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  1. I never tried B-G, but tried drop-D and wasn't keen. Mind you, I wasn't using heavier gauges, so ymmv.
  2. Lovely bass, very smart looking. Bet it sounds fantastic, as most BTB's do. Good luck with the sale!
  3. All reasonable offers considered (not quite sure on the market value). No trades, though! I've just moved house and I'm having to downsize my bass collection. As a result, I'm selling this Ibanez BTB33 (otherwise known as the 'Volo' bass). It's a lovely example of the BTB style of instrument, with through-neck and practical wood choices giving it a particularly smart appearance. The stand-out difference over typical BTB basses is the scale length and string spacing... 33" scale and 17mm string spacing. I guess the bass was designed to offer a similar type of playing experience to basses such as the Fodera MG or Overwater SD models. Certainly, the 33-inch scale is very comfortable for noodling and always seems to encourage a more relaxed left-hand (YMMV, of course). The condition of the bass is excellent. No case, but it is boxed and can be shipped if the buyer pays for insurance. Otherwise, I'd be happy for buyers to collect and I'd also consider delivering it... I'm based in Milton Keynes but often in Chippenham... so I'd consider delivering to Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bucks, Beds, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds, Wiltshire, Bristol, etc. Specs (accurate to the best of my knowledge)... Construction: Neck-through, with ramp Body: Ash top, Mahogany Wings Neck: Maple and Bubinga. Rosewood board. Electronics: Bartolini BH-1, with active pre-amp. Cheers! Pics:
  4. I think FedEx and UPS offer it (or at a minimum provide packing boxes), but yeah - probably expensive and not likely to be the correct size! Cheers for the interest though! ...Joe.
  5. Hi mate, same reply really - If you found a courier that could provide packing and could arrange a daytime collection from my work.
  6. Hi mate, I would do if it were just about cost. Finding the right size box, packaging to protect the cab and then arranging a time when I can get it to a courier are significantly more challenging. I think there are couriers who provide packing and I'd be happy if you wanted to arrange via one of them them.
  7. Cool cool. Yeah, not sure why it's not had more interest... it's a great cab and I think the price is good.
  8. Cool. I could make a trip if you were genuinely interested and able to cover fuel costs. If you're just interested in checking it out, then it's probably a bit far. Cheers!
  9. I do sometimes! I see you're in Staffordshire, but whereabouts? South Staffs is easy for me, mid and north are a bit more of a trek, but I wouldn't dismiss it. ...Joe.
  10. Hey peeps, I'm selling my TC Electronic RS210C here. It's a very convenient cab if you own a TC RH-series amp, but many other Class-D amps will fit in the slot, too (I've had a BH250 in there for a few years now). Sounds great and is very portable (especially with the included trolley!). The cab has only been used live twice and was mostly used for live session stuff. Cosmetically, there is surface paint damage on the front (see pics), but it's in great working order. I bought it B-stock, but I've always looked after it since that point. Happy to consider offers. I'm not keen to ship it, but I could meet potential buyers half-way, (based in Milton Keynes but also often in the Bristol/Weston Super-Mare area). Cheers!
  11. Absolutely awesome bass. I'm so grateful to you for letting me take it off your hands.
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