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  1. This is great, and a pretty simple but effective setup too! Can I ask what you used to send the signals to the iPad and stream? I'm definitely going to give this a go when it's possible.
  2. THIS! And the fact that every single one is a gorgeous concoction of woods just tops it off. I can’t put my AG5 USA down. Unique tones but so versatile at the same time!
  3. (Hate to say this but...) The lack of solid playing/technique and tuning probably aren't helping either! 😥
  4. Nooooo! That’s the AG5 I’ve had since 2018! I’m playing it a few hours every day right now, it’s really opening up, and sounding great. I wish the music I played wasn’t so commercial and traditional in terms of aesthetics, in a way, as I’m not sure I can get away with my AG5 on most country gigs, nor does every engineer enjoy the prospect of anything that isn’t “fender like”. For anything else though, I don’t think it’s a problem and always gets compliments. I will say, every MTD going up in the for sale section has me thinking! The Lynn Keller looks like it would be great for those ‘bass in the seat next to you’ short hops to European festivals (as it’ll squeeze into guitar gig bag!). Then again, whenever I’m not gigging GAS is heightened, and it’s also a very bad time to make calls on gear. I’d like to make the MTD my go-to where I can when this resumes, but that Sadowsky is just such a reliable workhorse that’s never disappointed. I can’t complain, both phenomenal tools that keep me, and the people I work with, happy!
  5. I've experience with the Starbass II Masterbuilt which I love with flats. The improvements Lee has made to the Sklar over the Starbass are pretty much exactly the things I would change about my Starbass, so I don't think you can lose with one of them. Those pickups have a really wide range of tones available, despite their simplicity, and no bass I have is quite as reactive to right hand placement as my SB. I don't quite understand how that's really possible, but that's how it feels. T
  6. Indeed, just from the availability perspective on those listed. The Midas preamps are nice - agreed!
  7. Great price for a bass that will cover any gig you’ll ever be hired to do! 5 String PJ Metros are gig machines, and well built good feeling ones at that. And £200 less than I paid for mine, which I already thought was a good price! GLWTS.
  8. My channel is full of reviews, with new ones every Tuesday! www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlchGxzkwPM-nG9Awh47tQ?sub_confirmation=1
  9. No problem! In that case (Windows) i’d stick to the Zoom. The Jam is really good quality, but it is simple. I think it’s easier to be routing everything through one device if you’re in windows, whereas Mac is a little more fluid with its audio routing, which is another point for the zoom! T
  10. If you can find a second hand Apogee Jam, do that! Out of these: the Zoom, no question. T
  11. Nice! It seems most of the recognised MTD artists boost all of the EQ all the way up. That's led me to push the eq more than I ever have on any other bass, but I'm really satisfied with the tones. Bass and treble for everything pretty much live at 70-80%. I'm finding a a big mid boost for finger style at 250 (bottom pos.), same boost but at 400hz in a rockier context and then a big cut at 1k for anything slappy seem to do it for me. I'm also playing through a 751 and 2xSL112 so -6db pad is always in when I pickup the MTD. In contrast, I find that treble roll off to be too much to the extent that it makes the tone a bit lifeless, but at the same time if it's fully boosted, the treble seems to grate. Funny how the same electronics package gets treated so differently, but probably a testament to its versatility. What's the wood combination on your 534?
  12. I haven't put my AG5 down since the start of lockdown, and this thread was certainly part of that! How are you liking it now @funkyjimbob? What are your favourite EQ positions/combos? I've been really digging into the EQ and, post a restring, all my doubts from my earlier post have been allayed! I've very much remembered why I thought this was the one 2 years ago and sold a good chunk of my armoury for it!
  13. This is Lee Sklar's 'producer switch' concept to the max!
  14. Indeed! I like my action pretty high by most players standards, so the saddles were fairly “up in the air” compared to how I imagine most players would have it, which I doubt helped. I also probably made a habit of playing very fast Jaco lines very close to the bridge (as it was when I was studying that I owned the BBNE) and that no doubt exacerbated my perception. I think once I knew it could happen, I’d perceive any time it happened as much worse. My TRB6PII had the same bridge saddles, but they sat lower and I never had that problem, so it probably was the height. But I didn’t like the NE2 super low for the styles I played on it in general. I did play a TRB6JPII the Nathan has played at Ronnie Scott’s and he likes his action super low, as in, I’d never played anything quite that low. That probably enhances the fact that the BBNE2 just wasn’t really the bass for me! You’re right, I really dug that 735A and was amazed at the value it offered - all in the hands, and subsequently the ears!
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