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  1. Yeah, lovely instrument, and I’ve very much enjoyed owning it. I Have great memories of the day I bought it, too.
  2. Yep, chipped headstocks are quite the norm! My from-new 5 doesn't, but only because I put a little sock over the tip of the headstock. Looks weird, but protects it.
  3. I've decided to part with my Bongo 6, so I'm hoping it can find a loving home on here. I've had the bass around 5 years. It came from Wunjo Bass in Denmark Street. It's a really beautiful colour, which makes for an all-round lovely looking instrument (I'm assuming you don't mind Bongos in general). It plays really nicely, and sounds fantastic (modern, active, lively). The colour in these photos is very accurate. It's basically in the same condition as when I bought it: Good in terms of all the critical elements, but some cosmetic damage to the paintwork. You can see more in the photos, I hope! Good bits (condition): The pots are all clean. The electronics all working as expected. Fretboard is excellent condition, and the frets are in good order. I've had no issues with raised frets or similar. The neck is completely clear of cosmetic issues, and still has the satin finish intact. Tuners are all excellent. Bridge is excellent. No marks on the front of the body. The flight case is excellent. No funny smells. Never stored in a smoking household (to my knowledge). Cosmetic issues (all visible in the photos): A few bits of damage to the headstock paintwork. A mark on the rear, near the cavity cover. A small mark on the lower cutaway. For those who are curious, you can search for the serial number, here: https://www.music-man.com/serial-number-database Happy to answer any questions, as best as I can! Shipping options: I'd be happy to ship the bass. I have a suitable shipping box for it. Most couriers will insure it, as it has a flight case. Also happy if someone wanted to pick it up, or meet somewhere South of Leicester, West of Cambridge, East of Taunton (ish). Obviously more than happy for interested parties to come and check it over in person! regarding trades, please see below. Trades? I’m always interested. However, I’m primarily motivated by a cash sale right now. Some trades I’m definitely not interested in: 4-strings (or less) string spacings larger than 18mm at bridge anything that doesn’t balance well on a nylon strap.
  4. I'd wondered about the Schecter, so it's good to hear some feedback on that. 🙂
  5. Definitely. That combo has taken them to another level. 🙂
  6. I've been listening to Gong recently. Especially the You album. I've never previously spent much time listening to their stuff, so now is the time.
  7. Great stuff! It's been great to see so much of Carina Round since this latest Puscifer release. Saw her live in a pub in Milton Keynes, with about 10 other people (might have been 20). Amazing gig... supremely talented!
  8. Glad it wasn't just me. My copy really sounded quite poor, but it was a gorgeous looking bass, very well built. I was very tempted to swap the pickups out, but in the end it went back and hopefully into someone else's loving embrace.
  9. I feel your pain! The main reason I play 5 and 6 strings is for the tighter spacing.
  10. I had one of these for a home trial last year, but it was very weak sounding. Very nicely built, though! I'm sure the Fishman p'ups are good and I'm sure it was just my copy - but it was the only one I could find in UK stock. Dood reviewed it for Gi and seemed to think it was alright.
  11. Seems to be! My past experiences suggested they were always into the latest thing, which might be because of commissions... and I suppose that's understandable.
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