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  1. As I thought, these are heavy. Best of luck with the sale!
  2. Was once mine, bought it here on basschat some years ago. It really sings and looks fantastic.
  3. There you go. Very hard to capture the beauty of this bass, there is a very deep 3D-effect when you see it in person, also the high gloss finish looks great, but it makes taking a good pic all the more difficult, at least for me.
  4. Nikola Adamovic is IMO one of the very best luthiers anywhere. I have owned everything from Alembic to Zon and this is the best fretted 6-string bass I have every played. However, I am going to switch to playing fretless bass exclusively and I am having built a wonderful Adamovic 6 fretless, so this one is for sale. The bass is very responsive and plays great. The most special feature about Adamovic basses is the building of the neck, it takes two years and this makes the neck very stable and improves the sound drastically. https://adamovic.nl/adamovic-unique-features/how-we-build-our-necks/ Specs: - White limba body - Olive wood top - Ash/maple/guariuba neck with a 34" scale, 24 frets - Jazz bass neck design, super comfortable, very low action - Greenheart fingerboard - Passive toneblend - Häussel single coil pickups - Weight: 3,8kg Very good condition, built in 2017. https://adamovic.nl https://www.facebook.com/adamovicbassguitars
  5. Superb bass, custom made in Markneukirchen. I got this bass in a trade and enjoyed it very much. Due to a permanent switch to fretless bass, I am selling this very special instrument. Mint condition. Half the price of a new one (£6,000/6,500). https://shop.warwick.de/en/instruments/electric-basses/warwick-masterbuilt/thumb/thumb-nt/20511/warwick-masterbuilt-thumb-nt-6-string-natural-oil-finish The specs: Six strings Schaller Machine Heads with wooden knobs Just-A-Nut III Brass Neck Wood: Wenge neck, 5 laminates Fretboard: Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard Fluorescent Side Dots Fingerboard Radius: 26" Scale length: 34" Width Nut: 45,0 mm / 1.8" - Width 12th fret: 60,8 mm / 2.4" - Width 24th fret: 69,11 mm / 2.7" Fret quantity material and size 26 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard) frets (width: 2.9 mm / height: 1.3 mm) - Frets: IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology Body Shape: Curved Body Shape Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood): Bubinga Pommelé body Pickups Active EMG soapbar H/H Electronics: Active MEC 3-way electronics Pot layout: Volume & Balance stacked P/P for active/passive / Mid / Treble & Bass stacked Bridge system: 2-piece solid Brass Warwick Bridge Strap system: Warwick security locks Construction: Hidden neck High Polish Finish Hardware colour: Chrome Weight: 5,6 kg Included accessories: Warwick User Kit including hex key tools and Cleaning cloth Certificate: Individually issued certificate of authenticity Original and super solid flightcase.
  6. Of course, if you like the Humbucker sound, go for it. The open treble register and the responsiveness was great with the Single Coils, but most players associate Fodera with this Humbucker tone I guess.
  7. Sad to see the change of pickups, it was great with the Single Coils.
  8. The pickup alone is 773€ plus tax. https://wilson-pickups.com/product/k5-2/ Derek builds double basses for famous orchestral players and soloist in the 20000€+ range.
  9. Two more sets of the Thomastik Spirocore are sold.
  10. Too heavy for me, but this is a great instrument no doubt.
  11. MTD uses a 3-Band EQ, vol, pan and an mid-frequency switch. ELECTRONICS The pickups and active electronics are a proprietary design for MTD made by Bartolini Inc. which consist of a master volume and pan pot, treble, mid, bass cut and boost, with center click (from neck to bridge). The three position switch selects the mid range cut and boost point. Down is lower mids, center is middle and up is upper mids. When the mid pot is at center click, the switch has minimal effect. The EQ has 2 batteries and our new proprietary Bartolini/MTD preamp is +18 volts. It will debut at NAMM 2020, replacing the previous +/- 9 version while keeping the same voicing.
  12. I would like to know too. Also the saddle width.
  13. I have updated the post, every set of strings that is in the first post with picture is still availiable. Edit: So I still have some Thomastik Spirocore and Superflexible.
  14. It would reflect the value of the instrument to a player, but no 7ender on the headstock makes these basses a bargain.
  15. One of the earliest examples, they had a very thick neck like I have never seen on any other bass and a body with no comfort shapings, very distinct design.
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