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  1. TJ Spicer

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    There’s never a gig that I wish I wasn’t playing a 5, but there are plenty of gigs with a 4 that I wish I was...
  2. TJ Spicer

    FS/FT Yamaha BB735a UNDER OFFER!

    Only if it’s in white 😉😂
  3. TJ Spicer

    '54 Precision in Cash Converters...

    They had a Les Paul Signature in there too... I think someone just came in with their whole bass collection, or sadly passed away.
  4. A bargain - and in my hometown!
  5. TJ Spicer

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    Give me all of their 80s catalogues with modern pickups and hardware, I'd probably buy all of them... 😂
  6. TJ Spicer

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    All they need is some white paint for at least two sales... 🤔
  7. TJ Spicer

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    Those BBs in white would being gigged with me in an instant....
  8. TJ Spicer

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    Good news for everyone (be it monetarily or hating the aesthetic) is it probably won’t ever be produced... It can be added to my long list of basses from the Yamaha LA custom shop I wish I could own, along with Pattituci’s 2 semi-hollow basses... 😩😢
  9. TJ Spicer

    these teeny weeny amps - which one?

    My Eich T900 is way more portable than my BH250 ever was simply because it doesn't have the massive rubber feet. Maybe the 300 or 500s are an option?
  10. TJ Spicer

    Sold Mayone Jabba Classic 5

  11. TJ Spicer

    MRTCAT'S Feedback

    Tom bought my Ashdown BTA 200. He paid immediately and I delivered it to him the next day. A lovely chap, and yet another great basschatter!
  12. TJ Spicer

    Ashdown BTA200 £550

    Ashdown BTA200 (300w - Yes 300!) £550 After speaking to Dan and Mark at Ashdown, here we have one of the early prototype BTA200's - so much so, that it's actually a 300w amp! They reckon that they only made and shipped around 20 amps labelled as BTA200s. It has 6x6550s just like an SVT, all are pretty much brand new, having recently been re-tubed and having fewer than 30 hours' use. Super versatile, incredibly punchy, and as gnarly as you want - if you want! It has a few nicks in the tolex, but they are very difficult to see unless you're very close up to the amp. Other than those, it's in very good condition. It was purchased for the number of bluesy/americana/country projects I was working on, but the landscape has once again switched back to my own jazz/fusion/funk style gigs, so back to clean powerful class D's I go! Collection or delivery is the only real choice with this one. The amp is in Bath at the minute, but I travel a lot for gigs and can also arrange a viewing in Maidenhead. Thank you for looking!
  13. TJ Spicer

    No Longer Comfortable to Play Jazz Basses

    I used to wear a metal Milanese loop band all the time, and that was occasionally noticeable for its dig-factor, but generally okay. This band gets most everyday wear now, mainly for not scratching up my laptop and being not too noticeable.
  14. TJ Spicer

    No Longer Comfortable to Play Jazz Basses

    The first picture is where I end up on gigs when I’m on a jazz. You can clearly see it’s technically weaker, but the only way to make it comfortable. If I use the thumb behind technique (as in the P bass image) on the jazz it’s superemely uncomfortable after only a short while, but tonally sounds way better. I hope you find the answer!
  15. TJ Spicer

    No Longer Comfortable to Play Jazz Basses

    You haven't changed where your thumb is when playing have you? I found the longer I played larger necks and uprights, the more I have my thumb behind the neck. Transitioning back to a smaller neck makes that thumb positioning feel uncomfortable to me. (And I'm in my early 20s!)
  16. TJ Spicer

    No Longer Comfortable to Play Jazz Basses

    Not a fan of jazz bass necks - I've only kept one 4 string jazz which is my Sadowsky Metro. Went and found the biggest neck on a P bass I could that was fiesta red. Much bigger tone in a chunky neck too...
  17. Hmmmm... They have the amps in the video, which would normally make me think, 'Ah, they didn't use those'. However I'm 95% sure they were what was used, and it sure sounds like Orange type distortion to me. Just a massive sounding album when it comes to the bottom end, and I think the guitar amp gives that little extra clarity as @Quilly mentioned. If I were playing this kind of music all the time, that's the tone I would be aiming for - with plenty of valves!
  18. I always remember the tone on the band 'Dinosaur Pile-up's first record. The lead singer recorded every part on the album, and the bass was recorded through 2 rigs simultaneously. One an SVT and one an Orange guitar amp cranked. That is my perfect distorted tone. I think guitar amps sound great on bass.
  19. The Eich is so small that it fits into my gig back front pocket without me noticing. I knew I had the cavalry behind me, if I needed it in the interval. 😂 Here's a shot from that gig!
  20. This was exactly my experience. Marshall and 2x12 from the guitarist and a loud drummer with a billion cymbals on a small stage. If I'd have brought my Barefaced BT2 I'd have had a little extra out of the speakers and more bottom, and wouldn't have had to drive it as hard.
  21. This isn't and amp for headroom. I depped on a pretty rocky set a couple of weekends back, and the Stubby was really being pushed. The joy of it was the compression and sustain from the tubes being driven so hard, but I missed the kind of bottom end punch I get from my Eich T900. I would say 50w would likely be the perfect balance, allowing that compression as well as wholesome low-end. My BTA200 is just brutal and lacks compression from the tubes (although it does have it built in to the preamp), which I've had people say is mighty but just isn't my sound. I was using the Stubby with Barefaced One10 on top and Super Midget on the bottom.
  22. TJ Spicer

    Withdrawn FEA Labs DB-CL

    Ahhhh! I’ve been reading up on these so much recently... I think unless something moves quickly though, it’s unlikely to be heading my way! GLWTS!
  23. TJ Spicer

    New Ashdown pedals

    It does rather make the Ashdown units look a bit more... ‘challenging’ in terms of pricing. 😅
  24. TJ Spicer

    New Ashdown pedals

    Really interested to hear their ‘Downtown’ unit...
  25. TJ Spicer

    New Ashdown pedals

    I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve heard them. I think these might be a big step up, as they should be. Construction looks a LOT better than I remember from the old ranges of pedals. They look relatively simple to operate which I reckon is probably attributed to the success of the CTMs etc. I’d love to give the 3 compressors a head to comparison - the copy doesn’t really reveal too much other than classic compressor buzz words... I’m hoping there’s some Diamond BCP type magic going on with each, which would make the pricing seem perhaps a little more reasonable.