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  1. At £899 in pmt new seemed a fair price, that sort of money is getting into a different territory
  2. £1850 +£50 postage a Peter Hook BB has just sold for 😲,
  3. Does anyone know what brand these strings are? I have become fond of them and they came with my second hand BB
  4. Cancelled the order, and bought another Yamaha instead 🤔
  5. There are a couple of BBPH knocking around £1200 I know it's limited etc but is that it now the end of the run. They look like a good investment when PMT had them for £899 A 'normal' used bass would be down and not up
  6. I got a job lot of books the other day and this was nice to see.
  7. Where is the headstock logo?
  8. Yes just playing bass lines and songs from my favourite artists. I don't worry about sounding like anybody just have the settings to what I like.
  9. The 30th anniversary looked nice until I saw the price! Thank you for the feedback
  10. Thanks for the feedback
  11. It's the BB714bs as my go to, neck and p pick up
  12. Thank you all, Enjoyed reading the comments. I currently have two Yamaha BB's and a Vintage branded bass. Possibly around £850 all in. My thought process I suppose was one 'investment/ quality' bass. I have had hobbies in the past and sometimes I get carried away and end up with several variations. I love looking at gear and YouTube etc daily and wanting it however I always feel slightly disappointed when gear arrives which is always a constant battle.
  13. Hello all, I am not sure if this has been covered before however I currently have 3 basses. As a bedroom player and not really ever thought about joining a band I have noticed I only gravitate towards one bass. I was thinking about looking at a custom order Sandberg or USA fender. If I sold all basses and put all my eggs into one basket will I be satisfied! What do other people think. What do others do. A P bass or Bass with P/J or P and humbucker I feel I would not really require lots of basses? Looking forward to people's opinions but the other hand spending big bucks on a bass as a bedroom player is it needed!
  14. Nice Are there any new holes for the replacement parts 🙂 How North East are you!
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