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  1. I bought it from a bassist in the States in 2008, called Mico.
  2. yybass


    Nikos is a great gentleman to deal with, true to his word and he’s certainly no ‘pirate’! 😂
  3. Maple neck will produce a brighter tone...
  4. I didn’t even try before you buy, just loved the tone.
  5. For sale Music Man Stingray 30th Anniversary with Maple neck and all the case & candy. Reason for sale: not used, my go to basses are Fbass basses. Weight: 4kg Condition: Excellent Tone: see video below Buyer pays for delivery. 3F8BEE0F-AF7D-4E39-8920-A5C2F95EC59F.MOV 4F4672F5-AC1A-4E62-A8FF-CC0EECABD447.MOV 1535FB47-05B4-406D-952D-0FF7E4580597.MOV
  6. More great feedback for a ‘hassle free’ Gentleman, dream deal. All the best.
  7. Yes agreed, just been playing it, great tone, I even change my mind....very different from the basses on the ‘tree’
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