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  1. Some sounds… 😉 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hfeQwytmD2moIXCYLoLMfPk91j1nqE1R GLWYS bro’ !
  2. Nice bass! Is this the original neck? Because he seems to be "swimming" in his neck pocket... That said, GLWYS !
  3. It's one of the best sounding 4 strings bass on the market actually. GLWYS Chris ! 🍻
  4. I did a trade with Chris two weeks ago and everything went perfectly. The bass arrived very quickly and very well packaged, and the communication was excellent. Indeed, I recommend Chris, and maybe one of these days for another deal ! 🍻
  5. Some sounds of this MONSTER just here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hfeQwytmD2moIXCYLoLMfPk91j1nqE1R GLWYS my friend !
  6. Strengh and Honor. 🤣😅
  7. I don't know, regarding the Leduc, he still says he owns it here: http://www.alaincaronbassmag.com/my-equipement.htm But he may have since separated from it.
  8. And it's also a bass that he still owns, but I presume that there may be a tacit agreement with FBass and Alain to use his AC and old BNF on stage.
  9. I have some Leduc's basses too, and he's one of my favourite Master Luthier. Ergonomic, sounds and playabilty are second to none. This is my little family of these wonderful instruments : Leduc Modern 4 (made for Sylvin Marc) Leduc U-Basse 4 SF Leduc Masterpiece 631 SF Leduc Maurad 6
  10. Perfect craftsmanship and very deep and powerful sound. And with Flavius, you can’t make a mistake. So much better than a Gibson considering the price. Men, you should take it if you want the ultimate Thunderbird. GLWYS my friend ! 🤘
  11. Very beautiful bass, it seems to sounds very good too. 😊 GLWYS Chistoph ! 🍻
  12. Hey Folks ! For sale or trade : a Sumptuous Warwick Thumb NT 6 CS Masterbuilt Nirvana Black Stain High Polish in mint condition, just a very slight mark towards the input jack. If you're looking for the ultimate Thumb with stunning build and massive sound, you've come to the right place. With its EMG 45P pickup set, it's full of growl and grunt, but it's also super versatile, while keeping a big, Warwick-like personality. It cuts the mix and has very, very deep bass. The bass is in pristine condition and sounds as good as you would expect from a Masterbuilt Warwick. Here are the characteristics: Body: Bubinga Pommelé (front & back) Neck : 5-piece wenge Fingerboard: Tigerstripes Ebony (BEAUTIFUL) Tuning Machines : Schaller with ebony heads Nut : Just-A-Nut III Adjustable Brass Inlays : Fluorescent Side Dots Radius : 26 ’ Scale : 34 ’ Neck width at nut : 45.0 mm / 1.8 ’ Neck Width at 12th Fret : 60.8mm / 2.4 '' Neck width at 24th fret : 69.11mm / 2.7 '' Frets: 26 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard) (width: 2.9 mm / height: 1.3 mm) IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology Curved Body Shape Pickups: EMG 45P (inverted coils Pbass pickups, as at MTD or Spector) Electro: MEC 3 bands active Knobs: Volume & Balance stacked P / P active / passive / Mid / Treble & Bass stacked Bridge: 2 piece solid Brass Warwick CNC Routed Strap system: Warwick security locks Construction: Hidden neck High Polish Finish Hardware: Chrome Weight: 5.6kg Original armored Warwick (very)hardcase. Price: € 3,700 (New value around € 7,000) The video presentation of this bass by Warwick: An idea of the sound of this type of pickups on a Thumb: All the pics in HD : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zOBBAUouJDDchxwrETOJALxL0V-QZ7OH?usp=sharing A little soundclip (bass only without any effect) : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F5n2T7HQpLh5H2gXLEBJO7cQYRYcXLAE?usp=sharing I can take more pictures and of course more sound on demand. For trades I am super open-minded, fretted and fretless from the 4 to the 7 strings, you can try me. Rather right now looking for a modern American sound but I'm sooo weak ... Do not hesitate for any other information. My Feedback : Now, pics :
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