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  1. Terrific bass. And sounds awesome. 👍 Have a free bump ! 😋
  2. Flavius is a very trustable person. We maked a very good trade, and the bass arrived in a perfect parcel, very clean and with perfect settings. You can deal with confidence. 🙂👍
  3. Incredible Bass ! 😱 In very good shape... And very good price. Hope you will sell it quickly. GLWTS
  4. Trade Option Added. Hit me with 4,5,6,7 strings, fretted or fretless etc...
  5. Search for a Leduc bass fretted or fretless. Tell me if you want to sell one of it ! 😉 Thanks you !
  6. Another very good trade with Jade. As usual, serious and efficient. It will never stop ! 😄
  7. A very great seller ! Hope you find your dream bass Olaf. 😉 GLWTS !
  8. We maked a trade not long ago. Olaf is a very good person, and the communication was perfect with him. Deal with confidence, his bass are insane, and he is a real man of his word. Thank you for this very good experience, and hope we’ll make more deals in the future. 👍
  9. A very good friend, we maked trades and I bought to him a bass. Always with very good mood. Advice : You can coax him with butter pancakes. 🤫 Like everyone, I absolutely recommend him.
  10. Jade is a friend. He is a very good bass player and a very kindly person. We make somes trades always with trust and no problems at all. I can’t thank him enough for helping me to get my ultimate bass. Deal with confidence, because Jack Sparrow is a nice guy. 😉
  11. I maked a trade with Theo. He is perfectly honest and very nice. His parcel are very goods and he was an efficient man. Thank you and hope we have others deals. I recommended him very much.
  12. Hello ! Have you got some pics of the original body without pickups please ? 🙂
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