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  1. Bass Lessons from a Professional Regularly Gigging Session Bass Player - Bass Guitar Lessons - Extended Range Bass (5+ String bass) and associated techniques - Fretless Bass - Jazz Double Bass w/ Basic Arco Technique - Music Theory Lessons Qualifications - BA(Hons) Music - MA Sound Arts - Grade 8 Vocalist - Tailor-made lessons for each student - Any preferred genre of study welcome - All ability levels - Any age Lessons available: - At my studio - Your Home - Online via Skype etc. My name's Tyler and I'm a professional musician based in the South of the UK. My passion *is* the bass guitar, and I'm now offering lessons more broadly, having moved back from my masters study at university. I have vast experience as a bassist at some of the biggest venues and recording studios in the country and with artists in genres ranging from rock and pop to jazz, funk, soul and latin. This includes my own composition and music as an independent artist. My teaching focuses around the practical application of musical information in order to make learning simple. Too often during my own studies I was 'told' what something was, or what it did, but it made no sense to me until I could apply it to my instrument, see it visualised on the fretboard, and hear how it worked. My teaching aims to avoid such instances, and save time for my students, ensuring their progress on the bass is as simple and efficient as it can be. My aim is to supplement my students' own study and help them on their journey with the instrument. In practice this means encouraging those things that they enjoy, whilst helping them with the technical aspects of the instrument - no 'shoe-horning' things in, if you have no interest in studying it. My lessons will have a strong focus on technique which will allow you to tackle any challenge on the instrument without difficulty, whilst preventing playing induced injury. I am very comfortable teaching extended range bass, and the techniques associated with them. This includes the application of chordal harmony on the bass, tapping etc. I have a wide range of teaching materials across genres and I am currently putting together concepts with a plan to create my own bass teaching method book. I am comfortable teaching music theory, having specialised in jazz and contemporary music theory during my university study. This can be included in your lessons if a greater understanding is desired, but I also teach independent music theory lessons. Ultimately, my lessons aim to give you all the tools and techniques to enjoy a successful, lasting relationship with the bass, be that as a professional or as a hobbyist. Don’t hesitate to enquire if you have any questions! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you, and joining you on your journey with the instrument. Tyler E: [email protected]
  2. TJ Spicer

    Event Audio 20/20 BAS V3

    Not at all! I love listening though my monitors, not a problem at all. Bad recordings will sound worse through some monitors, but most of the time you'll be listening to well produced records and monitors will just represent that with extra detail.
  3. TJ Spicer

    Event Audio 20/20 BAS V3

    They would be fairly large in quite a small room by recording/audio standards. I'd try and put them on stands and isolation pads as well as keep them as far away from walls as possible - as central as you can make them. If you put them in a corner, it may be a boomy battle. They are good monitors though and a solid investment!
  4. TJ Spicer

    Ashdown BTA200 £550

    Ashdown BTA200 (300w - Yes 300!) £550 After speaking to Dan and Mark at Ashdown, here we have one of the early prototype BTA200's - so much so, that it's actually a 300w amp! They reckon that they only made and shipped around 20 amps labelled as BTA200s. It has 6x6550s just like an SVT, all are pretty much brand new, having recently been re-tubed and having fewer than 30 hours' use. Super versatile, incredibly punchy, and as gnarly as you want - if you want! It has a few nicks in the tolex, but they are very difficult to see unless you're very close up to the amp. Other than those, it's in very good condition. It was purchased for the number of bluesy/americana/country projects I was working on, but the landscape has once again switched back to my own jazz/fusion/funk style gigs, so back to clean powerful class D's I go! Collection or delivery is the only real choice with this one. The amp is in Bath at the minute, but I travel a lot for gigs and can also arrange a viewing in Maidenhead. Thank you for looking!
  5. TJ Spicer

    Ashdown BTA200 £550

    I feel I could certainly run with it and use it for cover in a pinch! 😂
  6. TJ Spicer

    Ashdown BTA200 £550

    New Year Price-Drop!
  7. I actually found some more paperwork for you Sir - the original signed certificate most importantly - it was in a different case! I need to dig out your address from the PMs and get it sent over to you in time for Xmas! Thank you for the kind words. It's a great bass, and I'm glad it's found such a loving owner. Whilst I'm here I'll play! Best purchase of the year is tied: My MTD USA AG5 and Eich T900. I bought them both together which veritably destroyed any bass budget for the last 6 months of the year, but they've been great purchases and have been out with me on almost every gig since I've bought them, easily 50+. The worst purchase sadly goes down as a bit of a surprise as my Ashdown BTA200. A great deal and an incredible amp, which I still used to record my second EP just for the incredible tone, but it quickly suffered playtime as I purchased the Little Stubby CTM 30 prototype from Ashdown's stall at the bass guitar show this year. In all honestly in my musical situations, it's hard to crank that much brute force. However, next year could be a very different tale for the big brother Ashdown with some different and much larger gigs on the horizon! Ultimately, no disasters and a good year of purchases, with, best of all, plenty of gigs to justify (and repay!) them all!
  8. Just when I was looking at acquiring a vintage Mustang... Food for thought!
  9. TJ Spicer

    Fodera Yin Yang Standard - SOLD!

    Sold, thank you for the interest everyone!
  10. Fodera Yin Yang Standard - £2750 I had this bass listed previously and withdrew it, but having moved back from university, and bought an MTD AG5, I really need to re-list this. Bought new around 4 years ago. One of the best 4 string bass I've ever played, but I simply have too many basses that are in a similar territory tonally, and prefer a 6 string for my jazz and solo gigs. The neck feels amazing. These basses truly are on a different level! A couple of marks and wear on the edges from a good amount of playtime, which are photographed. The video attached is from my channel, so it's the very same bass. Comes with the original Fodera case and Dunlop strap locks. No trades please, unless it's a Sadowsky, has 5 strings, and isn't black! Collection preferred from Maidenhead, Berkshire, but willing to meet people as I travel a lot for gigs. Shipping can be discussed. Thank you for looking! T
  11. TJ Spicer

    Ashdown BTA200 £550

    I’m in the East Midlands a lot, if that helps?
  12. TJ Spicer

    Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 SOLD

    SOLD! Thanks all!
  13. Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 £400 £300 Priced a little under others on here due to the fact it is case-less, and has a couple more dings than those that have lived in a case all their lives. A super solid amp that never let me down over the couple of tours I did at the start of the year. Ideal for doubling and blending piezo and mic on upright bass which was where I used this the majority of the time. Rock solid and only a year or so since new, I've just moved to try the Eich stuff and have my Ashdown Little Stubby for all the tube stuff. Shipping can be arranged, collection preferred from Maidenhead (or Bath until October, by arrangement). Thank you for looking! T
  14. TJ Spicer

    5's and 4's

    No problem adjusting between 4, 5 or 6 string basses and use them all frequently. Just time spent with the instruments, and applying concepts from 4 strings further to incorporate the 5 and 6th strings will see you through, ime.
  15. TJ Spicer

    Yamaha TRB6pII SOLD

    Yamaha TRB6pII £1400 Bought 2 years ago from The Gallery. It's a killer bass and super versatile with the piezo. The reason it's for sale is simply that I feel my MTD covers a lot of the ground that this bass covered, and I can't really justify having that many 'contemporary' style basses when they mostly get used in my own fusion project. It's in good condition, it was clearly gigged a lot before I owned it as the fretboard needed a good clean and I've gigged it quite a bit myself! A few dings particularly on the headstock from before I purchased it (I'm not sure how as I've never managed to hit the headstock on anything!). These can be seen in the photos. It's definitely not a 'light' bass, but something with this much wood really can't be expected to be, can it? Collection preferred, from Maidenhead (or Bath until October, by arrangement), but shipping is possible. It comes with a hard case, which I don't remember being original but I'll check (I never use hard cases...). Thank you for looking! T
  16. TJ Spicer

    Yamaha TRB6pII SOLD

    Now sold! Thanks all!
  17. TJ Spicer

    Yamaha TRB6pII SOLD

    Coming from a family of Yamaholics it was always going to be the way! I hope she’s serving you well! That extra string will always be the sticking point for some, but I love having a 6 in the arsenal for compositional purposes, and I’m sure the right person is out there lurking! Thank you for holding back, as you say, possibly the biggest career deal breaker 😂
  18. TJ Spicer

    Yamaha TRB6pII SOLD

    Always worth a try! pm me 👌🏻 T
  19. TJ Spicer

    Valve Amp Virgin

    8 ohms is not a problem, just hit the switch on the back. 2 ohms is the ohmage I'm unsure of it being unable to handle. Replying to your PM now!
  20. TJ Spicer

    Valve Amp Virgin

    There definitely is one! Do let me know if you’re interested in it!
  21. TJ Spicer

    EICH T-900 as new £500 inc p&p

    Absolutely love my T900, wish I had had the opportunity to buy mine for £500! GLWTS
  22. TJ Spicer

    Basses with 2x P-Bass pickups as stock..?

    I’m also a massive fan of the double P setup! Believe MTDs like my USA AG5 are dual reverse Ps under the soapbar housings...
  23. TJ Spicer

    Thoughts on TC Electronics Rigs

    Tight, punchy and warm are the TC characteristics in my book (having owned an RH750, Blacksmith and BH250). Should make more of a difference than a cab change...
  24. Fender Classic 50's Precision Bass Fiesta Red - £600 £500 Owned since last year, 2017 build. Having to make some cash back on a new purchase, and this bass led me to buying a NOS '59 P, so it's a little surplus to requirements. In really good condition. Photos to go up tonight. A choice of gold aluminium pick guard or tortoise shell. Comes with original Fender gig bag. Bass is in Maidenhead, but it can be viewed in Bath by arrangement. Happy to ship. Thanks for looking! T
  25. TJ Spicer

    Ashdown BTA200 £550

    What’s the going rate for kidneys these days? 🤔