I've just bought an ancient 17" wooden jointer plane off eBay for about £15. It needs some care to get the sole true again I think. I've so far managed to clean most of the rust off the iron and tried sharpening it on some wet and dry paper. After some effort I got it from being sharp enough to cut warm butter to it being sharp enough to just about slice into the side of some paper. Tried it on a scrap of wood and with some force it cut about 1mm in and then got stuck. I spent a portion of yesterday going through the "How to sharpen your blades" sticky and the linked "How to set up your plane" thread, with my head in my hands realising I knew even less about it all than when I started! I'll keep going with it though.
  4. Can I ask, what's the best way to get those bookmatched tops lined up? I have found scant information about it on the Internet and the one I'm currently grappling with, using sandpaper taped to a spirit level, is causing me absolute murder. I seem to be constantly making it worse!
  5. Not that I am casting doubt on his swordsmanship, but are you sure that's why they called him that?
  6. No, genuinely I'm a big fan. Got all their albums and seen them live a few times. They're brilliant. I think one or more of them are some sort of entomologist or other animal scientist. Hence all the lyrics about weevils, ants hiding in peaches, kitties, bug cities, monkey rivers, electric spiders, fleas versus mites (fighting with bites), slow slow flies, ladybugs, troglobites, butterflies, salamanders, frogs, etc.. That's my morning's iPod playlist sorted though! *puts on headphones to try and pretend I'm not stuck in an office*
  7. I have long loved PUSA, but they're always banging on about insects and other animals. In nearly every song. Lots of great tunes and good entertainment value though.
  8. That's quite an interesting theory. She should still be made to smell the glove though!
  9. I think metal music is mostly angsty, angry, stuff written by and for reasonably intelligent misfit nerdy types and/or people who may be going through a teenage identity crisis. People who think about existential stuff, possibly channelling this through heretical ideas about religions and the occult or escapism through fantasy novels/films. So certain buzzwords about Satan, mouldy old Babylonian (or wherever) gods, Dungeons and Dragons type creatures, being sad or angry and being able to pull through a phase of being sad and angry is all easily marketable stuff. As it's at least in the right ball park. If you believe anyone in the music industry could be so cynical. Before anyone gets upset at my stereotyping, I say this as misfit nerd with a mid-life identity crisis who has listened mostly to various types rock and metal music for the past twenty years. 😀 Like everything, if you filter out the dross there's some thoughtful and intelligent stuff. Also some stuff that's just plain old good daft fun. Speaking of which, @Leonard Smalls I loved the image of the heavy metal goblins in shrouds. If you felt up to reproducing the lyrics of "Sex Feeling" I imagine it would surely brighten up a tedious Tuesday afternoon!
  10. There's loads I don't think I will ever tire of, but there's only a few that, when they appear on my iPod, I'll almost always rewind because I want to listen to it again. Weirdly none of them are from bands I'm particularly into either: Close to Me by The Cure Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer Battle of Who Could Care Less by Ben Folds Five Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet The first two are so very nicely put together and the other two are just great fun and they all make me smile to listen to.
  11. The band I joined this year are playing there the week after you guys. What's it like as a venue? It'll be my first gig in London so looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy your gigs!
  12. Maybe the reduced load of 40 gigs next year will feel like much less of a hassle? Do you know what you'd do with all the time you'd free up without all those gigs? A change can be as good as a rest, so perhaps changing to a different band doing a different style of music? Or if you're on the cabaret circuit then maybe try joining an originals band or even writing some songs and starting your own?
  13. The CCR version somehow manages to be even worse to my ears than the Tina Turner version, which is awful in itself. The Tina Turner version is the one we do and as soon as it changes from slow to the faster bit suddenly the dancefloor is full of women rolling their arms down the imaginary river.
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