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  1. There's still no PJ5 which I've wanted Fender to make for years... But I have my Sadowsky for that now 😅 I can't remember about the P5... I think its a no 😢
  2. This is pretty much spot on!
  3. Elite being replaced with 'Ultra'. A lot of the changes are re: neck profile/radii and new generation pickups. It's not very exciting re: the bass stuff, but the guitars have quite a few super-strat type features. Nothing to be excited for us I'm afraid (if you're me at least!)
  4. Haha! They’re very good! I’m up in Manchester late November 😉
  5. Yamaha BEX4 £350 🔵 A great semi-hollow body bass. I’m surprised that these don’t get more attention with the range of sounds this bass offers. Piezo, magnetic pickup, blend and a powerful active 3 band EQ can genuinely get it from old school to modern with ease. It’s lightweight with a broadly appealing neck profile, neither tiny nor huge. The electronics have recently been re-soldered to ensure the bass is problem free for the foreseeable future. It comes with a hard-soft case, much like those provided with a Sadowsky. The bass has some marks and an amount of surface scratching from the last owner, but these marks are only obvious under certain daylight lighting conditions. Sat on the wall without daylight directly on it, you’d have a hard time seeing them. Collection, meet up or shipping all potentially available. Thank you for looking!
  6. I would agree that sticking with 34 and looking at technique may be the problem. I’ve taught girls at the Rock Project from 8+ and their size wasn’t normally the issue, but where they had the bass. Strap all over the place, the bass not resting vertically against the body etc. However, getting a new bass is always inspiring and a shorter scale bass is always good to have in the armoury. Assuming the aforementioned technical elements are fine, anything based on the Mustang body (bronco, Mustang, musicmaster) from Squier and Fender will be nice and compact and should make life a lot easier. They balance well, fit nicely, and no one will complain about them not sounding right when it comes to gigs/achieving those classic tones on records.
  7. I generally like the Ampeg cabs with any other head. I like the low mid bump from the cabs, I always have. With Ampeg heads I find it’s a bit too dark and indistinct for me. Fender head + Ampeg cabs would be my preference!
  8. Yeah I was shocked by that too as I only started playing 40s after bass gear started shutting down and weren’t getting any more strings in stock. It’s just a different kind of low end to my ear. I think it may actually be that there’s a little less fundamental in the 40s making the low end “puffier” and bloom more, more like a an optical compressor sound (which is a big part of my setup). But I am now desperately searching for weird words to describe the difference so it’s all in the realms of personal experience haha 😂
  9. You can dig into the 45s a bit more, little more tension. I actually prefer the bottom end on the 40s but I’ve had a big batch of 45s to get through.
  10. I’ve used both. I used to string my “smooth jazz/Fusion” basses with steels but nowadays just prefer the nickels on everything. Still super bright but more warmth and thickness in the mids for me. Nickel has just always been my sound despite my departures and attempts to prove otherwise!
  11. I think 5 string basses are easier to play to be honest! You can keep the same shapes and fingerings in a larger number of positions, though I don't think about that so much nowadays - it's all natural. I never regret having the 5th string there, but sometimes regret not having it on a 4 string. In terms of versatility between modern and vintage I'd go for a Sadowsky Metro Express, Fender 5 string jazz with active electronics, or a Yamaha BB 735 series, for both those modern and vintage sounds in one bass. Any of those will do anything you need in any situation (though I know Fender are what you've said you want to move away from).
  12. This has been on eBay for ages and would be in keeping with the theme. 😉 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-RBX-JM2-John-Myung-DreamTheater-Signature-Active-6-string-Bass/283571212364?hash=item420629504c:g:orIAAOSwI4xc5bWw Not sure how that scale length would feel with E to E, but it's definitely tighter spaced than the TRBs, as JM has 5 string necks with 6 strings effectively. T
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