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  1. Things not to do in a music shop........

    I liken it to constantly dropping a tray load of cutlery!
  2. Get well soon Dave Swift!!

    Good luck for tomorrow!
  3. Bass Bash.?

    A few pics from a couple of years ago just to give a little taste of the SE BassBash. Me and the lovely Herbie, the main rig room, John Rhino Edwards from the Quo trying my bass and John Bentley from Squeeze giving a talk and playing some. Sadly I was too ill to attend last years!
  4. Get well soon Dave Swift!!

    Just seen a message from Dave's missus Lucy that he's a bad fall and fractured his arm and also a deep wound which has required surgery! Bloody bad luck for the fella, he's not long recovered from complications from hernia surgery! Arm in a cast and sling, could be a while before he's back in the saddle! Gutted for such a nice guy!
  5. Ibanez magazine advert from around 1992 ?

    Dave Swift is a big Ibanez fan, I think he's on BC, maybe drop him a line, it might be the sort of thing he would have saved. He's on Facebook, that's for sure!
  6. Softening your opinion towards the nice blokes

    I've just seen on Facebook that he's died!!!
  7. New Rig - TE/EICH

    It's a shame you can't do that with a BF Midget, could make for an interesting conversation before a session, "What have you got?" "I've got an Elf in a Midget in the car!!" "Err.....ok???!!"
  8. Miming on TOTP's

    So is Grandmotherable another word for GILF?? "Cor!! She looks Grandmotherable!!"
  9. Nice one!! That's the one I've settled on. Pretty basic but there's only a couple of songs I need to transpose to learn and the free basic version does enough for me!
  10. As the title says, anything out there? TIA
  11. Nile Rogers

    Watching it on iPlayer now, thoroughly enjoying it!!!
  12. ELO at Wembley 1978......Out of the Blue tour. Amazing musical and visual performance for it's time!
  13. TV themes which groove

    I wish they'd repeat Space 1999, fantastic series!