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Sold pending NOGUERA Harmonie Standard Custom 6 Fretless with amazing woods Back for sale, have quit music. Asking 1450 quid

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I'm putting this up for sale again. I haven't had an instrument in my hands for 5 months now nor have I listened to music except by accident. I realised I could use the 2 square metres my gear takes up. I'll be putting up ads for my remaining fretted bass and amps over the weekend.

tl;dr hard times*, longer explanation in the end. I was raving to Tony all week how this was even better than the fretless Ken Lawrence and MTD I had had and then got terrible news.

This bass somehow manages to attain that really difficult bit in sixes, a clear and authoritative B-string and a thick c-string at the same time. Very punchy and solid tone all through the range. Very jazz-like, you can go full Jaco if you want to :)

I got Tony's kind permission to use his ad text:


In fully working condition, fully original and in excellent overall condition (second owner). [I'm the third but 6 days hardly counts eh?]


Here are the specifications :

Body  : old stock mahogany

Top : old stock spalted chestnut with thick old stock rosewood veneer between body and top

Neck : one piece old stock flamed maple

Fingerboard : superb old stock LEGAL Brazilian rosewood

Positions : 21 original maple lined fretless

Headstock : 3 + 3 shape with spalted chestnut veneer

Pickups : 2 original hum-cancelling Noguera single coils with spalted chestnut covers

Preamp : Noguera 2 bands

Controls : volume (active/passive), blend, bass, treble

Tuners : Hipshot UltraLite USA

Bridge : original Noguera old stock rosewood with adjustable brass saddles

Strings spacing at bridge : 19 mm

Nut : bone

Strings spacing at nut : 9.5 mm

Knobs : 4 dark rosewood

Scale : 34"

Hardware colour : black

Truss rod : one (fully working)

Finish : high gloss

Land of craftsmanship : France

Serial number : 6002

Year : 2007

Weight : 4.487 kilos

Action : from a bit under 2 mm under the C string to a bit under 2.5 mm under the B string at 12th position (can go lower, but was perfect for me)


Will come with the original non branded Noguera hard case.


Non-smoking environment as usual.


The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has a new battery and has been fitted with a brand new set of Kalium Hybrid Bass Balanced BH-136-6BS round wound strings (29 - 41 - 57 - 76 -102 - 136).


This bass has been custom made with exact specifications for the previous owner and is in almost new condition.


Link to the Noguera page where you can see this very bass : http://noguera-basses.com/modele_basse.php?serie_b=Harmony&model_b=Deluxe&page=photos&categories=Serie Harmonie&galeries=Harmonie Standard Custom&nopage=1&ppp=6


Link to the Kalium strings https://kaliummusic.com/product/string-pack-2g2x343c3k3q/


What you see is what you get !


Look at the photos taken under different angles to see the almost new condition for a 13 years old bass ! This is a totally unique bass !!! All the photos are here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hz6HjS1hD1zw9g3co2vPw1iy-oP5dnGa?usp=sharing


My asking price is net price excluding shipping, as it would be unfair to ask people who can come pick up the bass pay the same as someone in Australia or New Zealand. Wiggle room might be there, but I'm exploring my options to resolve the crisis in a way that lets me keep this bass. Original hard case included.


*I just had disastrous news -- benefits denied out of clear blue sky-- regarding my personal finances on Thursday ago, and have agonised over this for 2 days now. Should the situation change this bass is off the market immediately. I'm trying to do everything I can to appeal, but we all know how that goes. The price reflects my situation and you probably won't find a Noguera Harmonie Custom (at least not one this good) at this price again. I haven't been able to get to really know the bass yet.




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back for sale, I've quit music
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9 hours ago, HumblePie said:

Please send me a message.

You could always send him a message!! 😉

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2 hours ago, binky_bass said:

You could always send him a message!! 😉

I heard people can't send me message, but that's weird, you and I have been able to send messages back and forth all summer.

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38 minutes ago, nobody's prefect said:

@ped if it's my username, can it be changed to have no punctuation and spaces?

@binky_bass @triplebass
pming you guys now

I can give it a try - would you prefer anything in particular? 

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5 minutes ago, binky_bass said:

Change it to "Binky_Bass is Perfect" 😁

It just said Error_False_input

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I'm getting it back. I had seller's remorse...

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