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  1. Same. Give me a pattern and I can learn that and play it. Songs which seem like just someone improvising and playing different things on each iteration of the chord structure are a nightmare and I pretty much put my foot down over those as too complicated to learn!
  2. Unknown_User

    Deps that let you down

    This. If she's let you down for a better offer then she's obviously unreliable. It might be a pain but I would find someone else as otherwise you'll be worrying about this happening every time you book her. You obviously don't have to fall out with her, but I wouldn't be booking her for any more gigs.
  3. Unknown_User

    What floats your boat?

    Being forced to take piano lessons, which I really hated, for just over a year pretty much killed off any interest I had in music from about the age of 9. Before that I have vague memories of thinking Guns & Roses were good. Although I never got into them subsequently. So I actually avoided music up until I was about 15. Then I got into the Lightning Seeds and started looking for more bands. I got into the Wannadies, Presidents of the USA and then Foo Fighters. At which point I just went mental for almost any contemporary rock and metal music. This was about the time that grunge was still en-vogue and nu-metal was starting to take off so it was a good time for it. So Everclear, Tura Satana / My Ruin, Marilyn Manson, Queen Adreena, At the Drive In, Deftones, Slipknot, RATM and most of anything else that would have been on the Radio 1 Rock Show with Mary Anne Hobbs, the MTV Rock Show with Julia Valet or the VH1 Rock Show with Tommy Vance from like 1996 to 2003. Having joined a covers band a couple of years back has really opened up what I listen to and enjoy, but mostly I still listen to the above, plus a few newer bands of a similar ilk that I've discovered over the years. Mainly though I've always been a sucker for something fast and heavy, with decent hooks and a strong rhythm.
  4. Unknown_User

    What floats your boat?

    Would it not be air even for a boat? Since that fact that air is lighter than water is what keeps ships afloat.
  5. This! Great bass line. It sounds like it's improvised as there's not really much of a pattern to what he's playing.
  6. I have to confess I think that water one looks pretty good. If it was £120 I'd strongly consider buying it, but even if I won the lottery I wouldn't spend £120k on one just on principle!
  7. Unknown_User

    1970 Fender Bassman 100 went pop

    Thanks for the reply. I try not to mess around with anything that would plug into 240V! How long is longer than I might think though? Are we talking in hours or days?
  8. Unknown_User

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Means nothing to me I'm afraid. I've heard the name but never been tempted by it! I'm afraid as I'm getting older I have a much lower tolerance for horrific depictions of awful violence. I just can't watch films even with blood and killing any more. Sincerely, A. Biggtart
  9. Unknown_User

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Chortling at him positioning his finger with his other hand whilst demonstrating a song in a guitar shop!
  10. Unknown_User

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    I have to say @oZZma , I much preferred your previous profile pic to this pencil thing!
  11. Unknown_User

    Finger players. So you ever get cramp?

    Interesting. I've been getting something similar, but not as bad, more often recently. My fretting hand and forearm becomes numb. Especially around the ring and little fingers. Particularly when playing Sweet Home Alabama for some reason. No idea why as it's not exactly hard work to play. I've tried different ways to hold the neck when playing it but that doesn't seem to make much difference. I'll try putting my wedding ring on my picking hand at the next gig and see if that makes any difference. Cheers!
  12. Unknown_User

    1970 Fender Bassman 100 went pop

    Roughly how long would a capacitor in an amp store charge for? Do you have to do anything in particular to help them lose charge or just unplug the thing and wait?
  13. Unknown_User

    Click tracks and drummers

    This was part of the reason why one of the bands I'm in lost their drummer. The drummer demanded to play with a click and it caused constant problems. Especially on songs which started with 4 bars of guitar riff. Which unfortunately is quite a few of them! It sounded rubbish him counting with his sticks or hats/cymbals all through and the guitarist hated it as he found it hard to jump straight in at the exact tempo. It kind of killed the vibe and made everything more awkward. Other players doing different songs may well have better results of course! As always there's no right answer and it depends how it fits your situation. I think it's good for recording so you can set everything up in the DAW and keep it all consistent, but for live performances I would be worried about it negatively affecting the dynamics or flow of the song.
  14. Unknown_User

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    Is that genuine? I was a big fan of the Lightning Seeds in my formative years and I (obviously mistakenly) thought Prince sang "lightning seeds" in that song.
  15. Unknown_User

    Well I gave it my best shot

    All things pass, but don't forget that you just "lived the dream" for a whole 13 months! From what you said you acquired a load of awesome bass gear, improved your skills no end, made new friends, spent a gap year out of the rat race and got to a point where people know what you're about and want to ask you back. I type this sat in the same office for the past 14.5 years bored off my cake. I'm massively jealous. I hear you that you had to go through a bad time to get you to that point, but wow. You've done something amazing out of that adversity and you'll always have what you gained in the past 13 months of your life that no one can take away from you. There's no sham in needing to eat. If you take that same motivation you had in joining bands, replying to ads, etc., along with the contacts you've made and skills you've learned, into the next 13 months then you never know where you may end up a year from now. You could make a few bob teaching, being a sound guy at a local venue or theatre and still bring in the odd £50 playing bass at the weekend. So what if that means doing deliveries or working behind a supermarket checkout somewhere? The reality is you will still get to do what you love, but you just have to do something else as well to pay for it. It doesn't make you any less of a musician. Good luck mate and be proud of what you've done. Superb posting!