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  1. I didn't know to do that, thanks! I've checked with the multimeter and I can measure resistance across all of the lugs on them. I got it into a non-working state, then unplugged it and checked continuity from the solder joint of the board input to the jack socket and it worked. Likewise with the output jack socket to lug 2 of the Volume pot. So I think that would prove the switch was ok? Like you say, if it works sometimes then it seems I've at least got the layout as it ought to be. Perhaps I should just reflow all the solder joints?
  2. I made myself a clone of a Green Russian Big Muff from this layout. It sounds great when it works, but it has a weird problem with not sending any audio out sometimes. In true bypass mode it works fine 100% of the time. If I plug it in and press the foot switch, half the time it works perfectly and half the time there's just no sound. When it's not working sometimes tapping it gently on the floor can get the audio going. Once it's working, you can play it forever and it won't cut out. However next time you click it off and back on, it may or may not give any sound. Because of this I thought it might be a problem with the switch, but in either case the LED lights up so I'm guessing that means the switch is working? Can anyone suggest where I can look for the cause of this intermittent lack of sound? I'm thinking it might be something mechanical, because of the tapping "solution", but nothing appears to be loose and I can't see any shorts anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have the Vintage Pro in white and I love it. Got one a couple of years ago second hand for £350 and it has a lovely punchy, clear tone, a really comfortable, thin neck and is very nice to play. If you're looking for a Thunderbird I'd definitely recommend it. Especially as it's down from £600 to £450 new now.
  4. Thanks to everyone for your advice. It worked! Now to try and work out a way to box it all up!
  5. I think the problem may be the type of wood. Reading the below, it seems tulipwood (AKA poplar) is great for taking paint but awful at taking stain. https://www.h2ouse.org/staining-poplar/ "One type of wood that is notoriously problematic to stain is poplar. "
  6. Depends what pedal it is. You can measure them easily enough. The measurement just refers to the diameter of the bulb part of the LED. Just make sure you wire the positive and the negative ends the right way round.
  7. I really only want to have someone take it off my hands. Good news for whoever can pick it up though!
  8. This is almost certainly the case! Thank you for explaining. I think I understand what everyone means now. Apologies for confusing everyone. I have a panel mount XLR, with the three pins inside. Like you would normally see on the back of a microphone.
  9. I seem to remember that I rang them up but couldn't get through. However I no longer need it so don't want to throw money at fixing it which I probably wouldn't recoup from trying to sell it. So I'm happy to pass it on to a better home.
  10. Thanks! Also I only moderately burned myself with the soldering iron too!
  11. There's a luthier on You Tube who does lots of stuff with dyes. The channel is Big D Guitars. Most of it seems to be rubbing the dye on, sanding it all off. Rubbing more dye on, and sanding it off. Over and over again.
  12. Recently completed my first ever pedal board. Just used them loose and ad-hoc in the past but I was going through wires on power supplies like nobody's business. So I thought it better if it was all enclosed and boxed up. The four home made ones are clones of a Roger Mayer Octavia, a DOD FX 25 Envelope Filter, a Death By Audio Robot and an Earthquaker Devices Plumes. The latter three I'm pretty pleased with myself about as I designed the strip board layouts myself from the schematics. Which I think is pretty good going for someone who has absolutely no idea what he's doing with electronics! *struts*
  13. Thanks, @obbm ! Can I ask why you would not use a socket? I already have a socket and fear I would probably just knacker a lead if I tried to do it that way! The flying helmet bass sounds like it would be amazing.
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