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  1. I hope I have bought well
  2. I have ordered the ehb1000s Pink metallic, I had the email about the 4th of march arrival. Hopefully it lives up to expectations, my first ibanez and first short scale
  3. I wonder why they are not on Fenders UK website
  4. Interestingly I emailed guitar guitar and fender UK as I saw this on Facebook and it was not being released in the UK. USA only, had an email today to say they are now on pre order. Look great 😃
  5. Like having Man United shirt with a man city badge 🤣
  6. Wow Who's is that That's ace 😁
  7. Did Tony have a signature model released?
  8. I was just thinking this morning about signature BBs now the Peter Hook has come out. I know of the BB2024MA, BB714BS and now the the BBPH Is there anymore?
  9. Interesting as they are £899 in pmt, £999 guitar guitar and £1099 in gear4music
  10. Apparently 357 BBPH have been made
  11. I am very tempted in ordering one. Is it worth paying for a signed one!
  12. Bass direct saying very limited?
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