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  1. Quicktime is the best way to do this. Open quicktime and go to "record new movie". Along the bar at the bottom you can select camera quality as well as audio input and then just hit record. T
  2. For sure, Roger has said upgrades for both adding the VTC and better pickups into the metro expresses will be available so as you say I’m sure it’s not difficult to do.
  3. I’d be interested to see the difference once you add the VTC mod back into the preamp - though I’ve never had a chance to use the original 2 band without tone. I guess it’s no different to VTC full open? I think I’d miss the VTC regardless, it’s a really important feature for me.
  4. I think still probably a cheaper option - these are the Nordstrands that came loaded in my 2016 Metro that I’m currently sat playing. Sadowsky logo is also in a different place on both.
  5. I’m 90% sure they won’t be the same pickups. In Roger’s letter about the Warwick License, the pickups only get a mention on the Metro express, which to me suggests a change. Sadowsky pickups are currently made by nordstrand, and I don’t think it’s economically viable to use those in this price range.
  6. Yeah. I’m a HUGE Sadowsky fan and gig them 90% of the time, but even I’m struggling to overlook that logo. However, it’s not supposed to be forever - and let’s hope that’s the case!
  7. The MetroLine are coming at around £2200-2300 whilst the MetroExpress is going to be around £7-800 both depending on number or strings and pickup spec, as usual.
  8. My MTD AG5 USA is one of the most comfortable basses I’ve ever laid hands on - I don’t think the tone is for me in the long run, but it’s a different flavour to have around. The feel MTD basses have is phenomenal and the attention to detail right up there. I sold my Fodera in favour of the MTD which I think says a lot! Love your Warwicks too! Enjoy, your MTD is a beauty!
  9. I used my UV70 on a session the other day and it sounded great (it always does!). The UV70 was the bass that created the Sadowsky fanatic in me - I was sold the moment I plugged it in (and I was 14/15 at the time!). Again it was between that and a 2024x. The long term struggle between Yamaha and Sadowsky is a repeated theme throughout my bass playing career 😂
  10. I’m almost definitely going to compare the two when the Warwick builds are available - and it’ll undoubtedly end up on my YT channel. That’s the thing I always find so difficult with Sadowskys, finding the right colours outside of custom. Took me 5 years for a PJ5 in Olympic white to come up! Worth the wait - though the BB735a did admirably in the ‘5 string PJ’ space in the arsenal!
  11. German Masterbuilt equivalent to current NYC (Warwick CS), Metroline will be German team-built (GPS equivalent) and new Metro Express Will be Chinese like current Warwick Rockbasses. Roger is still building customs in NYC, I was there 2 weeks ago choosing top woods for my custom build (although the shop is now shut for the virus!) I know the feeling - A Sadowsky PJ5 was the only bass that could usurp my love Yammys, particularly the BB, and sadly has! I‘d be intrigued to see how I felt if I had a BB with the Sadowsky pre and pickups.
  12. I sold my Little Stubby Prototype to David. He was an absolute joy to deal with, and actually made the process fun, as well as it being swift and efficient. A great communicator, and quick to reply as well as transfer funds. You can be confident in dealing with this gent of the Basschat community!
  13. Eich T900 is a great head in an amazing form factor. The character knob is a really quick to get you where you want. Aguilar TH range are my sound. Plenty of warmth in the mids, and always audible in a mix thanks to the added harmonic content from preamp design. It's a DB751 in a smaller package, really. I also really liked the Fender Rumble 800HD, with its great headroom and again very quick to manipulate the tone if needed with the scoop, bright and vintage buttons. Built in foot-switchable overdrive is just the icing on the cake. I personally don't much like the Aguilar AG700, as much as I've tried to (twice!). It doesn't give me that warmth in the low-mids and is a bit overly present in the hi-mids for my ears. I like to notch out 750-1000hz just a smidge and its hi-mid control just doesn't work for me. Overall I'm using the Aguilar TH500 when I am using Class D, and my DB751 at every chance I get!
  14. You need Jim Dunlop strap locks, as used by MTD, Fodera etc. The premium choice when it comes to strap locks. I've yet to be let down by them in 10 years. £17 to purchase but a lot cheaper than getting your neck repaired! Alternatively, for the minute, Fender's strap holders for about £4 for 2 pairs actually do a very solid job. I was using them on a couple of new basses for a few months, but just changed them to JDs like the rest of my collection.
  15. Flying out to the USA for shows this week - would like this gone for a little more cash whilst I'm there! Happy to listen to offers! T
  16. I bought this so it should be marked as now sold!
  17. Ah well! Not there to impress anyone, but to feel your way into your new bass. Lovely WL! I’m a massive Sadowsky fan and user and yours is a beaut. That too is gorgeous and really interesting in equal measure!
  18. BA55 TJS here! I didn’t know we’d all had the same idea 😅🤣 I too have had many car park conversations, and it’s a pretty helpful hint when you rock up for dep work/sessions with unknowns!
  19. Absolute beast! I’ve decided not to sell mine - it gets so much attention and everyone LOVES the tone. These are Warwick’s secret weapon!
  20. If the budget will stretch you won't regret the versatility or sound of the Line 6 Helix Stomp. Out of the ones you've suggested I'd pair the Ampeg pre with that cab. I did a comparison video on YT of the Ampeg and Fender Downtown that's being mentioned by others in this thread, maybe check that out if you're at all interested in either? T
  21. Ahhhhh. I hate that one 😂 Back when I didn't know what I was doing. But it's one of the only videos out there so I've left it! Happy to have helped!
  22. The Walkabout Combo is a mighty fine piece! In fact one of the few combos I still from time to time consider revisiting! Mine was the 15 too... Shame I owned it in my pre-car days! Lovely piece of kit 😍
  23. Can I suggest you get in quick, Sir, if that's your intention? It's potentially a shipping quote and confirmation away from leaving! T
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